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infinitehammer 12-31-2006 10:04 PM

Happy New Year!!
After all of these 365 days. It is finally 2007.
I used my party popper on animal crossing and went crazy... so crazy that I shouted "IT'S YEAR 2007!! WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!" but of course that's a joke. XD
Don't take it seriously.
...Blah, gingeraile... but beats taking a sip out of champagne... >_<

happystickman 12-31-2006 10:20 PM

Re: Happy New Year!!
Happy new year InfiniteHammer! and a happy party popping to you too!

grim3vil 01-01-2007 01:10 AM

Re: Happy New Year!!
happy me teepeeing your house PS.not realy

WackieWatty 01-01-2007 03:56 AM

Re: Happy New Year!!
Yes - Happy New Year everyone!

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