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Anonymous 09-22-2000 04:00 AM

My 7 year old got Spooky Castle: Kid Mystic for his birthday--and we love it! It was the most fun game I had run across in a long, long time! I asked for Dr. Lunatic for my birthday--and we love it. It is addictive and unbelievable fun! We play a lot of computer games, but generally don't buy the ones where you see the blood running out of humans after you have killed them. I have no problem with games where you kill spiders, skeletons, zombies, gingerbread men, etc. However, I was listening to my son explain to his best friend (also 7 years old) the best way to deal with a level in Dr. Lunatic

Anonymous 09-22-2000 05:00 AM

I don't know why my entire post didn't appear!!

Anyway, I heard my 7 year old talking to his best friend about the best way to deal with a particular level, and I heard him say, "First you go in and kill all the babies...." I wasn't happy to hear that! Your games are very creative and so much fun--this is a request to keep up the good work, but keep it at a level for the entire family!

Jamul 09-22-2000 09:00 AM

Well, Pygmies are full-grown adults, i assure you (although I don't really think it's okay to kill adults either...)!! This game is intended to be aimed at the entire family. I think I've heard them referred to as babies by kids before, and that's something I will have to keep in mind for the future.

But hopefully you'll agree that, despite the euphemism used to describe the pygmies, the only negative feelings this game engenders in anyone are feelings of extreme overwhelming near-fatal frustration. Boy is it hard.

I firmly believe that the way I've presented the violence in this game is appropriate for most anyone. But there is violence for sure, and even machine guns and bombs. So it isn't for everyone. I think a much bigger issue in deciding if this game is for a specific kid or not is the scary stuff - giant floating skulls, armies of skeletons, vampires, zombies, ghosts, and of course Matilda (if you've seen her, she's pretty disturbing). They're presented in a silly cartoon manner, but I am definitely aware that the giant floating skull could give a small child nightmares.

So that is something I think about, and I know the game isn't truly for *everyone*, but I think it's perfect for 7 year olds. If you explain your son's mistake to him as you probably have, I'm sure he'll be fine (probably just thought it was funny!). I hear your concern about pygmies being called babies, and I probably won't use pygmies again (there are other concerns too... after all, there are REAL pygmies who probably don't appreciate their portrayal as spear wielding psychotics).

Dr. Lunatic was more dark and... 'evil' than my work of today. It took two years to develop, and way back when I started it, I hadn't even really gotten into this family friendly idea, I just happen to draw goofy looking cartoon guys. One thing I was always concerned about when I was making it though, was human enemies. The pygmies and the Wackos (in the Asylum) are the only two in the game (besides Dr. Lunatic, who is sort of a special case...), and I agonized over those wackos for a long time. I probably should've left both out.

I appreciate your comments, and I'm always refining the process. If you are really unhappy with Dr. Lunatic, you are welcome to return it for a refund (just email for details). Thanks! And I'm sorry about the problem.

Anonymous 09-22-2000 02:00 PM

Interesting debate and I understand Lisa's concerns. And it can't be easy, from a games creators point of view, inventing a game in which the object is to win by 'defeating' an enemy, in this case with the use of hammers, bombs, guns etc....especially when the game is aimed at a wide audience, including children. I would mention that not all Dr Lunatic worlds are violent (why not try a world I made, available free on the download page, called Citanul Island), which just consists of puzzles and a lot of running around. I think your 7 year old would enjoy that, although he may need a little help with some of the trickier puzzles. But, and this is a very big but, I really believe that Dr Lunatic is one of the most creative, fun and harmless computer games available. If it was sanitized to the point where no offence could possibly be taken, then most of the characters would have to disappear. Zombies (mentally handicapped), Skeletons (recently bereaved), spiders (arachnologists), robots (technophiles)...you get my point. Too many computer games aimed at adults depend for their "appeal" on increasingly realistic depictions of gore and violence. A socially responsible game, which is also dumb and fun with a little bit of hitting, is a rare thing, which is why Dr L is so popular with grown ups. It isn't violent in the ordinary sense of the word and there are precious few games with adult appeal about which that is true. There are, however, thousands of games aimed at a predominately younger audience. I think Jamul created a masterpiece and I'm so glad he made it before the heavy burden of political correctness was laid upon the shoulders of the creative ones. Thought I'd add my tuppence worth.

Anonymous 09-24-2000 07:00 PM

i am in total agreement with mark! DR.L is just about the best game i ever purchased for the family,my 6 year old loves it! too much P.C. garbage in the real world,jamul has made the game about as family friendly as you can get,no blood,no death scenes,etc.,just harmless blow ups and disintegrations! if you don't like something,it is your option to decline to listen to,watch,and even purchase anything you deem offensive!(unless of course you live in canada,where the rules may be the complete opposite!) have a sense of humor and enjoy the game! JVAT

Anonymous 09-25-2000 04:00 AM

Return Dr. Lunatic for a refund?? No way!! We really enjoy the game!

I have been impressed with this forum and my opportunity to give my opinion and make suggestions for future products. When I look at the local CompUSA--I see a large percentage of very violent games and welcome products like the 2 I have purchased from Hamumu Software. I just don't want my family shooting at creatures that look like babies. I do appreciate that almost all the monsters are cartoonish and, to me, not something from the real world. Are we going to keep playing it? Yes, you bet! I especially appreciate that the game is very creative and very fun! Gotta go play!

Anonymous 09-25-2000 11:00 AM

Discussion closed and minds open. You're my kinda people !

Anonymous 05-01-2001 08:00 AM

Don't fret. Ya did good. Violence is as much a part of this life as birth and death. Loved the wackos. I have visual images of the person who after smelling their fingers and saying, "Man that smells horrible" Goes on smelling it again and again. Humans. Go figure. (Not intended to offend. Just my two cents worth.)

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