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Add-Ons For Loonyland 2:CE
Click on an add-on name to download it. Run the downloaded file, and it will be added to your game, and can be selected in-game. Add-ons only function with the full version of the game.

DateAdd-On NameRatingAuthor
1/4/10Winter Wackiness 8 - QBUnratedBy Qwertybub3
2/1/10Epic AdventureBy Generic_user
10/31/10LL2: ChallengeBy Generic_user
1/4/10Summer WoodsBy Blackduck
12/24/07Winter Wackiness 6 - RBBy Redbone
12/24/07Blackduck's Commentary (55mb!)By Blackduck
12/24/07Knittel's AdventureBy Knittel

For the alternate commentary, installing it will change your commentary to the new one. To change back you'll need to double click 'return_to_original_commentary.bat' in the music folder of your LL2CE folder.
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