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Axiomatic 11-03-2017 12:27 AM

Which modifiers do you use?
I realize that 99% of the community here is absent, but I've always wondered if anyone else plays SWC with manic mode permanently on. I feel like the game is just too slow without it, but who knows, maybe I'm just used to it at this point.

Additionally, are there any other lockers you tend to leave open, like splatter mode, or maybe something more bizarre like disco mode?

HappyStikBeaver 11-03-2017 12:34 PM

I used to play with it on constantly. It's hard to go back once you start. Just gets annoying on water levels and the like.

I don't think I can handle any of the other modifiers for more than 10 seconds.

SpaceManiac 11-03-2017 02:00 PM

Re: Something I've Always Wondered
I used to leave splatter mode on because its visual noise is not actually particularly intrusive, but nowadays I don't use any of the modifiers. I can definitely see getting used to manic mode, but even when I was going for 100% I played without it.

HappyStikBeaver 11-03-2017 02:50 PM

Oh, splatter mode! That's one I leave on a lot

CountHammerula 11-03-2017 03:45 PM

Re: Something I've Always Wondered
Personally, though I use no modifier a good amount of the time, I will use manic mode when there are levels that require the player to "wait" (a la cutscenes) before they can actually start playing the map. When I play SWC, I come for the action and prefer stories that are "interactive" (played out as you go, as in The Search) or that you can easily skip (IE: the pop-up screens that you hit space to skip).

Androgeos Exeunt 11-05-2017 07:35 AM

Re: Something I've Always Wondered
I used to leave Splatter Mode enabled all the time, but once I started making worlds more than playing, I realised that the additional particles weren't helping. I've been running without extra modes enabled ever since.

calthax 11-07-2017 07:57 PM

Re: Something I've Always Wondered
I use the Manic Mode to speed up the gameplay for a bit, "Don't have time for a game of Dr. Lunatic? Then speed things up!"

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