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Jamul 05-02-2008 06:59 AM

Happyponygate Boss Contest!
The one you've been waiting for! There will be quite a few bosses in Happyponygate, and it's time for you to invent one. The rules:

1 - The contest ends June 1st! Winner(s) will be announced then.

2 - Make up a boss monster for Bouapha to fight. Yes, attacks and all. A specific, big, scary, happy monster.

3 - I am hereby giving up and revealing the four elements in the game: Sweet, Choco, Cute, and Snuggle/Love (I'm not sure which name I will use - Love seems more accurate, but Snuggle is funnier... Snuggle Damage. It's hearts and rainbows and such). Those are the 4 kinds of damage. Your boss should specialize in one of them. For example, you might make a giant chocolate kiss (don't!), which of course would do choco damage with its heavy malt ball launcher. Or an evil Care Bear that shoots Love rays.

4 - Your boss may be a Happy Pony, but may also be any sort of Happyponyland monster. If it is a pony, you'll have to describe it more interestingly than that - what makes it stand out and look different from just any old pony?

5 - Don't go insane. This isn't the final boss, it's just one of many.

6 - Pictures are more than welcome and may help your cause!

7 - Don't specify stats of any kind... even *I* don't know what sorts of numbers will be appropriate at this point. Of course, feel free to say things like "this boss has very little health but does tons of damage, and moves very fast so it's hard to hit", or whatever.

I will choose the winner based on my preferences and whatever other mysterious criteria I may have (like how and where I want to use the boss, which you can't possibly know). The winning entry receives 200 Yerfbucks and of course gets their boss put in the game, and their name in the credits as a Monster Designer. There may be two joint winners - one for the name, and one for the design.

At my discretion I may select any number of Finalists as well, which don't win, but will get 20 YB each.

I reserve the right to steal any and all ideas posted in this thread for any purpose I wish! I also reserve the right to mix and match from different monsters.

Note: The resulting monster will look and act absolutely nothing like you imagined. Sorry!

TyTBone 05-02-2008 08:04 AM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
Delmo - A combination of "deluge" and "Elmo". He will vaguely look like Elmo
from Sesame Street: red (or maybe orange), furry, and happy,
although he will be about 10x bigger than the SS Elmo.

I suppose he could throw some sort of object - bananas,
maybe. Or maybe, if he has his "blankie" (like he had in his own
movie "Adventures in Grouchland"), he could whip that around to
create a vortex/mini-tornado of sorts that would suck Bouapha into it
and - of course - damage him.

Licorice Lich - Yessir, folks! Richie is back, and with a different name.
Seriously, maybe he has adorable eyes or is a baby (with
pacifier and bonnet), to keep him "Cute".

On to what I DO know: this Lich will press a licorice whip
out of his mouth, and swing it around (by whipping his head around 360 degrees) and attempt to zap/cut Bouapha by having
the whip rip through him. (Duh! :)) Alternatively, but less
cool, Lich could fire a Licorice Laser from his mouth - so it
would be red or black instead of green.

Choco-Lich - Another variation of Richie.

This time he shoots hot, liquid
chocolate from his mouth.

Great Aunt Agatha - Everybody has one! She's roughly the same size as Bouapha, has "bundled-up" hair on top of her head,
enormous glasses, sweater and sweat pants, and is rather rotund around the middle. She would fall under
"Snuggle/Love" because she means well, but she just ends up being a pain.

Agatha is really fast on her feet, thanks to years of visiting and dancing at Happy Retirement Home (hey, she's gotta be boss-worthy!). She runs around trying to give Bouapha hugs (and unintentionally squeeze the life out of him) and ?toxic? kisses. Oh, another important point: she has the ability to summon friends to her disposal. These could be more relatives or her Thursday night Bingo teammates.

Pillow Fighter - I think this names already been used before, and maybe this concept, but I don't know for
sure. Anyways, this boss is one big honkin' pillow. His casing is a dirty white (not pure), he
has eyeballs, and at the top of his body is the slit where the pillowcase is open...so yeah.
This guy is essentially a combination boxer/wrestler. He blows Bouapha around with his
body, does body slams onto him, etc. Once he dies, a bunch (15-30) of "Cotton Kids"
try to destroy Bouapha "pumpkin-style" (IE continually bumping into him).

Dr. Feelgood - The '80s song inspired me to create a potential boss with this name. He might look a bit like Dr. Lunatic, but I think
he should be an actual M.D. He might wear a white lab coat and a cloth mouth guard piece, but keep the Dr. L

He might carry a modified tranquilizer gun that slows Bouapha down or something that shoots "Happy Pills". Also, he
might have nurses as minions, in some Hamumu appropriate respect. (Maybe they do damage when Bouapha is tranquilized.)

Happy Time Friend(s)! - From the Supreme Art Gallery! Most notably, that reptilian grim reaper creature with the ax. Oh, and
maybe make a happier Pillboy.

Darthydil (or Flower Power) - A giant daffodil. He might spit bullets (like pollen) from his center.

Mime - One of those pale-faced actors (usually wearing stripes) that pretends to feel and see things that aren't real, etc. I was thinking he could produce invisible attacks, which can barely be visible. Like, if he were to create an "invisible" boulder to roll over Bouapha, all that would be seen would be the creation of tracks...the actual boulder would be invisible. (Just an example)

Krazy Klown - Comments later on this guy.

Mecha Marshmellow Man - This guy would look very much like an oversized Marshmellow Man, although he would be made of metal or steel, colored one way or another, and controlled by another creature, probably a regular MM. I was also thinking, in one hand, he might swing around a popcorn ball on a chain (as a mace) and/or have a gun in the other hand. If the mace is used, the body would be able to separate about halfway through (maybe by firing off like a rocket or popping off for a second) so that the beast wouldn't have turn 360 degrees to swing his mace around (without becoming tangled in it :D ).

Giftbot 2.0 - I know hardly anything about the original Giftbot and what he did, but I'm going to add my
thoughts on a different version.
Giftbot 2.0 is a combination tank/factory. WHAT, you say? Think of the Furnace dude in SwC.
Giftbot is a really small packaging plant encased in brick or metal or wood, so one doesn't see how the
giftwrapping is accomplished. Each time he/it packages a present, it get shot out of a
cannon or off a conveyer belt and towards Bouapha. (Essentially, presents are the Giftbot's
ammo.) If it hits Bouapha it explodes and nothing is potentially gained. However, if it misses
Bouapha and lands nearby, Bouapha has a chance to open it himself and potentially grab
health or powerups or whatever other goodness may have been packaged. (Not always
goodness, however; Bouapha may accidently open up a package and trigger a bomb inside it.)
Tank part: unlike the furnace, Giftbot 2.0 is able to move, using the tank-light tread/wheels it
has under the packaging plant. It moves slowly, but makes up for that in the damage the
packaged presents do when they hit B.

Poor concept art...


Alternative Version of Giftbot 2.0 - It might look better with a much smaller factory, and Santa driving the vehicle around.

Connor S. 05-02-2008 08:33 AM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
Happy Hopper

A Giant Bunny, It takes up a quarter of the screen and hops from one corner to the next, forcing bouapha to move. Throughout Its wacky Run, It can Slap Its Ears down in front of it, hurting bouapha if hes there, And can also lay an egg. This means that when it hops to the next quarter, an egg will remain where it was every so often. This egg isnt quite as large as the bunny, but will explode in a few seconds, so if bouapha is in that quarter when it does, he gets blown to bits!

The Egg, Combined with the Ears, and The Bunny, means That in some cases, bouapha can only be in one corner without being hurt.

It does Cute Damage.

In very rare cases, maybe only when at lowhealth, to trick bouapha, it can jump nto the air, and land in the exact same corner, possibly landing on bouapha.


Happy Hopper X (like matilda X)

Very similar to the happy hopper, but obviously quite a bit more powerful. It is also Partly a bunny, and partly other bosses stitched to it where its arms / ears should be, like a frankinstien monster. These other bosses would also ahve to be cute themed, so that it still inflicts cute damage.

It hops around like its on a sugar rush, super fast, but stops to slap its ears down. when it does this, it does it twice, rapidly. When it lays an egg, it just keeps hopping, and the egg either explodes immediately after being layed, a second later, or ten seconds later, making it appear as if it were a dud.

It also has other attacks, depending on what its body parts are.



A small mouse that wears sunglasses and shakes its fist at bouapha. Bouapha wants to snuggle it so much, that it does snuggle damage.

It runs around franticly, avoiding most of bouaphas shots, AND has a lot of health, meaning you cant just use the oozinater to throw your gooey gaurd dog at it. Its also fast.

To counteract these advantages, it doesnt actually attack. Im not sure if we were suppoed to say where our battle was located, but I imagen mine in an old warehouse on a dock- bouaphas in a room with walkways above and stuff, on a metal floor. The Mouse, frequently runs into a mouse hole, and almost immediately runs from the mouse hole directly opposite, to put some predictablility into the battle. Whenever it is inside the holes, maybe the player can see it running above bouapha through the walkway, triggering a trap or something. then it runs back out.

A Moment later, a barrell of fish falls from the cieling, and hurts bouapha if it hits him. thats not the hard part though- a bunch of sharks come from a pool of water where a boat is being kept and wildly flop around. then it ends, and the mosue runs around a bit, then triggers another trap of Jamuls Design.


Thunder Tiki O' Torture

This monster originated, when a pony fell into an old First Nations museum. then it fused with an old tribal mask... resulting n this! It does sweet damage, and youll see why.

It is a regular pony, but it is standing on its hind legs, with its arms free. its head, instead of a ponies head, is the tribal mask. but its not that its WEARING it, its that that is its head. The mouth opening of the mask moves and such like a real mouth, as do the eyes. the sweet part, is this- when the pony fused with the mask, the feathers on top were turned into candy feathers. now for its attacks.

First, it can run across the screen at bouapha, like a Mr.Crazy-Pants.

It can also raise its hands in the air, and using its dark voodoo magic, wave them like it just dont care.

This causes a dark rain cloud to follow boaupha for a bit, hiting him with lighting unless he moves.

It can Also use the original Pygmy Shamans Attack, with the zappyness.

Also- Another Alternative to when it is dancing with its hands in the air, is a bunch of individual thunderbolts raining from the sky in various places. instead of having shadows for bouapha to avid, they have lack of shadows. Your in a dark place, and they illuminate the floor below them.

Yet Another Alternative to Its Dance Attack, Is to Summon a Disco Ball. This isco Ball Forces the Tiki To Dance so hard, that bolts of energy come from the Disco Ball, and when they hit the ground, they summon mini tiki creatures, which are like pygmys, but shorter. they're all mask basically. Theyre bodies are entirely sweet.

the lightning bolts are made entirely of gummy stuff...

picture! O' Torutre! for my art and spelling skillz are bad!


(Note, the part about it putting its hands in the air, and waving them like it just dont care, and dancing to summon most of its attacks wasnt a joke. this was to make it more happy)

Mr.Onion 05-02-2008 08:38 AM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
Care Bear

Very large version of the Teddy Bear from LL2, which is yellow, or possibly pink. It is quite fast (just faster than the player) and lunges at them, sending out a blast wave where it falls. It also has some sort of deathbeam attack. Both it and the blastwave do Cute damage.

hyperme 05-02-2008 09:16 AM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
Okay! Here Goes:

Cyber Happy Pony

A Happy Pony fused with Biomechcanical weaponary, the Cyber Happy pony is designed with large scale happy-fieing in mind. The size of Matilda, with weapons of any element able to be attached, this thing should be avioded. basically, it is a Matilda sized Happy Pony, with weaponary fused with, making it a Cyborg of sorts. It could used any element, but Snuggle/Love would be best.

Chocizer X7000

A giant mech/robot, towering above our Boupha's head, armed with the tastyist of weapons, chocolate. With many choco-cannons, from Choco Missles to Molten Chocolate Flooders, this thing paches a punch. basicaly, this is a large than Boupha robot, with various weapons at its dispoal. These are:
Choco Missles, Deadly homing choclate explosives
Chooclate Coated Bon-Bombs, Bon-Bons coat in chocolate which explode
Molten Chocolate Flooders, These weapons release hot molten chocolate over the field of battle, reducing movement space.
Choco Chip Cannon, Your Generic machine gun weapon, with a choco spin!
Choco Blob Blaster, A gun which fires blobs of choc, which explode when near the player or shot by a non-choco weapon spending chocolate flying, ala xeno hunter death.
Choco Discs, Discs of chocolate which fly through the air.

The Chocizer X7000 could have a stronger, dark version maybe. You don't need to all weapons either, which could lead to many fights with these, with differnet arsenals each time.

That all for now, folks!

Mapletree 05-02-2008 10:27 AM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
Looks like a small monster, but he is very powerful! He can shoot a spiral of bullets around him (like LazyBones), and these bullets are fat (like Crazybone). He does cute damage, and he is quick! He has low life, but when his life is low (about 1/3 left), he can shoot a huge furball that explodes! When he dies, he comes back as a weaker, slower, dark green form. Then he is called: Zombiepelz.

AtkinsSJ 05-02-2008 10:50 AM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
Marshmallow Head
Um, sort of like the Michelin Man, or Mr Stay-Puft (?) from Ghostbusters. Enormous, angry, and made of marshmallows. Slow moving, and pretty strong. He can smash things, and probably rip lumps out of his body to throw at you. I'm not all that sure what else, but surely this is begging to be in it! :p

Mr.Onion 05-02-2008 11:10 AM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
To expand on the previous idea: He should also weild a large purple hammer, which he can smash into the ground to hurt a large radius with Sweet damage.

TyTBone 05-02-2008 12:47 PM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!

Originally Posted by Connor S. (Post 186673)
Happy Hopper

A Giant [Easter] Bunny

I like this one. Make sure he has buck teeth! :D

.Blue Dwarf. 05-02-2008 01:35 PM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!

Type: Love/snuggle

Description: A huge Dragon/Snake like creture, it spits rainbows or hearts out(preferably hearts) as fire.

It can have heart shaped horns/ears and tiny wings.

This creature has decent health, okay in speed, but it's main power is in attack.
The Loviathon should have pink/red/white strips going across it's sides and back.

The Choco Behemoth(alternativly: the Behemoth of happy pony land):
A giant chocolate pony!
Wait a minute... *gasps*
That's not a pony at all!!! It's a GIANT CHOCOLATE HIPPO(potamus)!!!

Ohhhh... I just got another idea by typing that, rather than a hippo, it's a

Yes... The Choco Hippopotomoose!

It is a giant (chocolate) hippo, wwith the antlers of a moose...
It has an aggressive ram attack.
Little choco and/or marshmallow men could sit in his antlers and shoot at you:)
This great beast has GREAT ammounts of health, it is really slo though(until it charges at you).

It's ram attack does great damage and is ultra accurate.(because after it rams, all the marshmallow/chocolate guys fall out)
The chocolate/ marshmallow men slowly regrow in his antlers, maybe he has 2 pots of marshmallow and chocolate goo straped to him that they come out of...

Most of the time(except right after a ramming) there will be 4-5 choclate(and/or marshmallow) men shooting at you from up in his antlers.

This beast can be very dangerous.
Ofcoarse, it is a chocolate type creature.

Ohhhhhh.... With him being chocolate, this might not fit in but: As he walks around, he leaves a temporary trail of rainbow that hurts you if you step on it.

Ohhhh... That felt good, it was originaly going to be a plain old hippo(in chocolate form.) :)

.Blue Dwarf. 05-02-2008 02:05 PM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
The original Happy Pony Land Behemoth:

A giant chocolate... Actually, love style hippo.
It wears a top hat(Perhaps a monocle?:)) and has tiny wings.

This creature levitates slightly above the ground.
He is pink(or red) and spits hearts at you.

Not sure if this part works: As he walks around, he leaves a temporary trail of rainbow, which hurts you if you step on it.

He has a devestating charge attack(maybe it's eyes turn to hearts and it looks like it is getting ready to kiss you.)

Very much Health, it's charge attack is quite painful, pretty slow though(until it charges at you)

Anyway, that wwas where the Chcolate Hippopotomoose came from:)
Ofcoarse with the antlers, the hippopotomoose looses the funny top hat, and without that, there is no point to having a monocle... Well, that's another entry I guess, because of it's many differences(but same basic idea)

varkarrus 05-02-2008 02:48 PM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
A couple:

Pwny: A fast moving pony wearing sparkle sun-glasses, and duel weilding what looks like real guns, but fire choco-candy similar to Clodhoppers. He could shoot Rainbow Grenades that release rainbows and smiley faces everywhere!

Ginger the Collosus


Originally Posted by diabloking185 (Post 76717)

A giant Gingerbread man made from smaller cingerbread men. He takes up 2 screens (he's really big). His 2 arms, his 2 legs, and his body, are all seperate body parts (kinda like matilda). He can kick you, step on you, Punch you, Eat you, and summon a candy cane to smack you as if he was an old lady with a cane. He can also shoot out giant gumdrops (Pink and lime coloured roly polys). Every time you destroy a body part, it falls off and turns into a small army of gingerbread men, ninjabread men, and bob the biscuits. He can also shoot out even smaller armys by putting his arm into his chest and throwing them out. You have to destroy his 2 arms and 2 legs to get to the chest. The chest walks around with incredibly tiny legs (when his big legs are destroyed he becomes only as big a super duper zombie, and his legs are the same size too.) When his legs are destroyed, he can start shooting an icing coloured death beam. When his arms are destroyed, he starts shooting multiple death beams at a time. if you destroy his chest, he is destroyed.

(remembers my first post ever made on Hamumu, saying how much I liked that idea)


A rabbit with large paws, attempting to hug you. Could be invulnerable until you accomplish something, and he chases you through a maze. Hugs are love type damage, and do a LOT of damage, seeing as he has no other attacks.

Legion (of bunnays!)
This is (somewhat) based off of Legion boss (google at your own risk; He's creepy!) from Castlevania. He is a massive horde of bunnays rolled up in a ball. He chases you down, leaving behind bunnays on the ground, that walk around all dizzy-like. After his health is low enough, a hole may open up, where a giant bunny rear-end pops out firing chocolate. At really low health, the bunnays may all fall off, leaving a massive horde, and a huge bunnay who can pick up and chuck his underlings. You may not do this, because of the modeling it requires, but still... It was fun getting all that out. He may have a different name due to what he's based off of.

Safety Elephant:
Looks like an elephant with a stopsign, a whistle, and some clothes. He could blow his whistle, hurting your ears, then proceed to raise his stopsign and march right over top of you. He could hit you at close range with his stopsign, or hit you to knock you back. This guy would be cute type.

varkarrus 05-02-2008 02:52 PM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
Giftbot 5000. This looks more like the original, 4 armed robot weilding presents. One present reveals a couple or more happy ponies, one reveals lots of chocolate that spills on the ground, one present, he puts on the ground, and later explodes revealing gumdrops in all direction, and the last reveals a lot of licorice whips. He could use his Jetpack to fly a bit. While he's flying attacks will go under him, then he speedily arrives at a different section of the room, where he continues to attack you.

At low health, his lower torso and arms explode, revealing spider legs, and his mouth opens to fire rainbows!

seamonkey 05-02-2008 03:33 PM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!

Originally Posted by TyTBone (Post 186669)
Pillow Fighter - I think this names already been used before, and maybe this concept, but I don't know for

Yes I created that name so if it wins, I want partial credit.
Anyway once again Spasticorn pops out, come on this is great!!!
Walter Wonka He's an awesome boss!!!!

Coolguy 05-02-2008 03:44 PM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
A gigantic pony, probably a robot one. Every so often, its sides open up and with a cry of ''THIS IS SPARTA!'', a bunch of monsters jump out.

Ham-Ster Runner
A huge hamster, probably with a bunch of cyborg parts to make it more boss-like. It spits sunflower seeds at the player, which sprout into flowery minions.

Leo the Leopleurozoid
Bouapha, walking next to a river of some sort, notices a zoid swimming. Bouapha shoots at it. Suddenly, there's a huge splash, and out of the water rises the horrifying Leo the Leopleurozoid! It has a bunch of zoid-heads on its head (like how Medusa has snakes for hair) and a zoid-type body. It could be a rare encounter when Bouapha shoots at watery enemies that are far enough from shore for Leo to have room when he rises from the depths. Leo would just remain stationary and fire candies at Bouapha. Deadly ones.

Lord of the Guys
The master of all Gumdrop Guys. He's probably just a big gumdrop guy that summons lots of minions.

EXTREMELY LATE EDIT: This could also be called ''Guyablo''. :p

Lactose Intollerant Mecha-Kitty
This game has cat enemies, apparently, so they need a leader. And who better than the old mecha-kitty avatar?

Blackduck 05-02-2008 06:38 PM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
Yerfdog: He goes around bouncing at you (hurts you when he lands) and makes gusts of wind. The more you hit him, the faster his hp goes down. He has a ton of hp but when you hit him for let's say 10dmg he gets hurt 2.5dmg/sec forever until he dies. As he shrinks from uninflating.

Happy Stick Marshmallow: He leaves a trail of goo behind him that hurts you while you pass over him and also rams unto you hurting you/pushing you to the side.(Maybe the marshmallow gun cold heal him too)

Love Turtle: He can attack you by spinning inside his shell and is invulnerable and hurts you when he bashing into you. Chucking hearts at you. When hit by it, it confuse you and he could also be able to go inside of his shell as a shield

Redbone 05-02-2008 06:54 PM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
Chocolate Stick Pony: It's chocolate! And it's stick! It runs around trying to ram you with it's head. (Think the 2nd boss in Kid Mystic) If hit, CHOCO-DAMAGE! And if possible, it will be imune to chocolate attacks.

Teddy Bear Doll: It looks like an item lying on the floor, but if you move, it will try and hug you! (Snuggle Damage) If you stand still, it will just sit there. But if you keep it sitting there, it regains health! It always looks cute.

Chocolate Chip: It's not your normal chocolate chip, it's actually a chocolate flavoured potato chip! It will try and pounce on you. Also, it can charge a chocolate laser while standing still.

death 05-02-2008 08:10 PM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
Apocalypse Pony- a fusion of the four horsemen for the sake of less data, but is two-three times the size due to it's massively evil happiness.

is colored black and has PINK eyes, and trails smoke behind it. It's attacks include flashing bright pink (no details while pink, just shape) releasing a large shockwave (pink), which takes away about 60 (out of 128 hp); It launches pink energy bombs (like the yellow ones from Dr.l) in a spiral, the bombs explode into pink energy shots; it can charge at you leaving a trial of rainbow fire behind it; It can summon other Happy Ponies while saying in a cute voice 'I'm too cute to let you live' (or something along those lines) it can fire pink energy in various patterns; each attack, it speaks with it's cute, soothing voice; (a different thing to say for each attack) and lastly, it can taunt you with it's voice which leaves you unable to fire for 5 seconds.

HP: enough to make it last long

I think it reveals the true nature of the Happy Pony. Cute, Deceptive, (is that a word?) joyfully evil (does evil in a happy way)

A note about it's looks, by smokey trail, I meant it's mane and tail (maybe hooves too) Are smoke and leave more smoke behind. It basically looks like a My Little Pony, except it's not afraid to show it's true nature. lol

Mapletree 05-02-2008 11:03 PM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
Chocolat Robo (Yes, the chocolat belongs in the name, without e)
Can shoot one, fat bullet per 10 seconds. But, these bullets explode in 10 smaller bullets, and these bullets explode in 2 smaller bullets! And these bullets have a big explosion! Choco damage, logically (I mean, look at the robot!), and he hovers above the ground. He hovers at a height that you only can hit the jets. Also, all of his parts have a own life meter (Like Matilda). If you defeat the jets, he will fall on the ground, and he hops along the floor. He can attack (Except for his bullets) by hopping into the player, and when he has its jets, by hovering above the player. (Because of the flames) When he is defeated, he will explode.

Wow, that was a long post!

BryanSNK 05-03-2008 05:45 AM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
The Love Calculation Machine-
It's one of those arcade type games that you put a coin in and pull a lever or something and it tells you what your love level is. This one could have 4-5 different levels on the machine...and when you've done enough damage to it, the love level increases and it pumps out more snuggle/love damage and gets a little bit faster.
Here is my "awesome" attempt at art...
He could also have some sort of arms? And the different level names would go in the yellow area...I just haven't thought up names for them.
I got this idea from the love-o-matic grandpa while watching the simpsons the other day...


Yerfdog 05-03-2008 06:20 AM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
ponie of discord, has all weapons you have.

a giant s'more, you know, a marshmallow with choclate and cracers.

Redbone 05-03-2008 08:02 AM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
Kute Kitten: Don't stare right at it, you'll get cute damage. This huge kitten will try and crush you! (Think Sphinxter)

PlasmaCannonsRule 05-03-2008 08:33 AM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
Master of Meese: A giant weremoose that is king of all the Chocolate Meese. He can summon Meese and shoot chocolate everywhere.

varkarrus 05-03-2008 09:57 AM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
Snakey! A really cute snake, but sometimes, when his eyes glow, turn the opposite direction, or he'll hit you with a paralysing, nearly unavoidable gaze. If you look away, it has no effect! He has other attacks, including burrowing

Fluffy Bunny!
Any hit against it does nothing! However, there are see-saws over the arena. Jumping on one launches him in the air if you got good timing, stunning him, and allowing you to hurt him

Chocolate Badger
Dances and chucks gummy mushrooms! :lol:

death 05-03-2008 10:41 PM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
there is no such word as meese. moose is plural for moose. and did anyone like my Idea?

ducklegion 05-03-2008 11:09 PM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
Sumo Teddy!

It is like a fat giant gummy bear, and all it does is waddle around trying to jump on it's stomach on you! It could also pull mini gummy bears out of his stomach, but I think it would do good just jumping about, also when he lands on his stomach it could cause a mini earth quake.

Mr. Party 05-03-2008 11:34 PM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!

Originally Posted by death (Post 187048)
there is no such word as meese. moose is plural for moose.

Maybe you should read the Journal...

I should probably put up an idea for a boss now.


Giant Jelly Bean:
A giant jelly bean with legs, it falls over on people and stuff...
Maybe after you kill it once, it splits into two slightly smaller ones(half size) then when those die, they both split and so on.

When they get too small to crush you, they just headbutt you.

Okay, that's all.

grim3vil 05-04-2008 01:20 AM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
leslie: a hippy version of loony that does choco dmg with his choco slingshot *like in ll1*

happystickman 05-04-2008 05:03 AM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
The Evil Mutant killer thing of DOOM!

Everyone says its the worst ,and most horriable thing ever! when ever you ask about it, they scream and run... or something. When you get to it, its in a big cave, and you see giant red glowing eyes... and huge fangs... But when it comes out its a cute fluffy bunny! It attacks like the evil rabbit in Monty python, its SUPER FAST, but has very little HP, for a boss, but its so hard to hit it doesnt matter!

Redbone 05-04-2008 07:56 AM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
Stick Boy: Just because it looks cute doesn't mean it's weak! A tiny stick man, that can kick up to your head with feet! (Yes, the legs grow!) Just don't get crushed by it's stomp or it's lasers (eyes?).

.Blue Dwarf. 05-04-2008 08:41 AM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
Massive Merging Muffin:

A giant muffin, it has chocolate chips in it, hearts sprinkle the top, it's arms and legs are whatever the main 'sweet' is(marshmallow?) and it has big cute eyes(the rest of the body has a generally cute look to it as well)

This guy has an intense rainbow laser that he summons from his eyes.
He can spit melting chocolate chips at you.
His arms weild a licorice whip and the some other sweet weapon.
I'm not sure how cute works though, but there is an attack for that too...

His super attack: Eruption
The top of the muffin cracks open as a big chocolate chip raises in the center.
The top of the chocolate chip cracks as rainbows/hearts/random sweet bullets/cute things/ and smaller chocolate chips come flyinmg out in every direction. This attack is devestating if you are near by...


varkarrus 05-04-2008 08:44 AM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
Snuggleophagus: This big furry brown elephant stomps around creating molten chocolate fissures. He is immobile, because he is wedged into a tunnel. He will also spray chocolate out of his trunk. At low health, he breaks free. He has all the same attacks, but he can also charge at you. If there is treasure, maybe you could win the Snuggleesophagus :o:lol:.

Jamul 05-04-2008 08:52 AM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
A tip: You know how in some games you think "well, they just wedged that in and gave it a silly name, it's really just <standard video game concept #3>"? Like when you are supposedly throwing pudding on something, but all it does is go "Enemy is suffering Immobile Status!"

Well, that's exactly how this game is! Don't make monsters try to hug the player, or be loving towards him. They are using sweet/cute/choco/snuggle as weapons. They are hammering you with these things just like in other games, they just happen to have silly names and look funny. A hug attack is actually fine, but don't get hung up on trying to make things that are actually loving, or sweet, or whatever. Just your standard bullets, missiles, punches, kicks. They're simply delivered with a smile. And they look funny.

SpiderPumpkin 05-04-2008 09:32 AM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
(Don't know why I even take the time to enter these anymore since my chances of winning are below zero anyway, but here goes...)

Charlie the Chocolate Factory


This terrifying clown-faced mechanical behemoth of metal and chocolate produces Chocolate Moose, which exit through its mouth (the teeth open up, leaving a space for the Chocolate Moose to exit). The pipes at its sides, which may look as if they were attached to the ground, can in actuality be turned into any direction and used to fire sticky chocolate blobs at the player, which split into multiple tiny blobs when they hit something. But its most direful attack is caused by the upside-down funnel thingy on its head: In certain intervals, Charlie will catapult block of chocolate from the hole on top of it, which will come down on the player as a devastating Chocolate Rain (I move away from the mic to breathe in). The Chocolate Factory can only be harmed when its mouth is open; any attacks against its teeth will be reflected. The pipes can be destroyed seperately.
(Also, of course, all of the Factory's attacks cause Choco damage :P)

.Blue Dwarf. 05-04-2008 02:09 PM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
Same entry as in other monster contest, but he seemed boss like:

Happy Guns:
A giant marshmallow man that runs around crazily with every weapon strapped to him.
He has four-eight arms.(don't want to get too clustered though...)

He randomly cycles through them(and depending on how close/far away you are)

If you are close, he may punch, kick, or try to get you with a licorice whip.

If you are farther away, he fires long distance guns(marshmallo gun, other guns that haven't been mentioned yet)

He can do EVERYTHING that other monsters can do, he also had little ings on his back that someho allow him to fly.

As you harm him he loses his guns and starts charging at you more often(which is a powerful attack!)

So after quite abit of damage, he will loose alll his guns, at this point he just charges at you madly(and constantly, I hope you can shoot while on the run!)


A giant lead dog(looks an awful lot like yerfdog... only it is made out of lead(or some other heavy substance)) that rolls around and spits out various deadly candies and leaves a trail of rainbow(which burns you if you step on it)

He carries a sword or something so he can poke at you if you are not in the way of his rolling.

As you kill him, chunks of the lead fall off, each layer of lead revealing a small swarm of marshmalloww men hiding in it.
(he should have 5-8 layers)

Plus, with every layer off, he rolls faster!

In the end, maybe there is a Happy Pony in the center along with a chocolate moose and some marshmallow dudes...

PlasmaCannonsRule 05-04-2008 05:51 PM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!

Originally Posted by SpiderPumpkin (Post 187108)
(Don't know why I even take the time to enter these anymore since my chances of winning are below zero anyway, but here goes...)

Charlie the Chocolate Factory

This terrifying clown-faced mechanical behemoth of metal and chocolate produces Chocolate Moose, which exit through its mouth (the teeth open up, leaving a space for the Chocolate Moose to exit). The pipes at its sides, which may look as if they were attached to the ground, can in actuality be turned into any direction and used to fire sticky chocolate blobs at the player, which split into multiple tiny blobs when they hit something. But its most direful attack is caused by the upside-down funnel thingy on its head: In certain intervals, Charlie will catapult block of chocolate from the hole on top of it, which will come down on the player as a devastating Chocolate Rain (I move away from the mic to breathe in). The Chocolate Factory can only be harmed when its mouth is open; any attacks against its teeth will be reflected. The pipes can be destroyed seperately.
(Also, of course, all of the Factory's attacks cause Choco damage :P)

.....I now give up all chances of getting any of my names in now.

.Blue Dwarf. 05-04-2008 06:35 PM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!

Originally Posted by PlasmaCannonsRule (Post 187183)
.....I now give up all chances of getting any of my names in now.

There's always second(but I will get that :)(not really(but I did like one of my ideas(random text to add another parenthesis))))

varkarrus 05-04-2008 07:02 PM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!

Chocolate Chip Whoofie! (wookie)

This furry creature comes with a blaster that fires choco-chips! His war-cry sends liquid chocolate from the ceiling! If he grabs you, he does a back breaking spinning kick, then finishes off with a near-lethal dose of chocolate in a needle! Very fast and lethal!

TyTBone 05-04-2008 10:26 PM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
Smiler - Just a giant, generic smiley face! He's yellow, he has two black
dots for eyes, and he has a curved line for a smile (which may open up
once in a while). As for attacks, he may jump up and down and
create a visible shockwave that can harm Bouapha if it gets in his
way. He may also shoot Peeps (to continue with the yellow theme)
from his mouth.

Alternative attack: Smiler may attack by "soaking up" or charging
up with large amounts of energy in the air and then zapping Bouapha
with the resulting electricity/lasers that Smiler extrudes. Bouapha will
have to hit Smiler at least once every 5 or so seconds to keep Smiler
from gaining enough energy to produce this attack.

(BTW, the name Smiler is from the classic Britcom "Last of the Summer Wine".)

Cupid - Yup, that "Love" cherub with the bow-and-arrow. He might be chubby, small, and have a white wig, as he normally looks.
Hey, a Stick Cupid sounds pretty good! Wait, wouldn't that be a Stupid?!

Anyways, possible angles to make him more interesting: Cupid might have a sack of chocolate arrows (because chocolate
and Valentines just go together so well) and he shoots THOSE at Bouapha, rather than, well, regular arrows. Hmmm...
Maybe he has shruikens in the shape of hearts.

Valen Tines - Something to do with a love and a fork, but I'm not sure what...

Mapletree 05-05-2008 09:21 AM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
Hovering Companion Cube:
Please be aware that the Hovering Companion Cube can speak. If it does not speak, we advise you to follow its advice. Also, the Hovering Companion Cube will always threaten to stab you. But he cannot, because he only can shoot hearts from his center. These hearts are painful, and strong. He tries to kill you with Love element. You will have to incinerate him (or just defeat him) to continue. Please be aware that the Hovering Companion Cube is quick, and he hovers 1.94462 centimeters above the ground. He also explodes on death, but dont worry about it if you incinerated him in a HappyPony Science Emergency Happiness Incinerator. If you shot him to death, you will have to worry, because the explosion causes massive damage and will result in death.

The following message was brought by GHaDOS, Generic HappyPony and Disk Operation System, From the HappyPony Science Enrichment Center.

PlasmaCannonsRule 05-05-2008 06:22 PM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
Big Ball O' Hug: A rubber bouncy ball that contains hands 4 hugging (or, as called by its victims, strangling)! However, those hands are also rumoured to be coated in Super Happy Huggy Monster Cologne that summons all sorts of huggable enemies!

Super Happy Go-Go Ninja: A super happy pony ninja that speeds around and happily ninjas away at you. He is even able to manipulate time! His story is a sad one, however; he was originally the main cha-er, hero of an alternate universe that was cance-er, destroyed by its creator. The Super Happy Go-Go Ninja, however, was ripped off and tr-er, survived the destruction, but ended up in Happy Pony Land where he was experienced "playtime, eating happy stuff, and happy tutoring" (AKA torture, brainwashing, and reducation) and was driven to happy insanity and used as a bo-er, invader leader by the Happy Ponies.

Coolguy 05-05-2008 06:36 PM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
Doom Bunny
These beasts were the horror of all Dr Lunatic players armed with only machetes. :p Apparently, the Happy Ponies have managed to get their hands on one! This is either A) Just like the Dr Lunatic SWC enemy as sort-of a mini-boss, or B) A really huge version of the standard rabbit enemies, except armed with cute-damage guns.

The Ferocious Flogwizzle of Happy Pony Land
AAAGH! It's a Flogwizzle! Run, everyone, run! :p (No, I don't know what it looks like, I just wanted to suggest the name)

Marshmallow Super-Soldier
Aaaagh! Giant marshmallow soldier! This is a huge Marshmallow Soldier with extra arms. It mostly just runs around in the players' general direction trying to trample it (although when it's health starts running low, it can start firing a billion of those bomb-type things the Rosie O'Bombers launched in LL2, since the Spyro and Ratchet bosses that do that are fun:p). When it finally dies, it explodes in a horde of Puffencrush bullets.

There is no secret moose level, and it does not have a gigantic moose-monster in it.

Mightier Fairy
A gigantic version of that king fairy from Kid Mystic. Normally, he flies high above the player, so he's pretty much invincible- During this stage, he tries to fly over the player and drop explosive hearts that deal snuggle damage. However, he'll get tired after about 10 seconds or so, so he'll land (making himself vulnerable to attack again) and switches to shooting rainbow lasers, which are still snuggle damage. After about 10 seconds or so of laser attacks (or less, depending on his current health), he'll start flying again and restart the cycle.

The boss of all cats. This one happened to be buried in a pet cemetary (or is it semetary?), and came back from the grave as an undead kitty. Schrodinger is a giant ghost-cat that can walk through walls to pursue the player. Schrodinger probably has some sort of vampiric attack that deals cute damage and heals himself when he does damage.

Lovecraftian Beast
A horrifying tentacled monster from beyond time and space that can drive men insane with the mere knowledge of its existence. It's also heart-shaped.

EDIT: Nobody's suggested this, even though I remember everybody discussing it a while ago. It's probably already in the game in some form, but here it is anyways:

The Four Ponymen of the Apocalypse
These are four evil giant ponies, each a different color, and each controlling a different element. The brown pony of Choco does chocolate-based attacks, the white pony of Cute summons buddies, the red pony of Sweet attacks with marshmallows and licorice lasers, while the pink pony of Snuggle does love-based stuff.

varkarrus 05-06-2008 04:22 AM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
There could be a secret moose level, where you fight many chocolate moose, with Mooselini at the end. There could also be graffiti about how there's no moose level, and even graffiti saying how "not" to unlock it.

Ooh. Almost forgot


His tale is a sad one as well. He was taken in by the Happy ponies, since they were both farm animals, where he was raised as one of them. But they betrayed him, and brainwashed him

Attacks with a Kandy Kane Katana, and fires burnt cookies out from his hands. Sometimes, four symbols will flash across the screen, in which case you must run from his four tornadoes filled with various happy stuff!

AtkinsSJ 05-06-2008 10:58 AM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
Had this idea earlier: Pavlova is a small scientist person made of pavlova, but using science, he can regularly summon Pavlova's Dogs (nerdy reference ftw!) which drool on you, as well as biting and stuff. He also has other zany science weapons, like a Ray-nbow Gun, which fires multicoloured lasers at you.

varkarrus 05-06-2008 11:05 AM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!

The battle starts as a steaming pot of red ooze. Hitting it with a gun makes it flash as if it was hurt, except yellow, and the damage bar doesn't go down. After 5 yellow hits, He pops out, where you can hit his head (he doesn't attack while in the pot). After a while, he pops back down in his pot. While in his pot, you have to repeat the first step, except he attacks while he's in his pot by summoning Jello-blobos, and red exploding jello blobs. To beat him, you have to continuously knock him out of his pot then shoot him.

Yerfdog 05-06-2008 11:39 AM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
A beatiful ponie with fur of every color of the rainbow, can shoots heart rocks at you.

A blue cat with green wings like a butterfly, it shoots choco out of it's wings. (think matida). a couple more coming soon....

TyTBone 05-06-2008 10:12 PM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
Chonnon - Chocolate cannon! (More of weapon idea, but I didn't think of it then, so meh.) See the picture for a better look at the concept.


The Chonnon would shoot some sort of balls, of course, (?ChoBalls? or ?Chobs? or ?Globsters?) but I'm not sure what size and texture they would be. Relating to SwC, I'm thinking either snowball-sized or boulder-sized, and slimy or tough.

Bom-Boms - Based off the suicidal characters in "Serious Sam". I'm not sure what they look like, but I do know that they're mission is simply find Bouapha and sacrifice themselves for "the greater good". (More on them later!)

l156a21 05-06-2008 10:19 PM

Happyponygate Boss Contest!
errr..can I choose 1 element? It will be less complicated you know

TyTBone 05-06-2008 10:24 PM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!

Originally Posted by l156a21 (Post 187501)
errr..can I choose 1 element? It will be less complicated you know

You don't need all 4 (Choco, Love, etc.) in just one boss, you realize.

l156a21 05-06-2008 11:36 PM

Happyponygate Boss Contest!
Thanks for your help.I'll try to make a boss as soon as possible.

l156a21 05-06-2008 11:50 PM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
Golem.choc-Yeah,sounds like a computer program.You know,most applications tell you what kind of file th app is.So this monster is nothing than a .choc file.The monster is actually a molten chocolate golem, a big one!Anyway,it can pound its fist on the ground to create an earthquake,spew out a powerful jet of very hot melted chocolate and create blasts of chocolate out of it torso in all directions.Also, Bouapha can get hurt when he touches it.Bouapha will get scalded by the temperature of the chocolate.
This is my first time doing forum,so I hope I could win!

Oh,I almost forgotten abt damges, life and stuff
Earthquake shockwave:20 damage
Hot chocolate spew:10 damage(+10 damage for any continued hit)
Fudge explosion:40 damage
Contact with Monster(Getting scalded):10 damage

supersilver 05-07-2008 10:09 AM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
I would like to enter.
Chocco Dino:
HP: 300
Claw Attack: 10
Hot chocolate: 30 (but has a wider range)
Bitten by Chocolate: 20 (but with much shorter range)
Stomp: 5 (with very good range)
looks like tyrannomon (look 'im up!) but made of chocolate. and red eyes.

hyperme 05-07-2008 12:14 PM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
Baron Von Sweeton

The evil baron of sweetness. You can't hurt him just straight up, you have to wait till he drops his 'Evil Cape of Non Red Hammer Based Attacks Immunity', or 'ECNRHBAI'. When does he drop his ECNRHBAI and let it be all cape like? When attacks.

Attack 1: He jumps back drops his cape, then charges forward, cutting through any foes in his path. When he is doing this attack, attack!
Attack 2: Small balls zoom into him, and he starts glowing. he then jumps to line up with Boupha, spins, and releases a deadly sweet beam, with cape flowing behind him. Just like the Loony Bot 5000!
Attack 3: The screen goes dark, then his eyes twinkle, then he dash at you at lighting speed. If he misses, he's wide open for attack!

Protection desciption: The Baron has a cape thingy on him. He usually holds the corner and covers all of his his body, excluding eyes, protecting him from damage.

varkarrus 05-07-2008 12:33 PM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
Happy Pony Stick

A happy stick pony that can turn sideways to teleport around the room. He will fire smileys, summon stickman, etc...

The best part is, he can be a SEKRIT boss that you need to beat in order to get the better ending of the game.

Anyone like Castlevania?

l156a21 05-07-2008 06:02 PM

Happyponygate Boss Contest!
Haha,this is my 2nd boss monster post!:mrgreen:
My 2nd creation is:
Chocolate Bull:This ferocious beast is not to be messed with!
Life:350(Because it does not have much attacks)
Raging Bull(Charges straight into Bouapha):20 damage(it has horns you know..)
Fudge Spew:40 damage
Machine-gun Punch(Strike at Bouapha like many times like a machine-gun if he is near it):5 damage for each strike(strikes 6 times).
Guided Horn(fires its 2 horns at Bouapha,they are guide too.Once fired and not hit for 8 seconds,it will return to the bull):5 damage for every hit of the horns(they won't stop until 8 seconds later).

seamonkey 05-07-2008 07:01 PM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!

Originally Posted by l156a21 (Post 187604)
Haha,this is my 2nd boss monster post!:mrgreen:
My 2nd creation is:
Chocolate toad:I'm afraid that this thing isn't as harmless as a chocolate frog in the Harry Potter series.

Er try LL1 toads have been overused 8)
A rainbow reflects bullets and uses its own as well.

l156a21 05-07-2008 08:30 PM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
Huh?What are toking abt?

Redbone 05-07-2008 08:34 PM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
He's saying that Loonyland: Halloween Hill frogs have been used too much.

If you never heard of Loonyland, well, it's on the front page!

l156a21 05-08-2008 06:09 AM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
Of course I've heard of LL,what do you expect me to do with my chocolate toad?Change it into something else?

kacper8000 05-08-2008 06:28 AM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!

This boss is made of molten chocolate. It has 3 attacks:

- It shoots Chocolate out of it's mouth in many diections
- It charges at you
- It summons some chocolate enemies

Life: 1000

Hammer Up! 05-08-2008 08:51 AM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
Super Pony Of Happiness(i don't know if someon made this already)

A Big and rainbow-colored happy monster that summons happy ponies!It's a little fast,too.

Attacks(Snuggle):Rainbow Ray:Launches a rainbow into the sky...Then,suddenly,it tries to hit Bouapha!Run!

-Heart Bomb:Launches a Big heart that when it hit the ground,turns into many hearts that can hurt you!(With low HP,it launches 3 bombs)

-Rainbow Shockwave:A small range shockwave.

Happy Happiness Ray(optional)-A yellow ray that is like that the Richie Lich launches.

TyTBone 05-08-2008 10:08 AM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!

Originally Posted by l156a21 (Post 187648)
Of course I've heard of LL,what do you expect me to do with my chocolate toad?Change it into something else?

Maybe change it into a chocolate wart hog. :D

TyTBone 05-08-2008 10:14 AM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
Sugar Monster - It's the "Abdominable Snowman" meets "The Sandman" meets a gorilla...sort of! This guy is very bulky and white, and has barely any features other than an mouth and eyes. His arms are usually outstreched in zombie fashion, trying to get Bouapha. He doesn't move especially fast unless he can get up steam.
If he's being provided with a sweet source of one kind or another, SM has the ability to reform parts of his body which Bouapha shoots away at. That being said, it is pretty hard to kill this guy, because he can regrow.

varkarrus 05-08-2008 10:17 AM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
Cookie monster/titan

A large brown crumbly creature with a mouth, but no eyes or nose. He has choco-chips running down his back. He can roll into a ball. If he hits the wall, choco-chips fall from the sky. He can spew liquid chocolate as well as punch the ground like an Ice titan creating a chocolate spewing shockwave.

He is as large as a Titanic Titan. :shock:

l156a21 05-08-2008 05:38 PM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!

Originally Posted by TyTBone (Post 187667)
Maybe change it into a chocolate wart hog. :D


Julian 05-09-2008 04:09 PM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
Uncare Bear
Snuggle/love damage
A giant bear with a sad rain cloud on his chest. He can zap you wath a rainbow, which does moderate damage or tackle you, which does high damage.

Knittel 05-09-2008 11:35 PM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
Acid Slime:
Nothing more like Slime. It's a Kraken made of Acid Slime. If you come near you get hurt, cause of the Acid Slime. It's as big as the Kraken in Kid Mystic in the first Chapter. But if you want to escape through an small entry it follows you. Because it's amorphous, and slowly the slime goes from one side to the other.

Yes. This Monster is really called NoName. It's invisible and sometimes let you see little deformations in the sky, that's where you need to attack. That Monster isn't big, is just as big as a Pumpkin. So it is difficult to hurt. It also has the form of a Pumpkin. When you hit it, there come more deformations until you see some pieces of the Noname. It always heals when there aren't any deformations anymore, so you have to kill it fastly. It can only attack with lightning, which freezes you for as long as he needs to make him invisible again. He doesn't make much damage and he only attacks very infrequently.

This is a Super Hard Boss! He is very strong. In Supreme he would have about 2000 Life. Where you fight against him you heal yourself slowly. 1 Life per 5 secons. And when he comes near to you, he will catch you and hold him in his hand. He tries to kiss you. When you tap as fast as you can, you can jump down. When you click one time Crtl you get's down maybe 1 cm. And you go up 4 cm per second. If you are nearly at the bottom you jump of his hand. When you aren't good enough he will kiss you and you lose half of you life, and he will get your life. How less life he has so faster he can go up with his hand when he catchs you.

Crazy Prof.:
A really crazy looking Prof. is your enemie. He has a Laptop and much weapons. He always laughs craziliy at everything. And sometimes he puts out of his backpack a laptop and throws it at the bottom and always screams: "dumb laptop! Why doesn't this work now." Then he takes his pistole and he wants to shoot at the laptop, but he is very bat at shooting, so he never stricks the laptop, but everything else there. Then he throws the pistole away. He jumps on the laptop to destroy it, and then he goes away from the Laptop and throws many grenades on the laptop. Again he can't aim good, so only one grenade strikes the laptop. After that he is happy, and jumps crazily through the room, when he jumps on you he gets hurt. After some time he stops that and he puts a new laptop out his backpack...

.Blue Dwarf. 05-10-2008 11:15 AM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
Love Train:

A large train. It's hard to describe how it should look... Kind of like this polar express one.

I liked this model because of the little bell. :)
(And the part by the wwheels look cool)
Those two greenish lights should be replaced big eyes.

That light in the middle shoots out rainbow, which is what the train dirve on.
The rainbow stays there for afew seconds after the train passes(it hurts you if you step on it)

Maybe the bell rings and music notes come out and fly at you.

You see the little part that sticks up in the middle? That opens and a marshmallow guy(or some other thing that can shoot at you) pops out and shoots at you.

There should be 3-4 parts attached to the end.
At the very end, there is the Caboose: It has afew Chocolate meese in it.

There should be a car that has marshmallow men sticking out the windo shooting at you.

One cart should just have a HUGE gun on it that shoots big hearts at you, or something really(big) powerful that is in the love catagory.

As you shoot at it, it's carts break off starting with the caboose.

Once a cart breaks off, an endless supply of that enemy starts coming out of it until you destroy the cart.
When the cart with the big gun falls off, it continues to shoot at you, but alot more rapidly.

This thing doesn't have very much attacking poer once all it's carts are gone, but it is also alot lighter, so now it can zoom across the screen and ram into you very quickly.

The whole thing has aton of health.
Main Damage: Love

Maybe make it less black and more pink, red, and white...

death 05-10-2008 01:24 PM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
when is this contest going to end? I'm getting to much competition:mrgreen:

...j\k... but still.

.Blue Dwarf. 05-10-2008 01:40 PM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!

Originally Posted by death (Post 188123)
when is this contest going to end? I'm getting to much competition:mrgreen:

...j\k... but still.

Look at the first post, I believe it says june... Somehere in early june...
(But with the new playability dead line dealy, maybe the contest wwill be shortened(But then again, it is just "something worth playing" so that doesn't mean it needs to have the boss ready...))

Anyway, sometime in early June... Look at the first post.

seamonkey 05-11-2008 10:54 AM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
June 1st

Megadog 05-11-2008 11:17 PM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
Giant gummy bear. Uses sweet attacks like throwing jelly balls and also hugs you.:oops:
Or Marshmallowhead off SWC? He jumps around, leaving "mallowmines" that then explode, covering a large aria of the screen in marshmallows.:p
Or, Happy Stick Pony, has every attack and is a secret and/or final boss.
Or, last but not least, a ball of fuzz like those fake guinea pigs they use in movies. No idea what it would do tho.:?:

seamonkey 05-12-2008 02:53 PM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
I can't remember if anyone has made this buuuut,
The Icecream Man, or The candy man. could throw some icecream enemy or bomb orcandy enemy or SOMETHING. just a concept.

TyTBone 05-13-2008 03:33 PM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
Happy Hippity-Hoppity - This is a giant peace-loving bunny. (Hippity = Hippie) He's about the size of Sven or Olaf and colored about the same, too. (Probably the best way to imagine him to is visualize a crossover between Olaf and that piece of SwC gallery art that has the purple rabbit in it.) He wears a bandana and "low-rider" sunglasses and maybe torn jeans.

Not real sure about weapons. All I know is that he has the ability to mess with the coloring/direction on one's screen, to confuse the player about which way is which.

Poor concept art:


Sweetums - A character from "The Muppet Show". :D http://cache.viewimages.com/xc/27299...5397277B4DC33E

(Just wanted to suggest the name.)

Blackduck 05-13-2008 04:27 PM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!

He has rotating chocolate shields around him that have a certain amount of hp(around 20 normal shots to destroy) So if you want to hit him you have to shoot where the shield isn't or just ram through it.

He can make chocolate come up on you and trap you for 5 seconds.

He throws Dark Chocolate hearts that are boomerangs(or normal shots if that's too complicated since he will presumably move)

Lastly he drop Chocolate Cherry Bombs on the floor that blow up 3 seconds after being put.

chaucer 05-14-2008 04:05 PM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
Lair Bear

This boss would work well as a boss hidden in some kind of secret place. It specializes in snuggle damage.

Attack I: Love Hurts: A giant heart. With dynamite. Snuggle dynamite! And on fire. Snuggle fire!
Attack II: Puppybear eyes: Cute at first. But the lasers don't feel so cute.
Attack III: The Bottom of Your Heart: Reduces you to the bottom of your health.

Looks like: A Teddy from LL2, turned pink with a red heart on it.

Coolguy 05-14-2008 04:27 PM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
Skyfall the Inflatable
Skyfall is one of those menacing inflatable intertube things that looks like a smiling Loch Ness Monster. He rides on a flying swimming kiddie pool and drops bombs on the player (although he temporarily lands and becomes vulnerable when the player does something special, like activate an anti-aircraft turret or something). He deals Snuggle damage!

Kerma 05-15-2008 03:21 PM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
Timmy the Toddler


Can Teeth on you, use cry to plunge you with water and throw you around. Best used in square room.

varkarrus 05-16-2008 05:14 AM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
The inescapable Pixie dust.

You enter his chamber from a hole in the top. His room is a massive maze, and he will start growing, filling up hallways and dead ends. You take damage if you hit him, and to kill him, you need to activate vents that suck him away. :D

The Big rock candy mountain Golem

If you've never heard the song, you won't get the name. He is basically a rock candy golem. He attacks by punching the ground creating sugar shockwaves. He also fires concentrated sugar at you, and of course, he can roll parts of his body at you like bowling balls. Be sure to include the "Strike" sound effect if it hits. He also can fire rings of rock candy (his precious). And... He can sit on you.

Megadog 05-17-2008 03:42 AM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
Cocoa The Kiwi.
A large chocolate kiwi. If you dont know what a kiwi is click here
Or Here
http://images.google.co.nz/images?client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla%3Aen-US%3Aofficial&hl=en&q=kiwi+bird&btnG=Search+Images &gbv=2.
He deals choco damage and the only way to beat him is light (to melt the chocolate, or because kiwi's are nocturnal).
Not only can he summon chocolate kiwis (mini) by calling, but also eat other badguys to cure himself.
Go NZ (kiwi's)!!!:rolleyes:
Or Happy Stick Thing.
A normal Happy Stick creature, except that as you damage it, it gets cuter, grows more body parts and starts vomiting up baby Happy Stick creatures from the other hamumu games.
Or The Adorable Snowman.
He runs around, hugging you if he can, which does snuggle damage and freezes you. He can also throw snowballs.

Hammer Sideways 05-17-2008 07:37 PM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
Candy Kane (I am pretty sure nobody took that already): A guy named Kane, made of red and white barber-shop pole-like candy... add blue and he'll look French...
Attacks: Rosebud!*: Candy Kane whacks you with a rose; Candy Kane's Candy Cane: Candy Kane pokes you with a sharp candy cane (or throws it)... hey wait, Candy Kane didn't have a candy cane**;
Really overrated movie attack*: This is not really an attack of his, but a passive effect, in which a movie plays on a screen behind Candy Kane, constantly damagin you due to its boringness (isolated and indented because it is important for defeating Candy Kane)
; Werewolf ***: Candy Kane turns into a wolf for a limited amount of time, during which he claws at you and bites you... like a wolf...
How to defeat Candy Kane: Candy Kane himself is, although not invulnerable, very hard to defeat. However hitting the screen playing the overrated movie damages and stuns him, as well as hurting the screen (which immediately moves, so you can't just keep hitting it). If Candy Kane is defeated without the screen being destroyed, the screen must still be destroyed.
Obscure reference list: * This is a reference to Citizen Kane, which, while it is thought to be one of the best movies ever, is sometimes considered a little boring; **: This is a reference to an episode of "The Simpsons" (by Matt Groenings) in which they go to a museum, in which there is a cane labeled "Kane's Cane", to which Bart replies "Hey, wait, Kane didn't have a Cane!" (or something like that); ***: This is a reference to a game called "Legacy of Kain" (or something like that) a game where you play a vampire called Kain. One of Kain's abilities was to transform into a wolf...

Cutte Cuter... I mean Cute Cutter: A water cutter that uses cuteness, rather than water, to cute... err... cut things... Happy Ponies use these because Cute is in more of an abundance than water in Happy Pony World...
Attacks:... uhh... it goes above you... and sprays cuteness on you... that's about it... (note: it follows you, and is faster than you, but cannot make sharp turns).
How to defeat Cute Cutter: Just cute... cut... its power supply... which, Kane's screen, moves somehow, defying logic... (the power supply, by the way, isn't on the Cute Cutter, it is a box with wires coming out of it, that is somewhere on the screen); or just wait until it runs out of cutece... err... juice... or cute, whatever...

Eres Bar (note: Eres is the Greek version of Mars): This is a chocolate bar that also happens to be a god of war (no, I was not intending that as an obscure reference...)
Attacks: Summon: It summons chocolate soldiers and choclateers* (like musketeers, except they shoot chocolate, out of a gun made of chocolate). Slash: It slashes you with its sword (made of chocolate), and does not make any obscure references to any guitarists...
How to defeat Eres Bar: Generally I like to go with the "Do something else other than hit them" way, but I can't really think of anything other than firing surprisingly powerful ICBM's at a nearby planet (which I feel is going a bit... too far with the "Do something other than hit them" thing)
Obscure reference list: *in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" I vaguely remember Willy Wonka being described as a "Choclateer".

Snuggle Snooble*: A dinosaur that shoots heart-shaped bubbles...
attacks: Shoot the aforementioned heart-shaped bubbles... note, the thing about the heart bubbles is that they do minimal damage, however if 3 hit you, and are adjacent, they explode, doing quite a bit more damage than 3 normal attacks. By adjacent I mean, you have 6 (or more) sides (no not really, just for the bubble thing), that the bubbles "stick to", meaning you can turn and have one hit you so that 3 are not adjacent... however... the damage per bubble increases when 4, or 5 bubbles pop at the same time...
Basically: If you think you won't get a 4th (or 5th) time, you can try to avoid having 3 adjacent to each other by having them non-adjacent, just realise that if you mess up and getting 4 (or 5) adjacent to each other, it'll hurt...
Ascii drawing of what I am trying to explain:
--_O_----------So, given that the three black O's are bubbles that have already hit you, and the rest are vacant spots, if a bubble
O/You\O-------hits the red space, it will cause three to burst. If it hits the blue space it will cause four to burst. If on hits the
O\___/O-------greenspace, none will burst, however, if one hits the green space and then the red space, it will cause 5 to burst.
---O-----------Generally you have the ability to turn and make the bubbles hit wherever you want, to some extent...
To defeat Snuggle Snooble: Hit it, if hurt enough it will drop its supply of bubbles, destroy the supply of bubbles and Snuggle Snooble will cry or faint or whatever** because it apparently can't claw at you with its razor sharp claws, or bite you with its teeth.
Obscure references: *Bubble Bobble. **: I think that the dinosaur (bub, or is it bubba?) in bubble bobble (and puzzle bobble) will either cry or faint upon losing... but I don't remember exactly...

TyTBone 05-17-2008 08:10 PM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
Hot Chocoleader or Choclateer or Cocoa Puffer - There are two versions of this guy, but really there's not much difference between them.


Version #1 of Chocoleader is a large mug. (You know, a thick ceramic holder of liquid.) The color of it is probably an off-white or tan. The only human/animal features he has are two large eyes up front.

Movement: Hot Chocoleader sits/teeters upon stool/unicycle of sorts.

Weaponry: The Chocoleader holds most of his ammo inside of him. (He sprays hot chocolate.) The place it is fired from is his hollow handle. When it's not shooting out the goo, it's in a completely connected " [ " state. However, when Choco wants to shoot, he disconnects the handle into 2 parts roughly halfway between the " [ " shape. The top half stays the same way ("pointing" down), while the bottom half pivots into a forward position. Pointing towards Bouapha, it then commences firing and all that jazz.
Oh, and you can't have hot chocolate without marshmallows! So the Chocoleader has his own version of the H. R. Puffencrush, on the other side of him, maybe connected by a metallic extension or an "invisible one", Homestarrunner-style. While Chocoleader doesn't use this one as often as the handle sprayer, when he wants to do the worst amount of damage he can, he shoots off several marshmallows into the spraying stream of chocolate. The rushing force of the cocoa pushes the marshmallows into the stream, where they end up hitting the same target as the hot chocolate, causing 60% more damage than if the two weapons were working alone.


Version #2 of Hot Chocoleader doesn't really have many differences from #1. The main change is his body structure. Instead of mug, it's in an oversized hot water urn (http://www.aaroncaterequip.com.au/im...otwaterurn.jpg) and sprays the chocolate out of the spicket.


Love Boat - (Just wanted to suggest the name.)

Mossysox 05-18-2008 08:33 AM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
Coconut Ice. Large, globular pink thing that lobs coconuts at you. If they miss you and hit the ground, they explode, sending out 'ice' that freezes your weapons for a period if it hits you. The time involved could maybe depend on your shield capacity.

Love Bombe. More than faintly reminiscent of Miss Piggy, this blows showers of Candy Kisses at intervals. These could come in different flavours (some bite, some sting, others poison), but it's(/she's?) basically a horde-producer.

Coolguy 05-18-2008 10:22 AM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
It seemed to be a sort of monster, or symbol representing a monster, of a form which only a diseased fancy could conceive. If I say that my somewhat extravagant imagination yielded simultaneous pictures of an octopus, a dragon, and a rabbit caricature, I shall not be unfaithful to the spirit of the thing. A large-eared, pulpy, tentacled head surmounted a grotesque and scaly body with rudimentary wings; but it was the general outline of the whole which made it most shockingly frightful.

A big ice cream monster. He turns normal ground tiles within a certain radius of him into ice, making it harder for Bouapha to attack him from close range.

TyTBone 05-18-2008 11:38 AM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
Scooper Shooter or Napoleon Neopolitan or something to that effect - I know people have already suggested ice cream enemies (bosses, too, I'm guessing), but after working in a cafeteria this morning and seeing the bowls, I felt inspired to do my own version.


SS is a giant bowl of ice cream, and not much more than that. :D He doesn't have any eyes (he might have some internal radar of sorts), but he has a mouth because it looks cool on him.

Movement: Two little ?plastic utensils? for feet...I just wanted to give him small tootsies.

Weaponry: Hmmm...it's hard to do good 3D in MS Paint (at least for me) so I drew a funky picture and diagram to help explain. SS has a large ice cream scooper above him (in the pic it's bobbing on a spring, but it might look better if it's "floating", Homestarrunner - style). To fire, he lowers it, turns it sideway, scoops up a chunk, pulls back on the spring, and let's go. Of course, the scream flies forward, forcing Bouapha to dodge that stuff like the Matrix. ~~~~~~ O


Again, see the pic.

Happy Gilstickmas - Hold on. Lemme upload the pic. http://img148.imageshack.us/img148/1...kmasvv5.th.png There, a combination of "Happy Gilmore" and Happystickman. Oh, "mas" means more in Spanish, so...yeah...I was in a goofy mood.

Megadog 05-19-2008 01:34 AM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
The Egg.
An egg with over-obsessive amounts of health. It doesn't attack you as when you kill it it hatches into...

Baby Draco!
Baby dragons gnaw on there mothers legs. Thats how they teethe. This little fella sees you and, thinking you its mother, starts biting your head. Also if you die or get too far away from it, it bursts into tears.:cry: The dragon has an average amount of health and deals snuggle damage (It loves you:oops:)

TyTBone 05-19-2008 11:09 AM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
Fruit Attack Tree or Palmetto Palm or something to that effect -

In one of the earliest "Veggie Tales" videos, a parody of "Gilligan's Island" is done, which features a palm tree that sings a song. (He sounds sort of like a cross between Eric Clapton and Bob Marley.)

Well, I thought it might be cool to have a palm tree in HPG that hums or sings a Carribean-type tune while he's swaying back and forth. (It wouldn't have to be intelligible.)


Movement: If he does move, it would probably be with his roots. They might act like tentacles or feet that scoots him along.

Weaponry: Fruit counts as Sweet, right? Well, FAT or PP or whatever doesn't attack unless provoked (aka hit by Bouapha). Whenever he's hit, a few pieces of fruit fall down from high in his branches (they would otherwise be hidden), hit the ground, and chase after Bouapha until they're dispatched. (Possible kinds include bananas, pineapple, apples, oranges, etc.) The fruit pieces themselves wouldn't be hard to beat (although they may explode and hurt Bouapha once they're destroyed), but PP himself would be relatively difficult. The more health he loses, the more pieces of fruit fall from his branches.


Chunky Chipper or Chip Chucker or something like that

This guy is essentially an oversized version of one of those chocolate amoebas from the ?Chocosumi? that "switched" sides in the war, grabbed 2 H. R. Puffencrushes, and modified it to fire chocolate chips instead of marshmellows.


Happy Stick Wizard - I think this name I used in the enemy contest.

This is a Happy Stick Man dressed in a robe and Dunce cap, essentially. ;) He has a magic wand with a smiley face on the top of it.

Weaponry: Probably the deadliest of the Wizard's attacks (but not as often used) is his Serial Cereal attack. He can call down oddly shaped and oddly-colored pieces of marshmellows (yes, a Lucky Charms reference which I thought would work well) from the heavens using his magic wand. (It's hard to avoid being hit by them, as many rain down.)

Most of the time, however, HSW throws smiley faced shriukens at Bouapha, shoots lasers out of wand, and (I guess, to keep his SwC personality) tries to chomp on him.

Serial Cereal - The name above inspired me. I think this guy could be a lot like the pillow fighter, except he's a really big box of cereal. Every once in a while, when he pauses to stop trying to squish you, he might pop some flakes out to try to kill you "Pumpkin-style", like with the Cotton Kids. Of course, it's sugary cereal. :D

Oh, and sorry for so many posts. I just have lots of ideas and want to share them.

Coolguy 05-21-2008 04:26 PM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
The Malicious Mallow Monster
Since Marshmallow Men have apparently been renamed Mallow Men, here's a Mallow Monster. :p A giant Mallow Man with two heads.

varkarrus 05-22-2008 10:35 AM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
Squirrel Scout Cookiemancer:

This squirrel has a happy grin and golden locks. Her cookie box acts as a shield, but she can't make sharp turns, so you can hit her back. She opens up the box (removing invulnerability), and attacks with multiple cookies that she telekinetically controls! She also can get really angry and charge at you in a straight line. Take advantage of this, and make her crash into a wall to stun her. Lowish health.

Coolguy 05-22-2008 05:03 PM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
Squ'rgok, Elder God of Cuteness
A giant big-eyed pink cyborg squirrel. :p It just hops around quickly (making him hard to hit) while firing a steady stream of projectiles from a big gun attached to his back, as well as summoning squirrels out of nearby trees. Its projectiles have a huge critical hit chance, so Bouapha is very likely to get Awwwed (whatever Awww does to Bouapha- I suggest it makes Bouapha do 50% less damage for a while or temporarily transforming Bouapha into a bunny that can't attack).

Monster Over the Bed
The leader of all security blankets. I don't know what it does.

The Blob
An evil version of the Oozinator blob! ONOS! Each bloblet has its own very small healthbar and AI. Bouapha has to shoot his way through the blob to the Master Bloblet in the center, which constantly churns out bloblets until the chocolate blob returns to full size. The Master Bloblet is much healthier than the normal bloblets, and the Master Bloblet might also be able to fire chocolate (like the Moss Grande in SWC).

Choco'Xotl the Immortal
Chocolate was invented by the Aztecs, and, unfortunately for Bouapha, the Aztec chocolate god happens to be in league with the ponies! Choco'Xotl the Immortal is a big chocolate golem. He isn't just a normal arcade boss like the others- He has his own big area! Choco'Xotl has an invincible dark chocolate force field (since dark chocolate is obviously made of dark matter/energy!). Bouapha has to run to various distant corners of Choco'Xotl's lair in order to pull the switches that deactivate the chocolate monster's force field so Bouapha can damage his HP bar. Once the boss' reaches 2/3 HP, he'll reactivate his force field and get a tougher AI (so he's like a classic Spyro boss!:p). The paths to the switches become a bit tougher (more enemies and deadly obstacles). Bouapha has to go through all three stages in order to finally beat Choco'Xotl and get lots of precious loot and XP.

Of course, if you just want Choco'Xotl as a normal boss, you could just change his force field so he has a Starcraft Protoss-style force field (that rapidly regenerates).

Mallow Commando
A normal-sized Mallow Man, except with a really big gun and futuristic armor suit! He fires a huge quick-moving rocket which massively explodes into confetti and death upon landing. Bouapha can only evade the rocket because the Commando's crosshair is clearly visible on the map slowly following Bouapha! Bouapha has to run away from the crosshairs while firing. As the Commando's health goes down, he'll aim his gun faster.

varkarrus 05-23-2008 01:15 PM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
Essence of Pink Elephants and Stampeding Chocolate Zebras

You walk into some room somewhere, and the WHOLE ROOM transforms into a little girls room, and happy faces open up and shoot happyponyfire at you that burns you constantly! In order to defeat it, you must shoot the pony that dances across the walls shooting at you! Be careful, minions (Pink elephants and stampeding chocolate zebras) sometimes pop out of the walls.

Barnaby the Dinosaur

This huge purple/green stegosaurus stampedes through his arena. His arena is a lot of 5*5 squares aranged in a grid formation, like tunnels

He stampedes through these tunnels, and at every intersection is a 5*5 square with an arrow. If you or Barnaby step on it, the arrow will turn to make whoever is standing on it face the direction of which the arrow is facing. This has the side effect of turning the arrow. If he sees you, he will stampede straight at you. You can't hurt him from the front, so make your way through the tunnels and attack his back. If you hit him from behind, he will run as fast as he can to avoid you and eventually stampede from front. If he charges into a wall, rocks will roll through the entire arena.

happystickman 05-23-2008 02:51 PM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!

Its a stick figure with a HUGE Lolipop for its head! It has a bunch of bomb baloons in both hands too, that he can hang in the air like mines. Plus, he has a Gun that can shoot little Suckers (Think Dum-Dums) A possiable Bonus boss? (like the Happystickwitch?) Does Sweet Damage.

Megadog 05-23-2008 04:56 PM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
Cereal Killer.
Basically a bowl of coco-pops with two guns. One fires coco-pops, the other, warm milk. Does choco damage.

Coolguy 05-23-2008 08:40 PM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
The Gift That Keeps On Giving
Every video game needs one of these kinds of bosses!!! :p It starts as a giant green-with-red-ribbons present that has big eyes and slides along the ground. Once Bouapha manages to beat it, it suddenly splits into two large-ish gifts of equal size! ONOS- It really does keep on giving! Once Bouapha beats one of those, it splits into two human-sized gifts, and upon beating one of those, it splits into two puny gifts that are the standard rush-quickly-with-low-HP enemies. These little ones don't split into more enemies when they die. So Bouapha has to beat up a very large amount of increasingly smaller gifts until they're finally dead. Sort of like a giant multi-mouse. For added fun, each size level could act differently. EX: Giant one is slow and shoots some big slow projectiles, large one fires floods of small slow projectiles in a XOP-ish manner that bounce off walls, medium one fires a single large fast shot every couple seconds, small one is a rush enemy.

Happy Pony Cult Leader
All the other games about demonic invasions have people getting corrupted into evil groups - Why not this one? Some people have sympathized with the happy ponies. C'mon, who doesn't want to be happy forever? These people have formed an evil cult that worships ponies. This happens to be their leader! He is guy in tradition warlock clothing (or is it a peacelock?). His staff probably has a heart on the end rather than the traditional skull, and his cloak is pink. Maybe a bunny-ears hat stolen from LL2 as well! Just anything to make him look like a really silly wizard. He's surrounded by runes (like on the main menu you showed us) that reflect bullets, so Bouapha has to either run within the circle of runes (where it's more dangerous due to the cult leader having a powerful short-range spell) or he can try to fire between the runes (which isn't very easy, because those runes spin quickly!). The cultist's attacks consist of a short-range burst of hearts like a flamethrower and a long-range seeking heart that explodes upon contact with any object. The cult leader also summons a bunch of cultists every once in a while, and more often when he's low on HP.

EDIT: Also, as a very unlikely bonus idea, it would be cool if the Cult Leader had a mana bar. :p Evil spellcasters! It would be something new for a Hamumu game.

The Bear Lair
A big mountain of candy, with a candy mountain cave in it (heh heh). The Bear Lair is a stationary enemy that only does one thing: Churn out hordes of bears! These bears are some fast-moving low-HP variant of standard bears. The idea is that as soon as Bouapha encounters this, it suddenly churns out hundreds of bears and he has to shoot through them all to blow up the central Bear Lair to stop the summoning! This is probably more of a miniboss than a real boss (although having 4 bear lairs in a small area would certainly be worthy of a boss fight!:p).

Cakethromolek The Lie
A monstrous cake forged from the dark chocolate lakes of HPL's Mount Dumb. This beast is a dark brown cake with a big happy face, probably with a tongue sticking out and big eyes. This dastardly dessert simply slides along the ground, so animating its legs isn't a problem. Because Cakethromolek is made of dark chocolate and because he's a Lie, he turns invisible every couple seconds! This boss toggles invisibility on and off every 10 seconds. Cakethromolek is a scary enemy because he charges at the player, so when he turns invisible, it's only possible to tell where Cakethromolek is by seeing all the trees/junk items exploding as Cakethromolek charges through them at Bouapha! Cakethromolek also fires chocolate fudge when he's low on health, and only when he's visible. The fudge has a 100% critical hit rate, so Bouapha always gets stickied, making it much easier for Cakethromolek to chase him!

Food Cake Devil
Considering what HPL is a parody of, this would be a good name. :p

Sasquatch SMASH! This is a big scary sasquatch which probably runs around in the forests of Canada. He just does melee attacks and smashes through trees. Maybe this is a sekrit boss that can be found by Bouapha by running for hundreds of thousands of miles into the forest outside of the city?

Megadog 05-23-2008 10:51 PM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
Trifle Trouble.
Three sisters, Tina, Tasha and Tamara fell into HPL and were turned into mutant puddings. Each with different attacks, Tina is younger and smaller than her two, identical sisters, who wear pink and cyan, compared to Tina who wears yellow. They still look human but control the power of trifle!:twisted:
When they are almost dead they could fuse and become a trifle more powerful than bouapha can take!

TyTBone 05-24-2008 06:05 PM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
Chipper - This boss is a machine that is controlled by two or three smaller enemies. It is based upon the concept of a wood chipper, although in this case, wood is replaced with large chunks of candy. Those are inserted into the machine at the back end, and get ground up into much smaller pieces and get shot from the front.


Chipper can swivel on his base, so that the wheels don't have to constantly be turning. (Not proud of how the tires look, but I didn't feel like drawing back ones. :))

poopsie 05-25-2008 10:15 AM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
here are 4 ideas

mars'mello:A super-sized marshmellow man with tentecles that flail around
and hit you .make it black licorice[EVIL!!but good]When
weaker,start spitting jelly beans.-is sweet damege-

big sucker-different color head,different attack.Can slam head down or
swip claws at you-sweet damage-

Laffy serpent-sweet-can bite you when weak with super sweetness!
It can streach itself out abit longer than before.He becomes weaker then.

Devil's Food-choco-A dust devil with a smile,a chocolate trident,
and can throw extra hot fudge that hardens over you.[like freezeing in SWC]\

Hammer Sideways 05-26-2008 04:30 PM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
I think that logically, both of these would have already been taken, but I can't seem to find them in any of the posts. I will go ahead and post them just incase they haven't been taken already:

Chocolate Bard: A minstrel/troubadour/bard (basically all the same thing) made of chocolate, which fights alongside Ice cream Bard. When attacked bits of chocolate break off (like shrapnel). I haven't thought of any attacks yet, but I feel that they should be music-related and also chocolate/ice cream related (the former if it isn't possible to have something that is both).
Chocolate Bard should basically look like an anthropomorphisised chocolate bar, wearing a candy bar wrapper as clothes
Ice Cream Bard: Basically like Chocolate Bard, except it is an ice cream bar, with a spoon (which it uses as a weapon). Instead of music, Ice Cream Bard focuses on acrobatics* (because if it isn't possible to have a song related to both chocolate and ice cream, and they were both singing... it wouldn't work well...), by which I mean, it does acrobatics while hitting you with a spoon. Again, Ice Cream Bard will look like an anthropomorphisised bar (though in this case, an Ice Cream Bar...) with a wrapper as clothes. Ice cream bars however have popsicle-stick like things, in Ice Cream Bard's case, the stick will have legs drawn on it (which Ice Cream Bard will be able to stand on... somehow...)
The Bards are Chocolate element and Sweet element (respectively) by the way
To defeat them: You can either smash your way through them or wait for them to melt (as with my previous bosses, I wanted a way to beat it without having to actually fight it...)
If you are wondering why I didn't just edit my previous post, it was because it was over a week ago, so it won't let me edit it (at least, I think that is the reason). Oh, and I'm sorry that I didn't organize this as well as my previous bosses, I mainly typed things up as I thought of them, if I remember I will try to organize everything, but not now...

Scotty 05-28-2008 03:55 PM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!

A chocolate bunny tht looks like the chocolate bunnys you get at Easter!
As you shoot him, pieces will break off and when u get to the last hit, only his head will be left!
He doesnt shoot you, but he runs into you and you lose HP quikly.
He should be pretty fast, faster than Bouapha definitly.
Maybe around 300 hits from a hammer would be good.
Bouapha should find ChocoBun in an empty meadow with eensy weensies running around in random places. Then when you beat him, you should cross the meadow and continue with your game.

Hope you like my idea!

Coolguy 05-30-2008 03:30 PM

Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!
Last day to get entries in!

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