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Costume Party Updates

If you are on this page, you probably don't have the latest version!

Costume Party v32 Update (7MB)

Click that to download an update! Make sure you install it into the same folder you installed Costume Party.

If in doubt, or if you don't have Costume Party installed, click here to get it!

You must EXIT Costume Party before you install the update!
Change Log
Version 32
  • Fixed display of Fantasy Pack awards if you don't own it
  • Gate Crashers award progress now displays correctly
  • Ranger hit-box widened slightly
  • Ranger gets no combos from Pumpkins anymore
  • Knight's sword now never pulls enemies in
  • Wizard's fireball now follows correctly when underwater on ice
Version 31
  • Fixed a teensy problem with version 30!
Version 30
  • Levels made with Fantasy Pack now require it
Version 29
  • Fantasy Pack added!
  • Roast Beast award is earnable once again
  • Frank Smash award can't be earned by non-Franks
  • Tickers no longer tick when the game is paused
  • Targets can now be blown up by electricity fed into them
  • Background on menu page now stays set when you return from playing
  • All backgrounds can now be chosen on the menu page
  • Sound and music volumes are easier to set to zero now
Version 26
  • Wolfman no longer gets combos when hitting Pumpkins
  • Spiderwebs are back when spiders are at the top of the screen
  • Multiple addon-requiring levels now display properly if you own one
  • Clicking "Huh?" takes you to the correct buy page
  • Key change to how wind affects bullets... fixed going through walls, may have broken other things
  • Now stop riding crows if you move too far above them
Version 25
  • Editor tabs work correctly for people who only own Dumb Pack
  • Stick Ninja now goes through grates
  • Bullets no longer impact hiding vampires and stickmen, they pass through
  • Techno background is lighter now
  • Spitting out spiders does not mess up their web anymore
  • Spiders in YERF= and ZAP= slots no longer show a web
  • Batteries can now discharge into things other than wires again
  • Fat Crows are easier to jump on
  • Bouapha has a secret new ability!
  • All awards implemented
  • "Huh?" links when you don't own an expansion now take you to the proper page
  • More sound effects
Version 24
  • Display of Yerfdog's current item added
  • When Yerfdog inhales guys, they now properly trigger switches, etc.
  • Training: Yerfdog added
  • Stick Ninja can actually hide now
  • Training: H.S. Ninja added
  • E-Crates no longer steal electricity from a tile away
  • Ninja now falls if his surface vanishes
  • Added many sounds
  • Battery tooltip fixed
  • Added Fat Crow, Squash, Gorka, Trap Door, and Mystery Tile (!?!?!)
  • Bodzhas are more vicious now, as if that were possible
  • "G" now works properly in the editor for Cliff and Water
  • Added 2 new backgrounds
  • Hammers no longer hurt your friends
  • Batteries now also charge when hit with bullets, and can't skip spaces
Version 23
  • Water now looks the same when editing as it will when playing
  • Fake bricks are now partially transparent
  • No Costume Zone + Grate = death
  • Baby Penguins no longer make invisobricks visible
  • Present rankings no longer cycle, and new higher rankings added
  • "My Levels" button now sorts by star rating
  • Most of Dumb Pack added in
Version 22
  • Fixed No Sleigh yet again
  • Fixed how icicles work (Training: Snowman is much easier)
Version 21
  • Wind Rider earning modified again
  • Some bullets now glow
  • Fixed map requirement check
  • No Sleigh award fixed
  • Icicles now line up properly when dropped
  • Snowballs now crush crumbly bricks when falling regardless of speed
  • Spirit Of Giving award fixed
  • Winter Training levels now have text
Version 20
  • Naughty List no longer increases unfairly
  • Objects can no longer collect stockings
  • Squished Baby Penguins no longer end the level
  • Winter Pack Awards now grant tiles
Version 19
  • Changed how Wind Rider is earned
  • Songs won't change more than once per second now, less sonic mishmash, no freezes
  • Santa can't place gifts as close together
  • Gift explosions are no longer random
  • Many new sounds
  • Splash effect on entering/exiting water
  • Frozen players still count as players
  • Gifts can no longer collect stockings
  • Baby penguins no longer exit or affect costumes
  • Clearing the level now marks it untested
  • Can now middle-click to paint with a bigger brush
  • Higher rank images are now shown correctly by your name
  • Water now changes appearance on-the-fly
Version 18
  • Clearing in the editor now remembers the correct background
  • Icicles now start properly centered in their space
  • Gifts now can go through grates
  • Baby penguins can be scared
  • Jumping into wind disables ice-jumps
  • Falling on a crumbly brick won't smash neighboring Blast Bricks
  • Completely changed how wind works
  • Deadly Trees now squish guys they land on
  • Combined the two water tiles into one that automatically picks the right thing to be
  • Coelecanths have better vertical ability
  • All guys that had trouble with being multiples don't anymore
  • Players can be frozen
  • Updated baby penguin description
  • Penguin now hurts guys with air-leaping
  • Penguin has better acrobatics
  • Bullets change speed properly on entering/exiting water
  • Visiblized invisobricks are no longer zappable
  • Gargoyles or their riders teleporting now properly separates them
  • All awards implemented (successfully? Who knows)
  • Default map life is 5
Version 17
  • Can't slip off of a gargoyle at the edges
  • Spikes are slightly more lenient about where they can hit you
  • Spider's webs are drawn more accurately
  • Trying to test with the menu hidden and no kid now works properly
  • Mysterious gifts are now gone!
  • Limit of 16 Kids per level
  • All 40 awards now taunt you
  • Revokes Millionaire if your score drops too low
  • Background selecting is available in Editor options menu
  • New background available when building
  • If you aren't in the top 10, Level Details now shows what your rank is at the bottom
Version 16
  • Invincible guys no longer get pushed by Blast Brick explosions
  • Enemy bullets now hit solid objects like crates (but pass through Dead Trees)
  • Bats crushed by crates now will open Bat Gates as normal
  • Reverse crates sit better visually now
  • Fixed sometimes crazy display of web when a spider was in the ZAP box
  • Can now use ' in searches
  • Can now use ! and _ in searches by author name
  • Changed to FMOD sound system
  • Enhanced login security
  • Bats now adapt when they get teleported, adjusting their flight path accordingly
  • Swapped how you earn gold bricks and trampolines
  • Can no longer break a brick if you land on a crumbly brick next to it
  • Secret passages now reveal themselves after you have gone in them
  • Invisible blocks appear when touched by a player
  • Editor won't allow you to test until you add a Kid
Version 15
  • Fixed a crash on Level Details
Version 14
  • Level names are displayed at level start and when paused
  • Socket loss on repeatedly failing to enter editor fixed
  • Added some security measures
  • Song switches to Kid music when you go through No Costume Zone
  • Now gives you notice of old version before checking your login, so if your version prevents login, you can still update
  • version checks added throughout, so older versions are prompted to quit and update if they're playing
  • Level Details now shows how many times the level has been played and won total
  • Clicking "Back to level list" no longer clicks the button under it too
Version 13
  • Better socket management to prevent "Download Problem!" from cropping up after long play
  • Wolfman's diving and leaping bites no longer end if they hit a wall (horizontally)
  • When you return from testing a level, it will no longer accidently plot a tile where you clicked
  • You can now use ' in level names
  • New tile! No Costume Zone is available in the Light tab
  • Switching costumes stops whatever special move you are currently doing
Version 12
  • Added socket polling to hopefully catch missing data
  • Author's ratings are no longer counted for a level
Version 11
  • fixed how crates teleport
  • now allows ! and _ in user names
  • internet connectivity superfixed forever! (fingers=crossed)
  • logging is now disabled by default
  • error messages in menu now link to help instead of purchase
Version 10
  • This is the first released version!
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