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Jamul 09-20-2011 04:06 PM

Halloween Horror 12 - Vote For Names!
It is time! The names to choose from are below. Just send an email to jamul@hamumu.com with the subject line "HH12 Votes". In your email, you get to list FOUR favorite names. Here are the twists:

1. Only one of the names can be your own.
2. Order doesn't matter, except the FIRST one you list should be your absolute favorite. It gets 3 votes. Your other choices get 1 vote each.
3. The first on your list can NOT be one of your own.
4. BONUS! You can add a "least favorite" after your list (separate it so I don't get confused). One name. That name will get one NEGATIVE vote.
5. Send in your votes before September 30th!
6. If you break any rules, none of your votes will count!
7. The top 9 vote-getters will be the level names used for this year's Halloween Horror worlds.
8. You win 10 Yerfbucks for each name of yours that is chosen.
9. Feel free to discuss the voting in this thread if you want! But remember, send your votes by email.


10 Little Zombies
2010-the year we make cookies
A Fright to Forget
A Vampire of a Different Color
Adventures of ManBat
Anza Chainsaw Massacre
Are You Afraid Of The Bark?
Banished to the moon
Boo Who
Boo! Halloween Evils
Boo! Haunted House
Bouapha & the Deathly Hallows
Bubble Trouble
Calthax's Halloween Levels
Creeps on the Crops
Dancing Wacko
Devil's Advocate
Doc Shock's Block
Dr. Lunatic- Extra Evil
Duck from the Black Lagoon
Duneworms of dimension x
Fight or Fright
Final Destiny
Fright Night Film Fest
Gen, Gar, Giy, & Gas
Hamumu Hallows
Happy Pony Land's Kitchen
Horror War
House of Preternaturals
I, Bouapha, the PUMPKIN King
In The Dark
In The Future.....
It Came From Behind the Sofa
Little Crazies of the Corn
Lumaj 2
Lumaj Attacks
Lumaj Returns
Lumaj Strikes Back
Majora's Task
Metropolis 2030
My Little Happy Pony
Nation Irradiation
Night of the Proletarians
NPC Spook 2
Planet of the Pygmies
Project: D00M
Pumpkinville Horror
Pygmies and Aliens
Revenge of the Mailboxers
Robot Wants Brains
Robot Wants Candy
Robot Wants Ice Scream
Robot wants Tiger BOO
Scream Fortress 2
SDZ always dresses in style
Skeletron's Revenge
spac emaniacs challenge
Spider Mimi
Stickman Prophecies
Strictly Come Screaming
The Abyss
The Black Crow of Narth
The Deadly Hollow
The dEVIL is in the details
The Halloween Update
The Hamumu Fearums
The Metal Desert
Underwater Fright Night
Worst Halloween Ever
Xenomorph: Resuscitation
Yabba-dabba- BOO!
Yawn of the Dead
Yerfdog Cemetary
You 'fraid of 'de Dark?

Boneheads 09-20-2011 09:00 PM

Re: Halloween Horror 12 - Vote For Names!
What rules did I break :(

EDIT: Oh, I see I broke the 30-character rule. But what about Scary Dairy? :(
Maybe I'll never be able to enter any contests. It seems every time I try, I have high hopes I'll be able to get in, but something happens.

Boneheads 09-20-2011 09:18 PM

Re: Halloween Horror 12 - Vote For Names!
Calthax's Halloween Levels

I lol'd.

Boneheads 09-20-2011 09:20 PM

Re: Halloween Horror 12 - Vote For Names!
Anywho, My forsure vote is most definitely
Scream Fortress 2.

Pumpkineater 09-21-2011 02:30 PM

Re: Halloween Horror 12 - Vote For Names!
Vote sent from meowthisawesome %[at]$ gmail *(dot]// com. I've had complications with gmail in the past, so could you please notify me in case you don't receive the email?

Pewskeepski 09-24-2011 01:21 PM

Re: Halloween Horror 12 - Vote For Names!
Votes sent today :)

texasjoshua 09-26-2011 04:00 PM

Re: Halloween Horror 12 - Vote For Names!
Votes in.

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