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Anonymous 03-26-2000 01:00 AM

hey mark! i've been playing your games for a while, gosh, boboli was so cool, i could never get my tile engine to work as good as yours (source code was a great reference!). anyway now i'm trying to get into some serious game dev. and want to publish. but dear potatoes, i can't find a graphics artist! do u do your graphcis by yourself?? you're really talented! do u know anywhere where i can find a graphics artist to join my dev. team??


Jamul 03-29-2000 07:00 PM

I do my own graphics so far... getting sick of it though, especially since it's a bit tough to try to keep up with real artists (in quality, not speed). If I knew where an artist was, I'd grab him myself I think... except that it's always hard to get other people to do what you want, when you want, as fast as you need it. Okay, not hard, impossible.

Anonymous 04-15-2000 05:00 AM

yea dude i know what you mean... im doing the graphics myself and its killer... what programs do u use to get the 3d'ish look, a 3d modler? im using paint shop pro and adobe photoshop, what programs are u using?

Jamul 04-16-2000 09:00 AM

I use paint shop pro too. But you know, when you want a 3D look, a good place to go is to a 3D program. I use 3D studio... very old dos version that still ended up costing a fortune. I really like it except having to switch to DOS mode to get it to work and stuff... makes it a lot more time consuming to do things, and not be able to do other stuff at the same time or anything. Especially when it's rendering.

I have decided to embed top secret messages into my posts with this weird new "messagebay" feature... I wonder whose disk space I'm wasting? It's not mine!

Anonymous 05-03-2000 05:00 AM

Which program would you recommend to someone who has never used a 3D paint program? I need to get one soon... Is 3D studio still around?


Jamul 05-03-2000 09:00 AM

3D Studio is now 3DSMax... and about $3000. Even when I got it, it was like $2000, but I got the academic price of a scant $400. So you want cheap. You can try trial versions of any version of Truespace at www.caligari.com - that's on special right now ($300), and I think I'm gonna buy it because I want a windows modeler (3ds4 was dos), even though I totally can't figure out how to use it... I figure lots of other people have and it must have been designed to be usable... to some extent? Maybe? You can also try a demo of Nendo... I think that's www.nichimen.com, otherwise just search for it. There's a cool penguin tutorial for that. You can't really use that for much of anything other than making models for quake or something. It's a low-poly modeler, but I like the interface, it's kinda fun to use, although I think it would get way hard to deal with when you started getting complex.

Anyway, NO 3D modeler is easy to use. They're so insanely complicated. It's like the art version of programming. It is a huge mess. Takes a whole lot of dedication to comprehend. I think if you follow the nendo penguin tutorial all the way through, you'll learn some stuff. And if you like the trial, it's only $99 to buy, although it won't create nice rendered images like other programs, it just creates low poly models you could use in a 3D game (and won't even help you with the animating). Also check out Milkshape3D, it's free. Don't know how usable. Can't think of what else there is. There's a modeler that goes with POVRay, which I seem to recall was impossible to use. Don't remember exactly though.

You see there's a lot of choices. And they're all hard. But that penguin tutorial's free, fun, and semi-easy. Try it.

Anonymous 09-30-2000 02:00 PM

Milkshape3D well, sux.... It dont work on my computer or my friends, but I heard that it was extremely confusing because of program assumptions.... When you would create a shape, the program automaticaly creats the 2 other dimensions of it, requiring a lot of "tweeking" for each polygon...

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