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REACTOR 02-08-2016 10:07 PM

REACTOR Tries To Finish An Old Game
I thought I would create a thread as a game development log like what Yourter12 is doing.

Recently, I have decided to focus on an old game project that I originally meant to finish in three days for a Ludum Dare contest themed "Minimalism". Unfortunately, years ago I didn't know any programming but now that I do, the world of game development has opened up to me.

The game I'm working on at the moment is called Paranormal Lunacy. Originally, it was meant to be an exploration game that had gameplay which involved the urban legends of today, such as the tall man in a suit and other supernatural entities. I'm planning for it to still be an exploration game with some puzzles, but I have decided to lay off some of the urban legends as they may make the game too hard-horror heavy.

So far, I have progressed with completing the intro which can be viewed here: http://wombat.platymuus.com/ytembed/?code=tSHp5tcXbvk
For comparison, the very first version can be seen here: http://wombat.platymuus.com/ytembed/?code=OcWuH1DdXoQ
Edit: I made a mistake with naming the latest video, it was supposed to be 2016 not 2015.
Double Edit: I don't know why the cursor is not showing in the video.

Currently, the music for the title is a placeholder and the sounds still need to be added (I will compose them all by myself, thus this is why the credits say such a thing).

The plot follows the story of a man named Pavel who is a journalist and detective, with a father who has mysteriously disappeared while on a trip in Africa. Being severely underpaid in his career, Pavel decides to buy a ticket across the Mediterranean Sea to solve just one more case before resigning from being a detective - and that is his father's mysterious whereabouts. But along his way, there are supernatural occurrences that may be linked to his father's disappearance.

REACTOR 06-28-2016 08:38 PM

Re: REACTOR Tries To Finish An Old Game
Now that I have finished studying for the moment I can take some time to work on my Paranormal Lunacy game. So far I have not made as much progress as I would have liked, but I think I have found a solid design to base my game on. As you can see in the new video...


...the menu is more robust and the music changes are less abrupt (one note is that I'm still using placeholder music). I have spiced up the title page, and other changes that I have made are the following:
*Changed the character of Pavel the underpaid journalist to Arkady Eudokia the reputation-ruined agronomist.
*Added the character of Kara Kallisto who is contemptuous of the ideals that the West allegedly prides its countries on. Though this character needs a lot of work, as her introductory information is unfinished and I'm still working on linking her occupation to the puzzles of the game.
*A continue option has been added to the main menu that uses a checkpoint system.
*The inventory item art has been changed significantly. Instead of each item being represented by outlines each one is represented through the symbolising of molecules, elements and codes.
For example, this block represents a lighter. The 14 squares that are joined together in a particular way symbolises the butane hydrocarbon, the '+' and '-' symbols denote the electrical aspect of a lighter which ignites the butane, and the two rows of four squares with dots in between represents the metal atoms used in the construction of a lighter.
*Instead of objects (e.g. strings of text) moving into and out of view I decided to use gradual transparency changes. Though that still needs a lot of work as it's still very jerky.

Now lets see if I can finish the first chapters. There will be a total of five chapters in the game per character. And Paranormal Lunacy will be very symbolic when its finished. For instance, the image that represents Arkady Eudokia in the title level has some meaning. The alternating empty-ended boxes represent the wavelength of visible light, and the dots lining the lower and upper end of the wavelength indicate a change into a different electromagnetic spectrum which indicates a spirit being freed as one theory about such supernatural beings is that they exist on a different wavelength that our eyes can't see. But because this is associated with Arkady, this infers that he dies at the end of the game and indeed I will make it that way. There is a moral of the story here, where as Arkady gets involved with spirits as the game progresses he is playing with a world he doesn't understand nor do the smartest scientists on Earth either. So he's risking his life everyday continuously getting involved in the paranormal existence. As a consequence of his flippancy he gets killed by supernatural forces. Ouija Boards and summonings are serious things that should not be taken lightly. Many make fun of people who are afraid of such things, but no one should ever indulge in such activities, otherwise it would lead to an "early grave" or worse.

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