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Latest Journal update: Sep 11, 2017

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  User Name / Location
Jamul is offline Jamul
Hamumu HQ
jamulio is offline jamulio
Sol Hunt is offline Sol Hunt
Temecula, CA

Beta Tester
  User Name / Location
.Blue Dwarf. is offline .Blue Dwarf.
Saving the World, one pond at a time.
Blackduck is offline Blackduck
Duck Pond
bowserfan is offline bowserfan
BryanSNK is offline BryanSNK
BunnyBot 5000 is offline BunnyBot 5000
cat planet cat planet cat planet
chinook is offline chinook
Northeast Ohio, USA
Davedude is offline Davedude
Gigacat is offline Gigacat
Over There!
Hammer Up! is offline Hammer Up!
{Insert place here}
interokio is offline interokio
Megadog is offline Megadog
At home duhhh!
moltanem2000 is offline moltanem2000
Victoria BC
Pewskeepski is offline Pewskeepski
A deep, dark, icy dungeon beneath Antarctica!
Redbone is offline Redbone
Burnaby, B.C.
seamonkey is offline seamonkey
the question is where are you?
SpaceManiac is offline SpaceManiac
texasjoshua is offline texasjoshua
In a survelince van outside your house watching you play mafia.

  User Name / Location
AtkinsSJ is offline AtkinsSJ
In a robot, destroying Tokyo.
Blackduck is offline Blackduck
Duck Pond
regeneratorizer is offline regeneratorizer
Nawthen Mississippi
sonicchaos1993 is offline sonicchaos1993
Definately not behind you
WackieWatty is offline WackieWatty
Doing a groovy dance at the Construction Site, Dumbopolis.

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