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Jamul 10-04-2007 09:55 PM

Dumb Accounts: What do YOU do now?
To get your Dumb Account full of Hamumu cheer, there's a few things you need to tell me, so I can look up info and get you going. Send me an email, a PM, or just catch me in chat.

1. If you have Prize Points, tell me! I have records of them, but they might be under your real name or something instead of your forum name.

2. If you own any games, tell me information I can use to look up your orders. Order numbers are the best, but email address, name, or address will work as well.

3. If you are in the 100 Club on Supreme With Cheese, let me know what name it is, since most people have different Supreme names from their forum names.

4. Similarly, if you've built add-ons under a name other than your forum name, let me know what name!

SUPER IMPORTANT: If you're emailing me this information or telling me in chat, don't forget to tell me your forum name!!

That's it! Let me know!

Other things you should know:

- If you can log into the forum just fine, but your login doesn't seem to carry over to the rest of the site, try turning on cookies in your web browser, or allowing cookies for the Hamumu site. I'm not sure that's the problem, but I think it is.

- If you are seeing the avatars with a hideous glowing pink background, you are using an OLD version of Internet Explorer! Either upgrade, or switch to a vastly more awesome browser like Firefox.

- If you play Dumb: The Game, you should ensure that your email address in that game is the same as your email address on the forum. That is what you need to do to make your DQ display here, and there may be other benefits too.

- Many more avatar options are coming soon, as are lots of other things we really need.

- It's going to be insanely hectic in the next few days as I try to keep up with filling out all this information, so bear with me and be patient!

- Speaking of patience, most trophies are awarded automatically at midnight my time, so if you don't have one you think you deserve, just hang on!

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