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yourter12 11-26-2008 06:28 PM

Test Your Luck!
Wanna test your luck? Send in 5 YB and see how much you get back! :p

I use a virtual dice to select your fate.


1- Signature
2- SWC world to try out
3- 1 YB
4- Random
5- Random
6- 1 YB
7- SWC world to try out
8- Signature

When you send your Yerfbucks, send a PM so I know you sent YB.
Who wants to try? :D

Crabwarrior 11-26-2008 07:33 PM

Re: Test Your Luck!
Um, is this a fair 12-sided die that's getting rolled? because, with those numbers, you'll lose about 8.5 yerfbucks on average every time someone pays you. if ten people did this, you'd lose about 85 yerfbucks. Are you planning on just giving away yerfbucks?

The only reason I can think of for you to want to do this, besides to give away Y$, is if the dice are not fair, but instead very much weighed towards 1 or 12.

So, are the dice fair, 20-sided dice?

Edit: That's more like it!

Redbone 11-26-2008 07:50 PM

Re: Test Your Luck!
I send -50 Y$.

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