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Ducky 05-28-2005 08:47 PM

Not enough time in the day...
...to play...to say...today....come-what-may....Hey....I'll stay.....
...no way....way....great....hate....bait....

Ok, enough of that. Sorry I havent been around. I've been seeing Mouse up in the room the doctor sent her to train herself to walk again the past week. I miss her alot. It is like the color is removed from the world when I am not with her :( . Anyways, it's a long weekend so I am using my days off to see her AND catch up on everything. When she is home (Monday, YAY!!!) I'll be at my home catching up completely.

My point for telling everyone this? Well, I dont want anyone thinking I flew south for the summer, ok? :lol:
Tabitha (my cat) is doing well after her surgery too (Spay & front declaw).
Mya (Mouse's dog) is better. I had to take her to the vet emergency room last night (Mouse's mom dont drive) and was there until 1:30am. Poor thing, she had an allergic reaction to something (still dont know what) but she is fine now....
It never ends....well, I am healthy...at least :P (knock on plywood).
I'll be back full time soon enough. (And building DuckWorld, piece of cake now that I know the editor basics and it's all plotted out! :D )

-Ducky (Needing a 12 hour nap 8) )

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