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View Poll Results: What type of game would you like to see from Hamumu?
an action-RPG (like Loonyland, but much more emphasis on RPG elements like level-ups and equipment - or you could say like Diablo, but with direct character control and pounding on enemies) 37 23.42%
an RTS game (like Warcraft, C&C, Starcraft, Age Of Empires) 18 11.39%
a turn-based strategy game like any wargame (Advance Wars), something played on a board 2 1.27%
a card game like Magic or Yu-Gi-Oh, but with pumpkins of course 2 1.27%
a fast paced kung fu game where you beat the tar out of lots of enemies at once, like Final Fight, Double Dragon, kinda like Grand Theft Auto 3 - "beat-em-ups" 2 1.27%
an intense action shooter game (like Xop, Asteroids, Metal Slug, Contra... lots of variations here) 3 1.90%
a puzzle game like Stockboy where you solve set puzzles with a variety of elements 1 0.63%
A puzzle game like Tetris or Pumpkin Pop, where it's fast-paced and you can play endlessly for high scores 1 0.63%
a rhythm-based game like Dance Dance Revolution 2 1.27%
a first-person shooter like Quake, Doom, Unreal Tournament 5 3.16%
a board game played online with other players (like Monopoly or whatever) 2 1.27%
a stealth game like Tenchu, Metal Gear Solid, or Thief 4 2.53%
a stunt-based game like Tony Hawk (you try to string together combos of different tricks without falling) 2 1.27%
A racing game like Mario Kart 7 4.43%
A fighting game like Street Fighter or Tekken (1 on 1 fights with a variety of special moves and characters to choose from) 1 0.63%
A shooting game where you use the mouse as a gun, like Virtua Cop, House Of The Dead, Police Trainer, or Point Blank 1 0.63%
a word game, like Bookworm, or Scrabble 0 0%
a sim/management/tycoon game 4 2.53%
Another Dr. Lunatic type of thing, whatever that was 28 17.72%
side-scrolling platform game like Super Mario Bros, Sonic, etc. 15 9.49%
an MMORPG, that means massively multiplayer online role playing game. Like Everquest, Asheron's Call, Star Wars Galaxies, ad nauseum 21 13.29%
Voters: 158.

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