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Jamul 09-12-2003 08:09 AM

2D or 3D?
To clarify for the less geeky: 2D means the game is done without using a 3D card, everything is just an image slapped on the screen, like all of our existing games. 3D means everything is a shape made out of polygons in a 3D world, and would require a 3D card; like Unreal Tournament, Quake, Warcraft III (not Warcraft 2 or Starcraft, which are 2D), pretty much every Playstation game.

Pros and cons:

Speed/Compatibility: 2D runs much better on much older computers. 3D is much more computationally intensive. It is also much less broadly compatible - a 2D game will run on any PC, though slower on a slower computer. A 3D game may not run at all on your specific 3D card, or may have funky glitches. Obviously, we'd do what we can to prevent that and get it working on as many systems as possible, but really old computers are pretty much certain to be left in the cold. An alternative is to use software-rendered 3D. That will run on any PC, just like 2D, but it will be insanely slow on older computers. It requires a semi-decent computer. And it doesn't look nearly as nice as hardware 3D.

Gameplay: 2D is much more limited than 3D. Any 2D game can be implemented in 3D, but 2D can't do any game that involves looking around freely or, well, 3 dimensions I guess! That's not entirely true, for example a game like Dr. Lunatic is really 3D in gameplay, even though you can't normally jump, things move in the vertical dimension. But it's very limited. If it had been 3D, the view could turn with your character, and walls could be tall enough to block your view, making exploration more interesting (and there could be multiple levels, staircases, etc).

Visuals: Depends on your preference. Think of something like Dr. Lunatic - all the characters ARE 3D, but I rendered them beforehand in a program, so they are able to be very detailed characters (okay, they're not detailed, but the spheres they're made of have many many polygons and thus look smooth), which couldn't be done in real-time 3D. However, 3D has a visual appeal to it in that you can look around things and see them as if you're in the real world. Mainly it's smoothness - 2D is nicer images that are kinda jerky (because each frame has to be stored specifically) while 3D is blockier stuff that moves very smoothly and can be rotated around smoothly (because the hardware transitions the shapes smoothly from frame to frame). And while 3D technology is rapidly getting more powerful and allowing smoother shapes, you can bet that the 3D things I make will be fairly blocky - because I want them to run on as many computers as possible!

Development: A 3D game is a little harder to make than 2D generally... but not necessarily. These days it's kind of a toss-up for the sort of work I want to do. It really depends on the design. Trying to shoehorn a 3D design into a 2D game makes it harder. Doing software 3D would definitely be significantly tougher (the first time) than hardware 3D or 2D.

Control: Just wanted to throw this one in. I know 3D games are often complex and incomprehensible. NOT HAMUMU ONES. If we make a 3D game, it'll be just as simple as our 2D games. Fun, simple, dumb games are what we do.

Devon Rose 09-12-2003 12:35 PM

I like games that don't use 3D cards or a game that can use a 3D or not but that takes lots of work to do both graphic types.

Code name 47 09-13-2003 06:05 AM

i dont just want one. i want a mix of games.
super mario or liero are good 2d games and Descent 3 or max payne are good 3d games

darkmagus5152 09-13-2003 02:32 PM

And I thoughtr that most peple like 3d! guess i was wrong!

The Emperor Master 09-20-2003 08:42 AM

I want to see 50% 2d and 50%3d!

[By the way, COULD you eventually make a monster editor for Dr.Lunatic, which would be a standalone program that we could download? you know, so we could add our own graphics and monster ideas, that would expand Dr.Lunatic so much these forums would be alive almost forever!]

bofupa 11-20-2003 01:01 PM

I Like 3D Games. :)

Dwo 11-20-2003 08:07 PM

me too.
no.no.no!.the sonic statue should be put next to sallys statue.and besides rodney.they just got wedded.

Dwo 11-20-2003 08:12 PM

oh,2d too.
well,sid.why not you put the sonic statue next to the sally statue.and
bbeeessiiideeesss(sounding cheerfull in a smug way).sallys prego.
sid:you mean pregnant?.

Dwo 11-23-2003 10:39 AM

yeah,well actualy.2d AND-
sid:hey, a dime
sid:oh, sorry
dwo:as I was saying. 2d and 3d would be realy neat.
sid:why is it that everytime someone special gets married he/she has kids.
rodney:yeah, whys that dwo.
dwo:(why me?)because...!..its a hard thing to tell realy.
rodney,sid: :x yargh :x

Sokko 11-25-2003 01:45 PM

Hrm... you know what I'd like to see? A true 3D version of Dr. Lunatic. It would be pretty much the same as the regular SWC, but in real 3D. That would mean, for instance, that you could actually show Bouapha holding and using his special weapon, instead of just bullets appearing from his chest. You could use specials in your worlds to move, rotate, and zoom the camera, to create various special effects or cutscenes. When doing this, you could also choose to have the camera see behind walls or not, and whether you wanted to change Bouapha's control scheme to match the camera angle.

Yeah... that would be cool. We'll probably never see it. :)

PurpleKoopa 11-26-2003 04:20 AM

That could take a while...

Cheeseman778 12-03-2003 03:39 PM

2D or 3D?
I like yur games the way they r. If u changed the way yur games r made, then they wouldn't b Hamumu games. If they weren't Hamumu games, then I wouldn't get my daily dose of dumb. :shock:

HoboJoe11 12-04-2003 02:37 PM

2d and 3d.
mostly 3d but a good mix of both like right now :roll:

simibhu 12-04-2003 06:05 PM

It's up to him to choose 3D or 2D.

Yahoo! 03-15-2004 09:40 PM

I like both 2d and 3d but the problem with 3d is that its going to take a lot more time and is going to be bigger in size. So it will be difficult to test the game by downloading the demo. And if the size is not big, then the game is not going to be so great or dumb.So I think its better to stick with 2d like loonyland and dr.lunatic.

bonehead 07-14-2004 10:31 AM

3D looking 2D game!

CatMystic 08-11-2004 11:52 AM

2D and 3D Makes MOST games good.

WackieWatty 09-20-2004 10:03 AM

Maybe you should try a birds-eye-view 3D Game?

isparklesalot 09-20-2004 07:11 PM

I like 2D

Code name 47 09-21-2004 09:23 AM

It doesnt matter if it's 2D or 3D, as long as the graphics aren't dull, any would work.

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