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Coolguy 10-23-2008 05:54 PM

Champions 3!
EDIT: OOPS, I meant to post this in TM. Please move it, Jamul!

The last one ended, so here's another one.

This time, there's a couple new things, mostly to avoid the 10-round Connor pursuit from last game. :p

1) After half of the initial players are dead, the map will start shrinking at the end of each turn. (so the 10x10 map will become 8x8 one round later, then 6x6, then 4x4, then 2x2, then vanish and kill everybody remaining instantly)
2) Experience! This is to avoid people running away to hide. Every time you kill, or at least deal damage to somebody in the same turn as they die, you get 1 XP. For every XP, you get +1 max HP, +1 current HP, and +1 initial damage with all damaging moves.
3) Rounds are now called 1A/1B, and 2A/2B, as Sillyman suggested last game. 'A' rounds are for moving, 'B' rounds are attacking. Cooldowns go down at the end of every attack round.

Also, there's something similar to the pick-class thing from last game, except this time, you can control everything for your character! (but to an extent, because I'll balance them all afterwards)

Color: Black
Health: 6/6
Speed: 3
Move 1: Touch of Death (+1) (Lunge 2 squares. 3 damage. 1 range.)
Move 2: Entropic Aura (-2) (Anybody within 4 range who attacks user takes 3 damage.)
Move 3: Black Plague (-3) (1 damage. Poison target for 2D/turn for 3 turns. Target spreads poison to whoever he attacks, other than user.)
Move 4: Seal Fate (-3) (Target instantly dies in 4 turns.)
Resource: Mana (Starts with 5/5 mana)

So, yeah, something like that. But keep in mind that after you enter something, I'll be balancing the characters!!! Although, like last game, I'll probably make some mistakes somewhere, I think this will be more interesting than just playing with a character completely made by somebody else.

Rules About Characters:
1) You can't have a character too similar to anybody else's (like, if somebody has a Farmer, you can't have a Peasant)
2) Your class must have only one word in its name, and be some sort of 'job' a human can have (so no 'Orc' or 'Vampire' type classes).
3) Your color, name can't be the same as anybody else's!
4) Resource types are limited to Cooldowns, Mana, and Rage. (Rage being the same as PWNZOR's Energy, Mana being like Energy except you regenerate it over time and start with 5/5, and Cool-Downs being an amount of turns you must wait before using a move again)
EDIT: Or Stock, where each move has a certain amount of uses and updates at the end of every 5th round.
5) Certain types of moves you can't use: Summoning/minion-getting moves, Chaining moves, Teleport or High Speed moves (too scared of hiding people), moves that work after user is dead, moves that hit everybody, or very powerful healing moves. You also can't use a move if somebody else has the exact same thing. Finally, moves with really really really long descriptions can't be used because I won't be able to fit it in the box.
6) No re-hashing older characters from Champions 1 or 2. :p The entire point of the character-making is to have a set of fun new characters each time.
7) HP must be exactly 6, and characters cannot have more than 6 speed.
8 ) This isn't T&T! Characters don't have passives, so don't try to give your character one. You can make a move that gives your character a temporary effect to get around this, though (like I did with the duel-wielding grater).

Also, this time, there is only a maximum of 8 players, although I can certainly survive with less. In your sign-ups, just clearly say that you're signing up and toss in your character! Sign-ups end 6:00 PM Saturday, or after I get 8 people. Then I'll balance all the characters and make cards for them, and then we can start.

Heros So Far: (5 slots left)
Cheeselord (Salesman)
Julian (Necromancer)
Redbone (Mailman)
SpaceManiac (Character unchosen)
Yellow Wizard (Paladin)
Varkarrus (Noob)

. Yellow Wizard . 10-23-2008 05:57 PM

Re: Champions 3!
King Mememe!

Redbone 10-23-2008 05:58 PM

Re: Champions 3!
King Mememe.
I'll be thinking of a character, add me to the list while I think.

EDIT: Bah! Yellow Wizard stole my line!

Julian 10-23-2008 06:02 PM

Re: Champions 3!
Julian the Necromancer
Color: Black
Health: 6/6
Speed: 3
Move 1: Touch of Death (+1) (Lunge 2 squares. 3 damage. 1 range.)
Move 2: Entropic Aura (-2) (Anybody within 4 range who attacks user takes 3 damage.)
Move 3: Black Plague (-3) (1 damage. Poison target for 2D/turn for 3 turns. Target spreads poison to whoever he attacks, other than user.)
Move 4: Seal Fate (-3) (Target instantly dies in 4 turns.)
Resource: Mana (Starts with 5/5 mana)

SpaceManiac 10-23-2008 06:21 PM

Re: Champions 3!
Yeah, I'm in - coming up with guy as soon as possible.

CheeseLord 10-23-2008 06:24 PM

Re: Champions 3!
Traveling Salesman:
Color: Purple
Speed: 4
Sell Air (Unlimited) (1 damage, 4 range)
Soul Purchase (1 Use) (3 damage, user heals by 2, 2 range)
Bait and Switch (2 Use) (Hide, attackers take 3 damage)
Deal Closer (1 Use) (5 damage, 1 range)
Resource: Supply (Moves are restocked every 5 rounds)

Redbone 10-23-2008 06:27 PM

Re: Champions 3!
Redbone the Mailman
Color: Red
Health: 6/6
Speed: 6
Move 1: Paper Cut (0) (Range of 3 squares, damage depending on range. (1 range is 3 damage, etc)
Move 2: Bicycle (+1) (Speed is higher for next A round)
Move 3: Mail of Death (-2) (Throws deadly mail left, right, and forward that does 4 damage within 4 range)
Move 4: End of Shift (+2) (Go off the map, heal 2 HP)
Resource: Rage

Coolguy 10-23-2008 06:32 PM

Re: Champions 3!
Oh, yeah, I forgot the Stock resource- You can use that.

varkarrus 10-23-2008 06:37 PM

Re: Champions 3!
Varkarrus the n00b

Resource: Annoyance. Annoyance is held by targets, and moves increase and use up your target's annoyance level.
HP: 8/8

Move 1: Shoop Da Woop D:5, -4 annoyance, range of 5.
Move 2: Spam: Increases all enemies annoyance level by 1. You can't move on the same turn you use.
Move 3: "How do I shewt???" : D:2, + 1 annoyance. Used at melee
Move 4: Pseudomod: For 3 turns, the enemy is temp-banned, and is not on the field, but can still use moves with infinite range or don't require a target. -3 annoyance.

Definatly needs balancing. Maybe shoop da woop should do little damage and take up little annoyance.

. Yellow Wizard . 10-23-2008 06:50 PM

Re: Champions 3!
Yellow Wizard the Paladin
Color: Yellow
Health: 6/6
Speed: 6
Move 1: Light Beam (-1) (3 Square Radius, 2 Damage)
Move 2: Solaris's Essence (+1) (2 power ready for next A round)
Move 3: Destiny Ultrablade (-2) (Sword swing, 4 Damage, 3 Radius)
Move 4: Invisibility Heal (+2) (Heal 3 HP, Hide)
Resource: Rage

SpaceManiac 10-23-2008 06:59 PM

Re: Champions 3!
SpaceManiac the IRC Bot!
Color: Black
Health: 6/6
Speed: 6
Move 1: Hack Channel (+1) (3 square range, 1 damage)
Move 2: Away Status (-1) (Off map for 1 round)
Move 3: Pass Turing Test (-N) (Heal N HP)
Move 4: Browser-Crashing Link (-2) (3 square range, 3 damage)
Resource: CPU Cycles (mana)

Redbone 10-23-2008 07:57 PM

Re: Champions 3!
Edited Move 4. If you are two lazy to read the edit:
Move 4: End of Shift (+2) (Go off the map, heal 2 HP)

Coolguy 10-23-2008 09:26 PM

Re: Champions 3!
By the way, I just remembered that I'm going to be gone this weekend, so sign-ups will be open until whenever I get home on Sunday.

Also, SM, you can't have an IRC Bot!!! :p 1) That's 2 words (short names = good) and 2) it's not really a ''character class'' sort of thing (what am I supposed to make an IRC bot look like!?). Other sorts of rule-breakages I can just fix when I make the cards.

Sillyman 10-23-2008 10:13 PM

Re: Champions 3!
Homestar the Runner
Color: Red
Health: 10/10
Speed: 5
Move 1: Seriously (CD: 1) (Do 3 damage to an adjacent or diagonally adjacent space)
Move 2: Appwy Libewawwy (CD: 1) (Gain 1 HP because Moun-tain Dwa is delicious. Also, 2 damage anywhere.)
Move 2: Supergiants (CD: 2) (Old-timey tentacle skull riding a penny farthing runs in an orthogonal direction, doing 2 damage to everybody in it's path)
Move 4: Everybody, everybody (CD: 3) (1 damage to everybody, everybody.)
Resource: Cool-downs

Edit: "That I am signing up", in accordance with the Clearly Say clause. Oh and feel free to ignore the numbers... health and speed should be fairly large and 1/2/3=sm/med/large CD/Damage values.

hyperme 10-24-2008 02:37 AM

Re: Champions 3!
Hyperme the Farmer
Move 1: Eat Grain(CD: 2)(Restore 2 Health)
Move 2: Pitchfork(CD: 2)(2 Range, 2 damage attack)
Move 3: Eat GM Grain(CD: 3)(+1 attack for 2 turns)
Move 4: Release Angry Cow(CD:3)(3 damage to all in row/column)
Resource: Cool-downs

SpaceManiac 10-24-2008 06:16 AM

Re: Champions 3!
SpaceManiac the Robobot (not a typo)
Color: Black
Health: 6/6
Speed: 6
Move 1: Hack Software (+1) (3 square range, 1 damage)
Move 2: Robot Cloak (-1) (Off map for 1 round)
Move 3: Pass Turing Test (-N) (Heal N HP)
Move 4: Digital Fortress (-2) (2 square range, 1 damage, hide)
Resource: CPU Cycles (mana)

souperzombie 10-24-2008 08:40 AM

Re: Champions 3!
Souperzombie the Heavy
Colour: Dark red (is that maroon? >_>)
Health: 9/9
Speed: 3
Move 1: Punch (+1) (1 range, 1 damage)
Move 2: Shotgun (0) (2 range, 2 damage)
Move 3: Minigun, -2 (3 range, 3 damage)
Move 4: WHO TOUCHED MY GUN?!?! -3 (2 range, 4 damage)
Recource: Rage

It might need toning down a bit...meh.

varkarrus 10-24-2008 11:15 AM

Re: Champions 3!
Nah. I don't want to be a noob

Signs up as:

Varkarrus the Clockwork Golem / Ninja!
Hp: 15
Speed: 7

Move 1: Shuriken throw: D:1, range 5. Gives 2 chakra.

Move 2: Katan of Time Bending D: 2, Range: M. Character teleports 2 turns into the future. Gives 2 Chakra

Move 3: Compare the Clocks! Creates a clone clock that I can't control. He can only create the illusion of dealing damage (enemies health can go in the negatives) Gives 4 Chakra. Once killed, the enemies health reverts to it's true amount.

Move 4: Gear Grinder D:4, Range, hits all melee. Gives 3 Chakra

Resource: Chakra. Can only be lowered by geting hit. It gets lowered for every damage taken. Moves raise it. For every Chakra I have, my speed gets lowered (minimum of 1)

Ninja of Frozen Milk 10-24-2008 12:11 PM

Re: Champions 3!
Name: Forum Name
Class: Enginneer.
Robot Prototypes (Moves): U pick.
Color: Orange
Resource: Buliding Kits (Like Mana) Each Robot I make requires a kit, some times I may need to double or triple kit. Also, I can use more kits than needed on a robot in order to improve its effect or what it does. Max: 7 or 8? I get 2 kits at the end of the turn.

use imageshack or text maps this time plz. Plz?

Coolguy 10-24-2008 02:52 PM

Re: Champions 3!
Remember to read the character rules - I'll be fixing characters to fit within the rules in the first post, and for certain characters (such as NoFM's summoning type character or Varkarrus' one that uses a new resource), the changes could alter the character significantly! :p Although I can go with re-named resources (like using Processing Power as a renamed version of Mana or something like that).

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