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Hammered 09-29-2013 11:04 PM

Halloween Horror 14 - Build Now
The votes are in! Here are the winning HH14 names:
  • Pacific Grim
  • Monster Buffet
  • Son of a Lich
  • How I Met Your Mummy
  • Mumble Rumble
  • Cheesy Movie
  • Undead Olympics
  • Shortcut through the Graveyard
  • Tower of Grief
10 YB to their creators: Hammered (4x!), N64 Lord (3x!), and hyperme (2x!)!

So proceed to build some fabulous HH14 worlds, anybody! Some rules and tips and whatnot:

1. Entries must be in by October 24th!
2. Make a Supreme world with exactly 9 levels (plus a hub level). The 9 levels must be named exactly those 9 names listed above.
3. Your hub level (and therefore your world) must be named "Halloween Horror 14 - XX", where XX are your initials.
4. Save your world as HH14XX.dlw, where XX are those same initials again.
5. Any files you use (text files or pictures) should be named like this: "HH14XX_blah.txt", where XX are those same initials, and blah can be anything you want to make it memorable (and of course, txt can be bmp or flc if need be!).
6. Your 9 levels can be any combination of secret, normal, boss, keychain levels as you see fit.


REACTOR 09-29-2013 11:26 PM

Re: Halloween Horror 14 - Build Now
I think I'll pass. I don't really like the name selection.
I was planning on making a whole music library for the world, but my style of music doesn't really fit.
Here is the music piece I created using my synthesized piano:


If you want a louder version then I could do that. It's free for use. But just remember to add me to the credits if you use this music piece.

And besides, I have a lot on my plate right now, I'm working on The Search 2 and a secret BHE surprise.
And yes, I really created that music piece. I think I'm getting into the groove with making my own music.

REACTOR 10-01-2013 05:17 PM

Re: Halloween Horror 14 - Build Now
Well, it's the first of October. I have a BHE surprise coming soon. How are you ladies and gentlemen doing with your worlds?

.Blue Dwarf. 10-01-2013 06:04 PM

Re: Halloween Horror 14 - Build Now
I'm probably not going to make a world (or finish it at least). But I've already got ideas for levels. So maybe I'll make one. Who knows.

SpaceManiac 10-24-2013 04:10 PM

Re: Halloween Horror 14 - Build Now
I finished my world and threw it in the ATC dropbox. Anyone else manage one this year?

REACTOR 10-24-2013 05:16 PM

Re: Halloween Horror 14 - Build Now
No, and besides, I still have to finish TS2!

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