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Anonymous 09-24-2000 05:00 AM

Jamul: What would recommend I do to try and get my games published? Right now I'm gonna try going thru Egames. What can you tell me about Egames as a publisher?

/Memir ( colin_phillips@yahoo.com)

Jamul 09-25-2000 11:00 AM

Well, you can see some interesting and none too good discussion of eGames over in the Kid Mystic section of the forum. I'm not too big on them these days... I self-publish everything now, so I can't really offer much insight. And all I've done through them was through Xgames anyway, which is also not recommended.

Anonymous 09-25-2000 04:00 PM

Yeah, I went thru Xgames, sent them 2 games over half a year ago. They done nothing with em apart from nail me down to a contract in which I can't give the games to another publisher until a year from when the contract was signed, or more likely until Hasbro get 'em.

Thanks for the insight.


Anonymous 09-28-2000 02:00 AM

When you say you self-publish your games, what exactly is involved in this?


Do you have routinely deal with the customers who would like to purchase your game?

Do you have to package up the game, and send to the customer?

If I were to self-publish a game, does it mean that no other publisher e.g. eGames can publish it? and if eGames we're publishing it would it mean I can't publish it myself?

Thanks for taking the time out of your development to answer my questions


Jamul 09-29-2000 07:00 AM

I provide all tech support and all that. People who want to order it talk to an order-taking company - currently either RegSoft (for Amazin' SPISPOPD) or Saint Hamilton (for Dr. Lunatic). Both of those take a percent of each sale, but what they offer is more than I could offer myself, and it would cost me about the same as they charge to provide their service (besides the time and labor). They take credit card orders, and offer 24-hour 800-number ordering. With Amazin', I don't even have to do anything - they have my list of regcodes, and they supply them to the purchaser with my custom message. With Dr. L, they just tell me the address to ship it to and I send that to the person who ships my orders for me (who also burns & prints each copy). Anything that's less work for me is good.

If eGames sells your game, you most likely can't sell it yourself, that's how most publishers work.

Anonymous 04-12-2001 02:00 PM


I was wondering what was involed in registering your company's name. What I mean, is, say I want to call my company 'abc' ( just an example). How do I do that? Is there any paper work that I need to fill out so that no one else takes my name? How did you guys at Hamumu do it?

Just wondering...thanks for any advice you can give me.


Jamul 04-12-2001 09:00 PM

Well, in the US, it's a "Fictitious Business Name" or a "DBA" (Doing Business As) thingie. You have to register to do it at City Hall. Of course, you also have to sign up for business taxes and stuff, which is really minimal if you're a little teeny company like me. Basically though, you sign that up, and they make you run a classified ad announcing it (look in the classifieds - there's a big section of announcements of fictitious names), and there you go. The name is yours for 5 years. Part of the fees I think go to a check to verify that the name isn't taken by anyone else in the same city, or maybe it's the whole state. But of course, there's trademarks too... that's a whole big legal hullaballoo, that CAN get expensive, and you do have to do extensive searching to ensure nobody has already registered it.

Mike Hommel

Marshmallow Head, Hamumu Software



Anonymous 04-13-2001 10:00 AM

Thanks for replying. Just one more question...do I need to have a company name to sell my game via something like RegSoft? Or can I just use my real name (not company name)? Or is it required that I need a company name? I remember reading somewhere that you could just use your real name, but I'm not sure if I read it correctly.

Anyway, thanks again for any help.


Jamul 04-13-2001 10:00 AM

No, they'll let you use your real name. A lot of the littlest guys are sold like that. Also, in general, you don't need to register a business name if it's, for example in my case "Hommel Games" or "Hommel Software" - uses your real name in full form as it's own word. Something like that.

Mike Hommel

Marshmallow Head, Hamumu Software



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