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Jamul 10-08-2011 08:56 AM

Brag Here, Everybody!
Hey everybody! Halloween is the best time of all time, so why not share some memories? Post your best Halloween memory here in this thread. True stories only!

I know not everybody celebrates Halloween, but that doesn't mean you don't have Halloween memories! Remember when you were little and you had to cover your eyes at the scary movie? Remember when you thought the creepy neighbor's house was haunted? These are Halloween memories!

There is of course a contest! But don't embellish or act crazy, the contest isn't for the best story. All you have to do is share a story (true, please!), and on October 30th, I'll draw a random name from everybody who posted a story. That person wins a random purple Monster Card!

P.S. You can post as many stories as you want, and you can reply to other peoples' stories and discuss them, but only people who post a true story will be entered in the drawing, and only one entry per person.

mbarney 10-08-2011 09:24 AM

Re: Brag Here, Everybody!
I was with my niece, nephew, and my sister trick-or-treating. We walked up to this house, and it was a pretty long driveway. With a man in a Michael Meyers suit on the side of the driveway, I knew it was going to be good. my friend told me that they were giving out giant candy bars. We walked down and cardboard cutouts popped out at us, and it scared my niece that she spilled her candy. We walked up to the house and there was a man in a scarecrow suit, sleeping with a bowl of giant candy bars on his lap. There was a sign that said "take one." I took one, and while I got one the man in the suit jumped out at us. We got our candy and ran down the driveway. While we were walking down the road to get home, we saw the same man in a Michael Myers costume walking toward us. We all ran home and locked our doors. We stayed up all night and ate candy. We played games and watched TV and movies. That was the best Halloween of all time for me!:)

fourwind 10-08-2011 09:54 AM

Re: Brag Here, Everybody!
I have alot of memories, but here is the worst of em:

Halloween day, me and my friends (We'll call them Silly, Cracker, and Rhino) decided that we were going to be stupid that year. We got together lots of evil things (Eggs, toilet paper, spray paint), and went out on a quest that messed up a bunch of stuff. We hung out in an abandoned apartment building and talked about whats not and who-sits. But then, things turned bad when Silly decided it would be cool to break a window. The noise was soul crushing, our cover was blown! A man with a phone looked out the window of a house, and we fled. We ended up in this garage area behind someones house, Cracker knew the guy who owned the garage, and so we decided to hang out there for a while. But of course, Silly thought it would be a good idea to light fires. After exploding a jar in a metal barrel and causing alot of noise, we left again. People in the house we were behind kept looking at us, we were not on their property though. We went to Crackers house and played some video games, then when it got dark we left to go trick or treating after Silly left.

I was dressed as a TF2 scout, Rhino was in a hazmat suit, and Cracker wasn't dressed up, but his normal clothes passed for a costume apparently. We were trick or treating in a richer neighborhood, and gots lots and lots of candy. We went to Crackers house, and then over to Rhinos to sleep over. I fell asleep very quickly, and do not remember the events of that sleep over besides playing video games. The next morning, things took a bad turn.

Crackers mother had found his bag, which was filled with bad stuff (That we never ended up using, as we decided it was a stupid idea). We all got in trouble. Mostly.

Silly was grounded for a month,
Cracker for 3,
Rhino for 3,
and I was not allowed to go over to friends houses for a week (I have a nice mother and I didn't do much in the first place).

That is my worst Halloween memory. An interesting one though.

Megadog 10-08-2011 12:15 PM

Re: Brag Here, Everybody!
Unfortunately, very few people celebrate Halloween here, so there's only one story I can tell.

About two years ago, Halloween and the 1st of November fell on a Saturday and Sunday. My birthday was on the forth, and I usually throw a party and invite a family down the road from us who are all friends with our family. Unfortunately, the following two weekends after the forth were both full of things I had to get done, and so we moved it to the weekend before. I quickly realized that this meant that they would be over for Halloween, and so I made it a Halloween party. We had spooky candles lighting the dining room table, and red napkins, and a pumpkin cake. We spent the night having a very fun time, and that's the closest I've ever come to having a Halloween. ;)

texasjoshua 10-09-2011 07:45 AM

Re: Brag Here, Everybody!
I had a great Halloween though it did end up scaring many a Trick-Or-treater. Me and a friend were at a Halloween party where it was mostly adults. So what we decided to do quite brilliantly is dress up like a couple of those scarecrow dummys. We then I laid down in the middle of the sidewalk leading up to the door while he hid behind a pillar(so he would scare them while they were watching me). So people would walk up, I would hold really still and they would step over me(I would still do nothing). Then while they got their candy I would turn my head so it looked at them. They would keep watching me and my friend would jump out from behind the pillar. I would still hold still. Then when they would begin to walk back out I would randomly jump up and scare them. It was really funny, and so much fun. We ate lots of food, had fun, and played video games.

yourter12 10-09-2011 01:02 PM

Re: Brag Here, Everybody!
I never really had an exciting Halloween. However, one Halloween, I dressed up as a Whoopie Cushion. At school, I made a bunch of farting noises.

That's all I have. :(

Davedude 10-09-2011 07:53 PM

Re: Brag Here, Everybody!
Last year was a fun year for me, because my friend's family really gets into the halloween spirit. They have a deck out behind their house and they use plywood sheets attached to the supports of it to make a small maze/haunted house type thing. I got to dress up as a zombie and give lots of little kids a good time. Twas fun :D

CheeseLord 10-09-2011 08:04 PM

Re: Brag Here, Everybody!
I'm almost always sick on Halloween (no idea why), so I usually miss out on most of the parties, horror movies, and bad pranks.

One of my friends throws a Halloween party every year. Usually a few of us go, and someone always brings a terrifying mask and a plastic weapon of some sort. Thus, we've created a game called "Pretty Lady." It's essentially tag where whoever is the pretty lady chases everyone around with a vampire mask and a chainsaw. Somewhat dangerous in an enclosed space filled with people, but always lots of fun.

seamonkey 10-09-2011 09:59 PM

Re: Brag Here, Everybody!
I have a few: See ever since about kindergarten (so 11 years now), I have dressed up as something wacky. Never bought a costume. I have dressed up as: a Rocket, a ghost, (OK that one was unoriginal...), Bandaid Boy (my own superhero based upon bandaids), Dr Lunatic (bout 8 then), a baked potato (I enjoyed Arthur), an Outhouse, a girl (I actually went to school in it and entered the lunchtime costume contest. My assistant principal and the band director were the judges. I entered all four categories, being scariest funniest prettiest...and something else I can't remember. I won the scariest) The year afterwards I dressed up like that same assistant principal and called myself mini-[not gonna say the actual name here], in an Austin Powers spoof. Another year I was George Washingmachine. (a million points if anyone caught the reference from the little known childrens book)

And THAT is halloween.

Not really part of my entry, but every year I make a barfing pumpkin, using the guts as barf.

Gigacat 10-09-2011 11:23 PM

Re: Brag Here, Everybody!
Don"t have anything good at all, but I'm trying to enter all compos and i want that card so:

One Halloween i stayed home and went on Hamumu and then went to bed.

texasjoshua 10-10-2011 05:30 PM

Re: Brag Here, Everybody!
Woaw.... No way.

HappyStikBeaver 10-21-2011 06:00 PM

A few years ago, I went over to a friends house for a party and trick-or-treating. He lives in a big, fancy neighborhood, so we ended up with about 8 giant candy bars each. After filling up our bags until they were too heavy to carry anymore, we went back to his house and emptied them out onto his floor (but kept our big bars) and made a huge pile of candy. Then, we split it evenly so everyone got what they liked the best. I got a ton of Twix and fruity stuff, so I was happy. Then we spent the rest of the night getting ourselves sick and playing video games. It was awesome.

moltanem2000 10-21-2011 11:32 PM

Re: Brag Here, Everybody!
hmm, a few stories come to mind:

Once, my cousin dressed up as santa for Halloween, and it ended up snowing.

A few years back, me, Blackduck, and another friend were trick-or-treating. We came upon one house, and they had ALL the best loot. I'm talking about Grape Soda Pop-cans. We were understandably pretty excited. And being greedy little mongrels, we decided we might as well try and get some more, so, after getting our drinks, walked around the corner and switched around costume pieces. Blackduck the mad Mailman was now the pumpkin-mailman, etc. Anyways, we almost got away with it, except they didn't have enough pop left for all 3 of us again. At which point we dropped the ruse. It was pretty great.

.Blue Dwarf. 10-23-2011 12:53 PM

Re: Brag Here, Everybody!
A couple of years ago for Halloween we went over to my grandpa's house for chili. A delicious tradition. I had decided that I didn't want to go out trick or treating anymore (besides, I had other people to go do that for me and I'd just steal their candy later). But I still had materials to dress up with.

So I put on a mask that's a strangled-person blue color and it has puffed up cheeks so it looks like it could blow chunks at any moment. Then I put on an old plaid jacket(much too large for me) and some snowpants. Then we stuffed newspaper into the coat so I looked quite poofy. Then we put on some gloves and duct-taped them on and duct-taped a plastic machete to my hand.
Also duct-taped my boots to my pants.

It was like I was a poorly constructed halloween prop! And I was.
So I sat outside on lawnchair in my grandpa's front lawn, trying to act like a limp dummy. Then when kids would walk up and get their candy, I'd jump up as they walked by on their way out.
It was great fun! And most of the people being scared seemed to enjoy it as well, I think most people like being a little frightened on Halloween.

Of course I didn't jump out at any little kids, that seemed mean. But at one point there was just a nice group of kids(mostly 'older' but a few younger) so I had to, and then an angry mom came bursting out of a minivan parked acrossed the street and she began scolding me.
Not so much fun!
(being yelled at when you have a full head mask on isn't so bad though)
I'll have you know those kids walked away laughing though, so I think angry over-protective mom was in the wrong here!

But as a whole, good times were had by all most.
Plus there was delicious chili, yum!

I may post other stories too, I have a few more memorable ones but I'm not sure I feel like sharing.

HappyStikBeaver 10-23-2011 01:39 PM

Heh. My family has the same tradition of eating chili on Halloween. It's always delicious.

Davedude 10-24-2011 04:05 PM

Re: Brag Here, Everybody!
We're doing the haunted house at my friends house again this year! :D

darkguyhades 10-29-2011 12:54 PM

Re: Brag Here, Everybody!
A few years back, I decided to give out candy instead of going trick-or-treating. Instead of the traditional "stand at the door and give people candy when they ask for it," I decided to have a little bit more fun with it. I dressed up in all black, covering my entire body, and a scary mask, and sat in a chair with a sign that said "take one" by a bowl of candy. My dad had a skull that transmitted his voice, and he also told kids to take only one piece of candy. So as kids would come by, I would sit perfectly still, and they would generally take one piece of candy, assuming I was a prop. However, some people thought it would be funny to take more than one, and I would get out the chair and lunge at them with a toy skull mace. That thought them to take only one piece!

SpaceManiac 10-30-2011 03:58 AM

Re: Brag Here, Everybody!
Hmm, I don't usually do anything particularly noteworthy, but last year I sat on the front porch distributing candy while using a laptop to fight ponies, which was quite fun.

CarlosC 10-30-2011 04:19 AM

Re: Brag Here, Everybody!
I remembered two years ago one of our naighbours were having a haunted house I was one of the first few people to go in first it wasn't as scary as i was thinking but it was fun

Jamul 10-30-2011 08:46 AM

Re: Brag Here, Everybody!
And, after inserting everybody's name into a spreadsheet, then making a column next to them with the contents "=RAND()", and then sorting by that column, the winner is.....


Thanks for your stories, folks. Have a massively exciting Halloween to share a new story next year.

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