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Conversation Between Ball Lightning and TyTBone
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  1. TyTBone
    02-07-2009 12:31 AM
    Here's Jamul's page. You could start a conversation there or Personal Message him.

    EDIT: FYI, Jamul is Mike Hommel; you can read about him in the "About Us" section of the website.


    Also, below:

  2. TyTBone
    02-07-2009 12:30 AM
    My understanding is he DOES look at all the posts for what he considers non-Hamumu-appropriate, but he does tend to ignore people who ask him to post in their threads for one reason or another. [I'm guessing because he's so busy.] I'm guessing, though, that he would PM [personal message] you back over an issue like this. I'll post a link to his page.

    Well, if you could put up a link anyways, that'd be pretty cool. ["Great indie games" or something like, if you have subtitles] I understand if you take it down after maybe being banned, though...
  3. TyTBone
    02-07-2009 12:19 AM
    I love the idea. I'm not sure how Jamul would feel about it, though. If you could make an effort to contact him professionally [to some extent or another], which I think I already mentioned, maybe discuss that. Though I think it would be a great marketing opportunity.

    EDIT: Oh, and FYI, Jamul lives in CA, so he probably wouldn't get back to you until tomorrow morning. Where are you? [Obviously just country and/or state-wise.]
  4. TyTBone
    02-07-2009 12:14 AM
    And now for a little Hamumu marketing:

    "Dr. Lunatic Supreme with Cheese - great action/isometric game that many people have compared to Zelda! There are so many levels it's insane - over 1,000 in-game and 271 more add-on worlds. Plus, there's an awe-inspiring level editor, to let you create your own inspirations!

    Want something free instead? Look for Costume Party under the "Freebies" page. It's a platformer with a twist! And there are at least 500 playable levels for free - more if you buy the expansion packs! And, of course, a level creator: the Creator's Pass!"

    I'm not promoting spam, but I figured I'd take the opportunity to put in a good word for "Marshmellow Head".

    Anyways, those are my two favorite Hamumu games. Try out the demos if you get a chance.

    [And in case you didn't realize, I posted other advice below...]
  5. TyTBone
    02-07-2009 12:12 AM
    Also consider editing your "off-topic" posts, by, like, adding pictures or something Spore-y, instead of just thanking me. [Though thanks for thanking me! ]

    Hey, maybe Jamul will let you stay if you agree to let him do [to a small extent] a little Hamumu promotion on your site, if you have an ads page or non-Spore games thread or something like that. It doesn't appear to be that way, but it's an idea...
  6. TyTBone
    02-06-2009 11:58 PM
    Consider appealing to the mod and explaining your position on promoting your stuff...or I may do that if it turns out you are banned. We'll see. [Search "Jamul" on the Dumb Pages or look through the forum.]

    Also, please consider adding more of than intro paragraph to your first post. One problem with most spam [and I'm not calling your stuff "spam" anymore] is that people just randomly post without formally introducing who on earth they are, and stuff like that. So maybe start off with "Good day, fans of Hamumu" or something like that...

    So you're the main or a main mod on that Spore site? Nice work! [Esp. on keeping it family friendly. I looked over the first page and the only thing I think /might/ be considered inappropriate, at least in the comments, is use of the word that isn't quite like "nailed".

    Just trying to be helpful.
  7. TyTBone
    02-06-2009 11:46 PM
    Like I said, I'm not sure how the mod [Jamul] feels about self-promotion [I think it varies, depending on if you make an actual effort to get interested in Hamumu/buy games], so if you are banned, I'm sorry.
  8. TyTBone
    02-06-2009 11:19 PM
    Dude, I'm sorry, but I really wish you had made an effort to become a part of the community, instead of spamming for your own benefit. Now it's extremely likely you'll be banned... *sigh*

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