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fourwind 07-06-2009 01:17 AM

Art and writing.
I found a website. The website will give me money, for poems, story's, and drawings i create.
I am currently at 2 cents. I can only get paid at 15 cents.
Would you please read my things?
I'm not very good though.
Please rate on the website, and comment on the website!
It will help me. View it multiple times if you can, show your friends!
I sorta wanna be a writer when i grow up.
Also comment on here about what you think.
I'll post more of my stuff later.

A Fork in the road
A story told in haiku's
A zombie apocalypse story

Please view it and provide constructive criticism!
If you like it, please, Press the button located on the page.
It helps me out ALOT.

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