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Jamul 08-03-2004 05:31 PM

What websites do you visit?
Okay, not counting Hamumu which of course you spend hours and hours obsessed with every day (RIGHT!?), what websites do you visit often? I'm especially interested in where else you go to see about games (whether it's other indie games, or big time ones, or board games, or hopscotch, or whatever). It could give us some ideas of what our customers like to do, for advertising ideas. So how about it?

I always read a bunch of different blogs, and Blue's News, DiabloII.Net (not much these days), Ain't It Cool News (don't know why actually), a bunch of political sites, and a very beloved one which has made me waste a lot of money: Cheap---gamer.com (sorry, had to edit the name). I also often shop at Amazon, get ALL my movies from Netflix, and trade stocks online when I feel like throwing my money away. Lastly, I visit various other indies' sites (which you can find tons of on our Links page) to see what they're up to from time to time and try out their games.

What about you?

Hammered 08-03-2004 05:39 PM

For non-Hamumu Gaming mostly I use RealArcade (a negligible percentage compared to Hamumu, of course).

Kovan 08-03-2004 09:18 PM

When I'm not spending my time on Hamumu games, I go on Bionicle sites and Star Trek sites mostly.

Robosnow 08-03-2004 10:40 PM

Well, I'm a big fan of RuneScape (http://www.runescape.com)...

Code name 47 08-04-2004 12:07 AM

i like to go on newgrounds.com (contains adult content), www.dosgames.com, and I use google to find add ons and levels for my games. Also I use msn messenger a lot.

I used to go on www.cncden.com everyday but I got bored of c&c generals and the webmaster was stupid. I was a part of that community but it really got on my nerves.

bonehead 08-04-2004 01:47 AM

I have lately visited:
for Lego building instructions.

Dave Hettel 08-04-2004 04:06 AM

there are a ton of sites which you have never heard of which i visit a lot and am listing now:

maggied (contains language)
stickslaughter (contains violence and language)
and others.

bonehead 08-04-2004 04:16 AM

You like Simpsons and computers and links that doesn't work...
(Wow, I know all of you!)

Dave Hettel 08-04-2004 04:21 AM

no, you don't. :(

Mr.Zee 08-04-2004 05:59 AM


Originally Posted by Code name 47
i like to go on newgrounds.com

Yea, newgrounds is awesome. I usually hang out on Sonic and Kirby sites, and maybe a few others.

Devin432 08-04-2004 07:02 AM

Acmlm's Board(board.acmlm.org)
Nectarine Radio (www.scenemusic.net)
GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com)

and a few more...

Hammered 08-07-2004 08:46 AM

I can't believe Xantos hasn't told us he spends all his time playing Penguin Puzzle at http://www.nuclide.com/

Dave Hettel 08-07-2004 09:26 AM

where did he say that?

Code name 47 08-07-2004 12:32 PM

no dave, he was saying how xantos guin HASNT been saying about the penguin puzzle or whatever

Hammered 08-07-2004 12:40 PM

Cool Dudettes are correctly classified as shes, not hes.

Xantos Guin 08-08-2004 06:16 AM


Originally Posted by Hammered
I can't believe Xantos hasn't told us he spends all his time playing Penguin Puzzle at http://www.nuclide.com/

I used to play Penguin Puzzle Demo, but the trial period expired and my parents wouldn't let me buy the full version because they thought it wasn't safe. :(
Oh well.

CatMystic 08-11-2004 12:07 PM

Hmm.....when I'm not on hamumu I visit Sonic and Simpsons sites.

Dave Hettel 08-11-2004 01:01 PM

what sites?

bonehead 08-12-2004 05:51 AM

Sonic and Simpsons sites, didn't you hear! :?

Dave Hettel 08-12-2004 12:07 PM

seeing as you can't hear text on a message board, no. anyways, i was asking what sites. i could tell that she visited sonic and simpsons sites.

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