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susan3001 05-13-2006 01:44 PM

hidden messages
How do ya'll make those hidden messages where you have to scroll over it to see the answer?

Also, how do you use the quote button to make quotes from other users show up on your post?

Hammered 05-13-2006 02:59 PM

Highlight the code you want to change to hidden and change its color to white using the font color drop down box above the text entry box.

To quote someone using the quote button, click the button and a new post will be started with the quote at the top of the box.

AtkinsSJ 05-14-2006 02:44 AM

Using a combination of the quote box and white text means it's completely invisible, because the quote box background is white.

Oh, and the quote button is at the top-right corner of each post.

Mr.Onion 05-14-2006 05:03 AM


[quote][color=white]Your secret message goes here[/color][/quote]

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