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ChessManiac 01-09-2014 02:24 AM

A thought
I think with the growing number of women playing Video and/or computer games, we should have more positive women characters in our games, and also female game developers in studios. I find that the Game Industry has turned into something rather degrading, bleak, sad, and man powered. It's just dirty. I am seeing a growing popularity in games such as Heavy Rain, Grand Theft Auto, and other games along the same genre.

WARNING: Those games are highly 18+ rated, they'll demoralize you before you know it.

Women play a roll in these games as slaves, I think it's highly sexist of them. None of them play an important roll.

My point is, I think we should stop this masculine and sexist way of game production. We should be something more above this! By positive characters, I mean having being the hero, or something similar. And lastly, we should have a totally different view point, the one we have is quite corrupted.

I think we should move a step back before creating these grotesque and vulgar games.

And I also think we must apply this to movies. It really gets old, annoying and just plain stupid in my opinion, watching the reboot of Man Of Steal, Elysium, and others, just made me loathe them more then ever! If you watched them, you'd see what I mean.

It's just disgusting and demoralizing of what the film industry, mainstream game industry, and other's are doing.

What I really hate the most, is their hypocriticism, so it's suddenly bad to see religion being portrayed in it's true (real but bad) self in a game, but when women characters get degraded, no one says a boo, or charges them with Humanitarian Fees.

That ideology is what shapes society today, and I say it's getting old really quickly.

I would say, we should stand up for what is right, not some "man in power" or some other system which I can't remember the word for.
Okay, I'm going quite of course here, but you get the point...

Megadog 01-09-2014 02:06 PM

Re: A thought
So much I want to say, but it's really hard to keep it Hamumu friendly...

Firstly, games are generally about what happens, not who does it. Pac-Man would be the same even without gender confirmation, and games like tetris don't even have gender.

The problem is mainly that now games want plot, and often these plot points have to revolve around things we understand. GTA, while being a game I don't like, knows that it's plot is of a criminal in the city, a type of person who generally mistreats women. This also connects to the idea of damsels, being a propellant for the lead character. While they are generally a love interest, and therefor generally female, I should point out games like Pitfall: the Mayan Adventure, where the main characters father, a man far more skilled than him, is caught off his guard and kidnapped.

Another large problem is that the OUTSPOKEN gaming industry is largely male. Men are passionate about their gaming to the point where, even though we really aren't, we are seen as the main target audience. This means more games are made to make us happy, and it is generally assumed we like male characters to play as.

Furthermore, you assume we have vastly more control over what gets made than we do. We simply consume media, and I among others already tend to avoid media that is demeaning to women.

Calling for people to be burned, or killed slowly, or even killed at all, is asinine. I understand that people being misrepresented in this way upsets you, but people have a right to their own beliefs, and calling for bloodshed makes you as bad as, if not worse, than them.

I know it's hard to understand, but the best way to solve the problem is to fight it proactively by making the games you want as opposed to trying to fight companies that are far larger than you think. Good games with female leads already exist, like Portal and Mirrors Edge, with portal being interesting in that the only way to learn your gender is to use portals to see yourself.

By the way, the word you wanted was Patriarchy, and a person I suspect you've already watched is Anita Sarkeesian. You should look up some rebuttals to her on youtube, it's good to get a full story on these things (Note: You should watch BOTH if you haven't seen her yet, she poses similar points to you and the rebuttals are rather thorough.)

ChessManiac 01-09-2014 05:11 PM

Re: A thought
Oh Crap, I meant to post this in several other sites, not Hamumu. Hmm... I thought this was IGN. I should really spend less time on the computer.
I see your point there, but I still think it's wrong. It's just getting more and more un-ethical. Just as society today is.

But since this post was meant for another site, (My eyes deceived me) can we close the topic here.

seamonkey 01-09-2014 05:25 PM

Re: A thought
Eh...let it continue. Either people will comment or they won't.

Just two cents:

I'm not going to comment on how womyn ought to be treated in video games or how our discourse exists in relation to the subject. People far more qualified than I am have made better worded points, and to be honest most of the feminist literature I have read is either intersectionality stuff or in relation to International Relations.

What I will say is that similar to Megadog I see a trend towards better treatment of womyn in videogames. The two examples I offer are Two Souls, and the Telltale Walking Dead series.

Sidenote: I hate it when my computer doesn't recognize actual words as being spelled correctly.

N64 Lord 01-09-2014 06:11 PM

Re: A thought
I live and breath Sketch comedy, and as far as I'm concerned, the alleged mainstream taboo is something that knows its outdated and therefore a prime target for parody.

Really as long as the institutions or the character is the target I don't find it offensive. Developers don't actually target women wholeheartedly, as articles and online debates suggest, but either incorporate them as a marketing startegey or as a facet of the overall media.

Women, and the various forms of affirmative action have been celebrated successfully both in games and movies such as No Regrets For Our Youth, Mulan, and Wind in the Willows.

Then there's fan service, which was popularized pretty much as soon as women were put into games, by the likes of cap-com and tomb raider. The games don't actively sell the impossible models as the ideal that successful women should grow into or regret never reaching so they shouldn't hurt people.

Finally there's GTA (and its clones), and modern drama. Assaults here break the american tabboo on the bedroom environment and European taboo on violence, so its always a hotbed of debate. Truth and Pain have always been the ingredients for pathos, and the larger than life heroes, in ancient epics, and the 16th century set rules for plays and literature do far worse than what you see when you flip on a daytime channel. But they are a more sensible kind of entertainment, with universal characters and distancing from what the audience can do "god hood or heroship" so that when the going is rough on stage, it does not come off. Look at greek mythology or Moliere's farces, as both feature behavior that society seriously disproves of, and from allegedly prominent figures, but do not insult or intend to insult anyone(except the absurdity of the human experience)

It can be argued that the new figures in GTA and other places are different, since they use more relatable characters and give people control of their actions, but I disagree with this and the larger percentage of people who like these things do not apply it to real life, and the number of them pressuring the industry to continue spewing them out is quite smaller than numbers make out, so I'm not concerned.

REACTOR 09-24-2014 03:40 AM

Re: A thought
I generally agree that it's wrong to show women in such a demeaning way in what is considered to be entertainment, and also to shove them aside when they want to be part of something. Although some may argue that it's just a game, as many people do, a game is a medium of entertainment, and just like movies, it can have influence in the real world.

But than comes the question of "How do we stop this!", Megadog is certainly right about one thing, you can complain but people don't have as much power as we think. One way is to boycott the game or boycott products coming from a game development company, (But that can be rather ineffective as there are still many more people who want to buy the game), or if you can't do anything about it and you are a game developer, just avoid putting anything morally degrading and don't be like those people.

That off to one side, many people say that it shouldn't matter because they are targeting a certain audience, but I say it matters a lot, when you have morally bankrupt content in your "entertainment". Games can have more influence than you think on individuals, and even society.

A popular book, The Theory Of Fun, is on my side.

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