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Blackduck 04-15-2008 09:45 PM

Re: Happyponygate Monster Mini-Contest!
Wushy: with giant eyes wearing white pants. As for the artwork...

This is completly stolen from Jamul but if you look at it in a way it looks like a cute little bouncy monster. And I though that'd be good.

I though since suns mean happy sunshine I'd be good to see some walking around the game. Either attacking or helping you, I'd still fit the way the game is supposed to be. Also maybe their weapon could be a brief case?

Mapletree 04-15-2008 10:48 PM

Re: Happyponygate Monster Mini-Contest!
Babyzoids: Cute zoids that are smaller than normal Aquazoids. They move in water, like Aquazoids.

Glucozoids: Rainbow-colored zoids that have a happy face instead of a normal Aquazoid face. BTW, gluco means sweet in Greek.

Gelatizoids: Green colored zoids that are half-transparent. They have a happy face, like a Glucozoid. And, gelati means gelatin in Latin.

Yerfdoggys: Rainbow-colored Yerfdog babys that teamed up with the Happy Pony side.

Androgeos Exeunt 04-16-2008 01:42 AM

Re: Happyponygate Monster Mini-Contest!
Let me submit one...

Mollys: Smiley-faced, saucer- (or Mentos-) shaped objects which fire an inconsistent spray of small multi-coloured tablets. Getting hit by a Molly or the projectiles cuts your current life by a fifth, but gives you double speed for ten seconds.

SpiderPumpkin 04-16-2008 08:38 AM

Re: Happyponygate Monster Mini-Contest!
Damp Candy: A large moist chocolate cake with arms and legs and eyes that's wearing flippers.

Bar Tender: A sentient bar of soft chocolate with eyes.

Nut Bar: A sentient and positively insane looking bar of chocolate with nuts (which also has eyes :P).

Cawberry: Strawberries with eyes, wings and beaks.

Chocolate Train: The name says it all.

Smiley Coyote: Small coyote-like creature with a big yellow smiley face.

Puddington Bear: Basically a Teddy that is made of wobbly jello (somewhat similar looking to a gummi bear, but wobbling :P (the animation, I mean, not its actual movement)).

varkarrus 04-16-2008 10:43 AM

Re: Happyponygate Monster Mini-Contest!
Flame Pony:

If he hits you, it does good damage, but you get set on fire, and move at extra speed! (you can't stop moving though)

Ducky 04-16-2008 11:46 AM

Re: Happyponygate Monster Mini-Contest!

Originally Posted by TyTBone (Post 182951)
Happy Quackers - Average yellow-feathered, orange-billed creatures


Originally Posted by Coolguy (Post 182953)
Yes, we need ducks in a Hamumu game! :p Ducky would be very happy.

Heh, I stopped asking for one a while back, but now we do have at least 3
Ducks (Blackduck, Ducklegion, and I) and one convert (.Blue Dwarf.), so
mabe someday. I still play the games anyways, so it doesnt really matter,
as long as they stay fun, are from Hamumu Inc, and are challenging.
I love it here...I say that enough? Anyways, entries to follow. Didnt want to
clutter this post.

- Ducky (Happyponygate portal activate!)

Jamul 04-16-2008 11:48 AM

Re: Happyponygate Monster Mini-Contest!
I highly recommend people read all the contest rules before posting. I'd say a good half of the posts so far have violated several of them.

AtkinsSJ 04-16-2008 12:18 PM

Re: Happyponygate Monster Mini-Contest!
Fuzzles - Some sort of really cute little fluffy bouncy things, like pom-poms. Maybe they also giggle happily. They come in several pastel colours.

Pillows! - Commonly found on beds in real life. They are able to illogically jump, if they wish, spraying feathers when they land. Maybe not much potential, but a huge battle against pillows would be a sight to behold. A name for a larger one, maybe their leader, could be 'Mishter Shnuggle-Wuggums', because that sounds ridiculous.

Rainbow Bird - All sorts of pretty colours, and leaves a rainbow trail behind it (or just lots or coloured sparkles). They lay (illogically wrapped) chocolate eggs. The chicks are just small yellow fluff balls.

EDIT: After reading Jamul's post below.

Ducky 04-16-2008 12:20 PM

Re: Happyponygate Monster Mini-Contest!
Ok...here goes!

The Warm and Fuzzies!
super soft, cute, loveable balls of fluffy, cotton(candy?) goodness. They so cute,
they make you so happy, you have to stare, and wonder, "How can anything
so cute be dangerous at all?"....and you get so lost in thought
and dreamy, so pretty...:D
Then they gang up on you, and give you the Warm and Fuzzies :)
Only effective in bunches, and it takes at least 3 to gang up on you or hurt you.
Small, furry, and oh so cute! Baby blue and light pink. Maybe Light yellow too.
Or even rainbow. very small, like cotton balls.

Harp-Maidens (Harpies? Not the watery-evil type though)
these beautiful girls (or ladies) play a few notes on their harps.

Because the Candyman can....(he mixes it with love and makes the world
taste good....) made of candy... Chef hat, white clothes..red bandanna, big smile.
Shorter then player.

Purrr-fect friends
Small kitten-types that wander around rubbing on the charracter,
begging to be picked up...So cute you want to 'toss your cookies'.
Grey fur, big lonely eyes, maybe a tear in one. About 25% of player.

Kissing Fish (Or Kiss me fish)
Strawberry lake dweller. Eternal pucker on face. Rainbow in color.

Warm blanket (Or Warm & Toasty Towel)
Warm, and fresh from the dryer, just after a nice shower. Blue,
and has open arms like it wants to wrap you up in it's loving embrace.
Walks on two small legs. Has two small arms. Size of player.

Happy Hares
White fuzzy types, that are usually in 3s or 4s. Bigger
puffy tails then your garden-variety rabbits. And bigger eyes,
smaller/cuter floppy ears. Half of player size.

- Ducky (More to come...)

TyTBone 04-16-2008 12:34 PM

Re: Happyponygate Monster Mini-Contest!

Originally Posted by Jamul (Post 183096)
I highly recommend people read all the contest rules before posting. I'd say a good half of the posts so far have violated several of them.

So are you saying that if we DO add in an attack idea in our descriptions, you won't consider them at all? If so, then I will definitely take mine out.

SpiderPumpkin 04-16-2008 12:43 PM

Re: Happyponygate Monster Mini-Contest!
The Goo Goo Gang: In a land of Happy Ponies and candy, of course there have to be happy babies as well! The members of the Goo Goo Gang are unusually large (human) babies wearing diapers and propellor hats. (Whether a single one would be called "Goo Goo Gang Member" or all of them would simply use the collective term "The Goo Goo Gang" (as was done with The Beetles in Supreme) would probably depend on whether they'd rather be attacking alone or in groups (which in turn depends on what Jamul would want to do with them, if anything; making a more detailed statement on this myself would already be describing their behaviour, which I'm not supposed to do (although too many people posting before me are doing it)))

Elemental Stickman 04-16-2008 01:10 PM

Re: Happyponygate Monster Mini-Contest!
Cranky Franky: A weird lollypop with hairs, dust, rubbish etc. Stuck on him! Oh! And he's posoinous.

Fudge Mummy: Human shaped fudge wrapped in sugar paper.

Jamul 04-16-2008 01:18 PM

Re: Happyponygate Monster Mini-Contest!
I really did a bad job explaining this contest, it seems, and I really want to get good stuff, so I'm going to try to clarify it as completely as possible:

Notice the examples I gave: there are Marshmallow Men, Teddy Bears, and Gumdrop Guys. Here's how I would describe the Teddy Bears: "Looks like a normal teddy bear, but of course it walks around and attacks you."

So that's what I need - species of creatures. Almost every single post here has been some specific unique creature, almost entirely defined by what it does (grabbing the player and throwing him around, putting you to sleep, or whatever). This game doesn't have anything like that. Enemies in this game will all do one of two things: either smack you, or shoot some kind of projectile at you. It's a game about mowing down hordes of enemies, there is no room for the subtleties of tricky abilities.

So when I say "don't post attacks", it's not because I don't want to hear what attacks you think the monster should shoot, it's because I'm trying to avoid exactly what I've seen so far - monsters that are entirely defined by their attacks (attacks which I can't even use in this particular game).

Think of this like the real world: a beetle is a very different creature than a fox. But in video game terms, they are both just things that run up and bite you. I'm looking for something as simple and generic as "beetle" or "fox". A general type of being. Like Marshmallow Man, Teddy Bear, or Gumdrop Guy.

So you're not inventing a "monster". You're inventing a race. Think of it like that. You are inventing the equivalent of Orcs, or Bunnies, or Dragons, or Ants. A whole class of things.

Remember: Marshmallow Man, Teddy Bear, and Gumdrop Guy are the examples. Totally generic, all you know about them is their name and what they look like (assuming you can guess what a Gumdrop Guy looks like... I bet you can!). I can take those creatures and do anything with them - I have a concept art piece of a Marshmallow Sniper, for example. Suggesting Marshmallow Sniper for this contest would be wrong - Marshmallow Man is the race in question, the sniper is just a specific individual of that race.

I'll take each race and do a bunch of things with them, from equipping them with different weapons (or projectiles they spit, or whatever) to making devices that produce them (Marshmallow Vat or something), to making giant ones for mini-bosses, and so on. So you need to give me a broad enough concept that I can do that.

I hope that helps, and if anybody has specific questions or anything, let me know. I know this is a super simple concept, I just don't seem to be able to express it in simple terms.

And don't forget: NO BOSSES OR PONIES!

Ducky 04-16-2008 01:34 PM

Re: Happyponygate Monster Mini-Contest!
Ok, I was following the rules, but some of my entries might have been
close to suggesting a possible attack. I took all those out, just in case,
and revamped. No more editing on those.
I will add more soon.

- Ducky (Happy as a Happy-Hare)

Ducky 04-16-2008 02:00 PM

Re: Happyponygate Monster Mini-Contest!

Originally Posted by Ducky (Post 183095)
Heh, I stopped asking for one a while back, but now we do have at least 3
Ducks (Blackduck, Ducklegion, and I) and one convert (.Blue Dwarf.), so
mabe someday.

Ah why not...cant hurt.

Duck on string
small yellow duck on a platform, with wheels. Pulled by a string, or
under its own power. Maybe quacks. Effective in groups.

Cuddly Bodza
They had to come from somewhere, right? These however are the nice ones.

- Ducky (..Even more to come...lots of ideas...)

seamonkey 04-16-2008 02:55 PM

Re: Happyponygate Monster Mini-Contest!
Puppy: Its a puppy. What else is there to say?
Balloon: Its a balloon with a smiley face. maybe some differant balloon animals as variations?
bunny: a cute little bunny;)

TyTBone 04-16-2008 03:10 PM

Re: Happyponygate Monster Mini-Contest!

Originally Posted by Jamul (Post 183124)
So when I say "don't post attacks", it's not because I don't want to hear what attacks you think the monster should shoot, it's because I'm trying to avoid exactly what I've seen so far - monsters that are entirely defined by their attacks (attacks which I can't even use in this particular game).

EDIT: Most attacks out.

drgamer 04-16-2008 04:28 PM

Re: Happyponygate Monster Mini-Contest!
Prancing Piņata: You know, various animals in piņatas. Perhaps when defeated, shows off little confetti things, instead of whatever is normal....

Speaking of Piņatas, there could be piņata bats. Either an actual bat, such as a baseball bat(but with wings), or a version of the piņata, but is a bat...

Easter Eggs: Roll around, or perhaps hop around and wobble. Could be like the Weebl's stuff things... Perhaps some of them equivalent to the pumpkins? There's also stuff like the wonderballs, those eggs with gooey caramel in 'em.

Chocolate bunnies!: You know, the ones that you see near easter.

Candy/chocolate coins: You know, those little foil wrapped coins? I can imagine these going around in stacks, hopping around, with the top coins jumping up into the air a bit.

Something based on those peeps: These would be really tiny(or at least can be), they'd be annoying, and attack en masse. I suppose they'd be like the eensy weensy things...

Liquorish Snakes: These would slither around. Move much like snakes, but perhaps much more exaggerated. Tiny ones could be single strands, and bigger ones multiple strands. A variation on these could be those candy necklace things that I seem to remember

Cake: Just a hopping cake. I'd imagine that the plate might come loose from the cake, and perhaps some crumbs coming off of it. And then there's cupcakes

Those chocolate turtles: I remember seeing these chocolate turtle things. They were sorta like nuts, covered in chocolate, made to look like turtles...

Chocolate boxes: Because it'd be fun to watch these things go around. Perhaps it could just be a generator for regular chocolates?

Container of sugar: Either a sugar bowl, or one of those things where you press a button/lever to make the lid open. There could also be a salt variation(would be fun to be able to lure sugar and salt together so they'd attack each other :))

Chocolate Bouapha: Basically a chocolate clone of him. Perhaps more versified?

Candied brain: It'd look like a brain, only I guess more colorful? I'd imagine that it'd sort of crawl around, using the brain stem to push itself along. Perhaps sorta like how that evil brain from Evil Con Carne (I think), that cartoon network show....

Can of Pringles/chips: Perhaps upright normally. Could either hop(the lid jumping up, along with the hop), or roll around.

Puddle of chocolate: I guess it could be like the mosses... Although it could just move like one. A variation could be one that looks like the controller thing (the name escapes me, you know, the one that has the eyes), and just slide around, and perhaps with some sloshing animation. With so many kinds of chocolates, it can lead to several variations

Chocolate Thingies!: Or even candied ones. It'd look like the thingies :)

Assuming that old children's toys can be used, a kite like enemy. Either one that glides around everywhere(basically flying, but it'd be face down... Sorta like a manta ray, I suppose) And if it has to be a candy thing (Candy Kite!), it'd be perhaps Two pretzels for the wooden supports, and a candy/jello film)

Jello molds! More hopping around goodness!

Those chalky hard candies. I remember some of 'em were shaped as bones/skeletons.

A flying saucer type enemy; looks like Reeses cups. It'd spin around and such.

Punch bowels. There's an obvious subspecies that is there... but I'm meaning those bowels of punch. Perhaps the punch sloshes around when it moves?

Pudding cups/skins: Because pudding is delicious :). Also, could have a tapioca variation.

Chocolate chips: Either the classic ones, or ones that look like wood chips. A bigger version of the classic ones could be one that looks like a Hershey's kiss. Or even those giant ones you see during valentines day.

Mints: Either the classic peppermints, or those mints you can find in tins...

Some sort of bell enemy: (Perhaps the chocolate Belles ;) (or just Chocolate bells)

Another small type of enemy, something based on Nerds (And then you could have a nerds rope thing)

Graham Crackers/S'mores: I suppose these'd look like the Stonewalls

Chocolate Roses: I've seen these things. Why they're made, I really have no clue. But they exist...

Candy Whistles: I remember these things that you could blow into them, and it made a whistling noise. It was also made of candy. It looked more like one of those long whistles... Come to thing of it, I think they were more like a wind instrument, because there were notes that you could play... They even came with a few songs, I think... Anyways, these things were awesome...

Taffies/Salt water taffies:These might move around slow... But still, taffy can be awesome :)

Those Chocolate/Fondue fountains!

Bouncing Gumdrops. Of course, you probably already have these.

Fudge sticks. Fudge bunnies. Just plain fudge. Perhaps even the fudge monsters

Sundaes. They look like those sundaes :)

A bag of Jelly Bellies/Jelly beans: Ah, Doctor Who :)

Perhaps those candy paintbrushes, you know, the ones that paint your tongue?

Pixie sticks: I believe these would fly

Sad Pandas: Pandas are awesome ;) Perhaps only joining the happy ponies to make friends?

Sticks of Gum/Gumballs. I'm surprised no one mentioned this...

Hot Tamales: Those spicy candies. Perhaps just a variation on Jelly Beans :/ For some reason I thought there could be subspecies of this :(

...wow that's alot of ideas...

Sorry if I accidentally copied someones... (Oh and for reference, I started this post when TyTbone was talking about "Blarney", and removing moves)

Coolguy 04-16-2008 04:43 PM

Re: Happyponygate Monster Mini-Contest!
Flower Friends: Humanoid flowers with really goofy faces.

Hamsters: They're humanoid cuddly hamsters. Raaaawr! Or maybe just big normal hamsters. Meh.

Soda Soldiers: These are highly carbonated old-fashioned glass soda bottles with arms and legs made of glass, plus probably a goofy face (like a Wet Willy's:p).

ElMikkino 04-16-2008 06:17 PM

Re: Happyponygate Monster Mini-Contest!
Yazid-A person, who, for no reason, headbutts as he walks. I got this inspritation from a soccer player;).

Die-A die. He wants to make you [insert name of monster here].

Dicey Duck-Their comeback! Every [#] steps, they explode! There's a 70% chance they will be reborn after, though.

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