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Today's Game

Theme: Animals

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The Rules
  • Each day, a new set of letters and theme will appear.
  • You decide what those letters are an acronym for (keeping the theme in mind!).
  • Keep it family-friendly!
  • The next day, you vote on your favorite entry. Anyone may vote, except for their own entry.
  • The top 10 acronyms earn as many points as the votes they got.
  • Your acronym can't win unless you voted.
  • A new game begins every day!
  • Your total score is the sum of your past 30 days' scores, so anyone can compete.
  • On the 1st of every month, the top 10 players earn Yerfbucks (100 for 1st, then 50, 25, 10, and 5 for the rest)!
Pick Your Favorite
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Theme: Environment, Letters: M.L.G.E.Y.
 Make Lovley Green Environment Yours Many Lovely Glades Eroding Yearly
Top Ten For Nov 19, 2017

"Animals Be Crazy"
By qwertybub3
"Another Bathing Capybara"
By Phistev
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