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Jamul 04-15-2008 08:13 AM

Happyponygate Monster Mini-Contest!
It's time for no less than the third Happyponygate contest (even if the first was actually a funtest).

This one is quite simple. First, let me tell you a story:

The Happy Ponies found a way to open a rift between Happy Pony Land and Earth, and they have spilled forth, threatening to brutally enforce happiness and joy on all of Earth's peoples. But of course, the Happy Ponies are only the leaders of this movement. They have minions that work for them, strange and mysterious creatures hauled up from the rainbowiest pits of Happy Pony Land to serve their masters' deviously friendly plots.

These minions include the Marshmallow Soldiers, Teddy Bears (borrowed from LL2), and Gumdrop Guys.

So, your job here is simple. Invent another race/species/type of minion for the Happy Ponies.

1 - Get your entry in before May 1st! The contest closes on May 1st.

2 - All you have to do is come up with a name and description of a type of creature that would work for the Happy Ponies.

3 - No lists of attacks they might use and so on - all creatures in the game will be armed with variations of the weapons you can get. Your monster doesn't have to be able to hold weapons - it may for example be something that spits out chocolate or licorice, or attacks with claws. But regardless, don't tell me how it attacks, because I'll have to be making that up based on many factors like how it is used in the game. Your goal is just to make up the species itself.

4 - A normal, general-purpose creature is your goal, not something that is special like a trap-door spider that pops up and surprises you. Just something that generally fights with the player on a normal field of battle.

5 - Feel free to make either a tiny monster that piles onto the player in hordes, or a giant beast that will need to be faced one to three at a time. Or anything in between. It's your design. But what you are not doing is making up a boss! Just a regular enemy that the player will face many dozens or hundreds of times throughout the city.

6 - You can focus on chocolate, or on sweet stuff, or on cuddly things, or on cute things. But remember that those are the kind of things here, not vicious scary monsters. The Happy Ponies come from a land of joy and gumdrops and strawberry rivers. And by the way, don't make a type of pony. Those are covered! You are making something else that works for the ponies.

7 - No limit on entries!

8 - Do not be afraid to be similar to another entry. Little differences could win it. But don't just totally copy unless you add something different.

9 - You can also just throw in names if you want, but this game might not even show the names of non-boss enemies, so while your name might be the winner, the player may never see it!

10 - I reserve the right to combine one person's name with another person's design, or to even provide my own of either, based loosely on the presented ideas, but at least one person will be a winner, and possibly up to two. Or maybe more if I decide it's worth adding a few species!

11 - Winners will of course have their monster put in the game (as implemented by my own particular visual style...), and they will be in the credits as a Monster Designer.


TyTBone 04-15-2008 08:55 AM

Re: Happyponygate Monster Mini-Contest!
Good heavens, that was quick!

Smilers - Smiley faces that attack in hordes. They are just round, yellow, and happy!

Candy Clusters - Blobs of cotton candy. They are very fluffy looking (Think of a string-filled cloud),
but the only facial features are eyeballs.

Unicons - Scrawny, pony-like creatures that look like unicorns and act really friendly, but they're "cons", so they actually steal
stuff from you.

Unitons - large and powerful unicorns.

Octoice - Brightly colored octopus + Licorice for the 8 tentacles; come in both black and red

The following are ideas are variations of what I posted in "More Happy Thoughts" thread:

Gumdrips - I was just thinking about those little Schrooms, and how adorable it would be if they had gumdrops for heads
instead of those green tops, but waddle the same.

Happy Wizard - Essentially a Happy Stick Man, but with the Wacky Wizard's cloths. They carry a "Happy Wand."

Dunkers - Enormous tasty donuts covered with sprinkles. They move by rolling around.

Wally - A guy (and maybe some look-alike pals) that looks like Waldo from "Where's Waldo?" He might run around Bouapha, saying things like "Can't see me!" or "Can't catch me!"

Lollipop Loons or Limber Lollipops or Happy Stick Lolli - Lollipop beings who are just feet, hands, stick, and pop.

Mr.Onion 04-15-2008 09:19 AM

Re: Happyponygate Monster Mini-Contest!
A cross between Moss Rapido and Blobbies. They look like pink marshmallows, and hop around, multiplying fairly quickly (once every 2-5 seconds. Irregulary.) They do not activly chase the player, however.

SpiderPumpkin 04-15-2008 09:20 AM

Re: Happyponygate Monster Mini-Contest!
Walking Cane: A human-sized walking candy cane. 'Nuff said.

(Should we keep all entries in one post or make multiple posts for them?)

Jamul 04-15-2008 09:38 AM

Re: Happyponygate Monster Mini-Contest!
I prefer multiple posts, but I go through and read the whole thing when it's over, so I will see it all. I just don't like edits because I don't get to see them when they happen.

Mapletree 04-15-2008 10:34 AM

Re: Happyponygate Monster Mini-Contest!
Happybots: Very colorful robots that run on happiness energy. Enough said.

Cute jellybean-blob like creatures that are named differently when they have a color. Red Jellygums are named Strawberry Jellygums, yellow ones are called Lemon Jellygums, etc.

Diceys: White dices with differently colored spots on a side/number. They have eyes on their spots.

TyTBone 04-15-2008 10:38 AM

Re: Happyponygate Monster Mini-Contest!

Blarney - an Irish version of you-know-who. He's green instead of purple,
and goes around spreading sappiness and "good luck" for the
creatures (which is bad luck for Bouapha, obviously) while singing in an Irish accent.
I suppose he could be part of a species of dinosaurs...Hmmm, probably
should think more about that.

Bright Harbinger - Just a small version of the sun wearing sunglasses; I
guess they always come before Bouapha faces a
drastic situation. (Since "Harbinger" is like "forerunner"
and "omen... at least, that's what Microsoft Word tells

Happy Circuitry or Metallic Joy - Happy robots! In the style of the SwC bots, altough these
have a metallic-yet-pretty (think stained glass) look to them.

Hippies -...

Loviathons - Joy-filled alligators or crocodiles

Hardy hearts - Valentine's Day hearts that are red, very small, and really hard to beat.

Krazy Klowns - Sort of a reference to one of the biggest B-movies of all time. These guys wear polka dotted clothes,
makeup, goofy hats, etc.

Edit: Whoops! Smile posted as I was writing this. Oh well...

Wesley 04-15-2008 11:09 AM

Re: Happyponygate Monster Mini-Contest!
A sort-of renovation of my last idea.

Cittens - Small cute kittens that wanders the city. They're really evil killer cats, merely using their cuteness to draw you in. They have big cute eyes, about 1/3 to 1/4 of the size of their whole body. (That's what the C is for!) Another characteristic is that they have a tongue sticking out between two fangs on the side of their mouth. (Like Scratchy from he Simpsons) They stand up on two legs or crawl on four legs.

Kats - Bigger fat cats. They have the same characteristics as Cittens, except their eyes are normal sized, and they are much bigger and heavier. They can only sit, and cannot stand or crawl like the Cittens.

Optional Thing - I don't know, I was thinking this while I was typing. I was thinking this race could be part of the "Merry Mafia", a sub-group of the Happy Pony Empire. Cittens would be average mafia goons, Kats would be the higher ups, and a boss somewhere could be the Godfather. This was just an optional thing, as the the race can go without a story.

LoonyBoy 04-15-2008 12:31 PM

Re: Happyponygate Monster Mini-Contest!
Cutie pies!

A cute little pie with big eyes

Connor S. 04-15-2008 12:34 PM

Re: Happyponygate Monster Mini-Contest!
Gummy worm - :O little gummy worms that wriggle around, their rainbow colored, and generally just sit there. they have little googly eyes and mouths

.Blue Dwarf. 04-15-2008 02:55 PM

Re: Happyponygate Monster Mini-Contest!
My Lollipop gang:

Little Sucker:
They have a little sucker for their heads(think a dum dum) with the stick going down for the body.
They have additional suckers sticking out of the main(head) stick for arms and legs.

Like a stickman with suckers at the end os his arms/legs and head(All the suckers are the same size, the head/body one has a longer stick though)

These are smaller than bouapha and come in big swarms.

Lolli pop men:
The second in the rank of goons. These are just like the little suckers only they are as big as bouapha.

Lolli Byes:
A variation of the little suckers, they carry jawbreakers and run at you.
Once they reach you, they wave and the jawbreaker explodes.

(Oops... I guess that's just an attack... and a name too)

Lord Lolli:
The leader(Duh) of the lollipops.

Uses one of those HUGE lollipops(The ones that swirl around) for a head, he has (gumdrop?)eyes and a (Licorice)mouth.

He has big ROUND(Like a ball) suckers for his hand and the sticks are his arms.
Same for the legs, but their sticks are abit longer.

The main focus of him is the head, it is completely oversized!

I know I'm not supposed to but... Here are some possible attacks...
1. He falls over, crushing you under his head.
2. A long licorice tounge comes out of his mouth, he tries to grab and eat you.(or it just whips you)
3. Spin attack
4. Punch you maybe?

Yep, that's it for the loolipop gang...

One more beast for now:

Caring Herring:
Well, it's a fish... Maybe it wants to give you a gift so it brings you underwater garbage or rocks and piles them up on bridges...

Or it could pop it's head up, smile, then shoot at you...
These come in medium swarms(4-8.)

Coolguy 04-15-2008 04:44 PM

Re: Happyponygate Monster Mini-Contest!
Berryzoids: These incidiously pleasant serpents dwell within the strawberry rivers of Happy Pony Land. Hamumu games need more zoids, because zoids are the best! :p I bet there'd be Chocozoids swimming around, too.

Ice Screamer: These look like scoops of ice cream with giant cone hats, big eyes, and little arms/legs. They have funny voices. They wield guns of the Sweet variety.

Marshmallow Supersoldier: Doctor Lunatic had first utilized Zombies, which he made into Super Zombies. Who's to say that the Happy Ponies haven't utilized the same technique? Marshmallow Supersoldiers are giant versions of their puny cousins. Unfortunately, this massive increase in size and strength has come at a cost of intelligence- Marshmallow Supersoldiers are no longer smart enough to be left alone with a candy gun, so they just run around punching stuff. These aren't bosses, just tough enemies.

Ninjabread Men: Aaaagh, they've returned! Run! Run for your lives!

Happiness Enforcer: Some sort of Happy Pony Land tank- The ponies advanced enough to tear open reality and build candy weaponry, so who's to say that they can't they make tanks? :D Instead of wheels, these have candy canes (like sled tracks) and utilize some sort of propulsion device that shoots sparkles so it can move. It has a ridiculously huge version of one of the game's weapons on top (or maybe just a platform with some sort of other soldier controlling a turret). If you don't like the candy cane tracks idea, you could always just use cookie wheels.

Animal Cookies: You know, those pink cookies that look like animals. Except these are alive. Yeah, that's all I have. :p Maybe they could run in hordes at the player and constantly spawn out of cookie boxes.

TyTBone 04-15-2008 04:50 PM

Re: Happyponygate Monster Mini-Contest!
Happy Quackers - Average yellow-feathered, orange-billed creatures, but
these wear very flamboyant, Elton John style sunglasses. About 1/2 to 3/4 the size of Bouapha...

Starz - They look like stars in the sky, but are always happy. 1/2 the size of Bouapha

Bow Barrier - You know how rainbows are arches of happiness? Well, what if the empty space between the two "legs" of the
arch contained a glossy-but-clear substance, through which enemies' bullets and attacks could pass but
Bouapha's would be blocked by it. Basically, the arch would be a half-circle, but only the arch part would be
fully visible. Oh, and it would be able to move of course, but I'm not sure what good features it would have,

Love Bugs - Think heart-shaped SwC beetles...

Hunnays or Hunnies - (For ElMikkino) Happy bunnies! They would be a little more than 1/3 the size of Bouapha, and they
would have HUGE eyes, just to keep them adorable looking.

Coolguy 04-15-2008 04:56 PM

Re: Happyponygate Monster Mini-Contest!
Yes, we need ducks in a Hamumu game! :p Ducky would be very happy. Plus it would give another aquatic (or maybe flying) enemy.

Redbone 04-15-2008 06:41 PM

Re: Happyponygate Monster Mini-Contest!
Emotion: Looks like something you would usually get for typing : ) . (Without spaces)

Coolguy 04-15-2008 06:46 PM

Re: Happyponygate Monster Mini-Contest!
Leopleurodons- They swim around in rivers giving instructions on how to get to Candy Mountain. :p There must be a Chaaaarlie the unicorn reference! I guess this could be a Leopleurozoid.

varkarrus 04-15-2008 07:04 PM

Re: Happyponygate Monster Mini-Contest!
Chocoturtle: A cute chocolate turtle with a big head, and a cannon sticking out of it's back. The cannon fires weak chocotsunami blasts that don't create lakes, as the cooldown is a lot greater.

Pwny: It would be a pony that stands on it's hind legs, and duel wields various weapons.

Licorice Turret: Another weakweapon creature! This turret uses weak licorice whips. It is immobile, unlike the marshmallow man and the chocoturtle

Rainbow claw: Like a melee cryozoid that only pops up at close range. Other forms are invincible.

TyTBone 04-15-2008 07:48 PM

Re: Happyponygate Monster Mini-Contest!

Originally Posted by Coolguy (Post 182997)
Leopleurodons- They swim around in rivers giving instructions on how to get to Candy Mountain. :p There must be a Chaaaarlie the unicorn reference! I guess this could be a Leopleurozoid.

YES! That's just what I was thinking! NICE!

.Blue Dwarf. 04-15-2008 08:30 PM

Re: Happyponygate Monster Mini-Contest!

Originally Posted by Coolguy (Post 182997)
Leopleurodons- They swim around in rivers giving instructions on how to get to Candy Mountain. :p There must be a Chaaaarlie the unicorn reference! I guess this could be a Leopleurozoid.

Why not the letter Y?
Or all the letters...(Not every letter in the Alphabet, just CANDY MOUNTAIN(Or did it just spell candy...))

poopsie 04-15-2008 09:26 PM

Re: Happyponygate Monster Mini-Contest!
Here is 2 boss ideas and 2 normal badguys

Big Puff Marshmellow Man:Has licorice tenticles for arms
and its bright white.It also has chocolete kisses for eyes.

Devils food:Similiar to dust devil, except it spits
out Flaming hot fudge.If you are near it, it can cover you
in chocolate that hardens over you.


Jelly Cucumber[not real name]
Like Sea Cuke, But instead of rock spikes, its
rock candy, his top hat a silly hat, and a candy cane.
different color, different attack.
Handy candy
little blobs that grab you and lick you to death
enough said. different color,different lick.

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