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REACTOR 04-26-2015 05:57 PM

Counts or !(Count)
Hi, recently my friend Expectation was really interested in Dr Lunatic Supreme With Cheese, (Mainly because I showed him the game and explained to him the concept of worlds in one of our Skype screen sharing calls) he was very hooked on the concept of community created content. And soon after he wanted to create his own levels, but since he had a tablet, and even if he did buy the game it wouldn't work on his tablet anyway. So he asked me whether I could be the equivalent to his scribe for designing levels (I know that it might seem like overkill to a few people, but you know, Expectation had will, and I didn't mind as well).

So what he would do is send me detailed schematics of where he wants the walls to be placed, the location of the monsters, what items are in the level, and then we would add the finishing touches via a Skype screen sharing call, such as choosing tiles for the walls, and so forth.

My question is whether this would count as a creation, and if so, would it be valid of him to be accepted into the final stage of a monthly merge where people vote for levels which best fit the theme and get Yerfbucks?

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