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Jamul 12-29-2000 08:00 AM

Thinking about ideas for e-mail newsletters. People would be able to sign up for it on the front page of the site. Please pick one so I can have an idea of what's interesting.

Not regular, just a message about each new release when it happens

Jamul 03-10-2001 05:00 PM

By the way, to anyone interested in this topic, if you don't know, the newsletters have already been created! There are two of them. Links to join them are on the front page of this site (click "Home" way at the top of this page). There's the Announcement List, which goes out each time a new product is released. This list is very handy if you don't want to have to visit the site constantly to keep track of when something new is coming out. It also goes out when new Add-On Worlds for Dr. Lunatic are released, so you won't miss those either.

The other list is the Monthly Update. It comes out (strangely) once a month, just containing information on what's happened that month at Hamumu Software. So sign up today for one or both!!

Mike Hommel

Marshmallow Head, Hamumu Software



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