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texasjoshua 11-01-2011 07:20 AM

Before this month there was a lot of talk about whether or not Hamumu was dying. After seeing the activity going into BHE this year I am very pleased to be able to say not only it is alive but that it is thriving. The numbers of people involved in Happy Pony were huge. We have over a dozen BHE projects and the community interest in almost everything is rekindled. Thank you to everyone who participated and I'm am very much looking forward to next years BHE.

.Blue Dwarf. 11-01-2011 04:18 PM

Re: Activity
I think lots of activity is an illusion created by big events like BHE. It draws people in, but now that it's done people will drift off and only check in occasionally again.

Like me, for example. For BHE, I set other things aside and decided to hang out here all month, and it was great. I really love all that Hamumu is on BHE. But now that BHE is over, I'm not going to be here every day. Because I need to get back to doing stuff that I've been putting off.

I'd like to see more BHE-type things though. Not as big, but just some seasonal events that people can participate in and look forward to each year.
Work up some Duh-cember events this year, perhaps? I know it's more work for Jamul, and that's why I wouldn't want a full blown month chalked full of contests and goodies like BHE gives, just some little seasonal events for people to have fun with(and win prizes in :P).

(maybe some of the new stuffs Jamul journal'd about will cause people to stick around a bit more though. I know I'll certainly check in more often than I did pre-BHE this year)

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