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Default General Rules for Mafia Games

  1. The host of the next game should start his sign ups shortly after the present game starts, so he/she can have enough players to be ready on time.
  2. The next game should start about 24 hours after the last game has ended, provided there are at least 8 players signed up. If there are less than 8, the game may be delayed until 8 are found, but a special effort should be made to find the additional players quickly.
  3. Mafia roles should be assigned to about 25% of the total number of players. The remainder should be townies. If the number of players is not divisible by 4, an extra mafia may be included, provided that there are at least 3 extra players and the extra mafia role is extraordinarily weak (weaker than a standard mafia) or the town has extra power players to balance.
  4. All communication about the game should occur in the thread itself, not in a chat room and not in PMs. There are only 3 exceptions to this rule:
    First, all players can communicate privately with the host.
    Second, players designated as mafia may chat privately with other mafia, but not with any other players.
    Third, players designated as masons may chat privately with other members of their mason group, but not with any other players.
    If you are found to be chatting about the mafia game in the Hamumu chat room, you should not be surprised to find your chat contents posted in the mafia thread where it belongs, and you should be prepared to be kicked if a moderator notices.
  5. Players may claim their roles if they like, but may not reveal other playes roles who they learn as a result of their own roles. It is OK to speculate on other player's roles or share what you may have deduced about them, as long as you make it clear that that is what you are doing.
  6. If you are killed, you will probably be given an opportunity to give a last gasp. That will be your last post as a player in that game. You are not allowe to post again.
  7. Although it is disappointing to be killed, remember that other players are still enjoying the game and it isn't fair for you to ruin it for them. If you are a mafia, don't use your last gasp to rat out your fellow mafia. Townies should feel free to post whatever they may have deduced that they think may be helpful to their fellow townies. Nobody, except the host, should ever post the host's messages about roles.
  8. Non-players (and dead players) should not post any game related info in the thread. Let the people who are playing draw their own conclusions. The people who are in the game (mafia and townies) don't want to have to play against everyone on the forum. Stay out of it if you are not playing.
  9. The host should set a reasonable time limit of not less than 24 hours for people who need to PM him at night to do so. Remember that some of our players are on different continents and widely divergent time zones, so saying things about whether PMs have been received can give people clues about where the PMing roles might live and therefore who they are. It is probably best to wait the entire 24 hours until the day starts, even if you get all the PMs back in 10 minutes.
  10. The host might consider setting a reasonable time limit for people to vote, if it seems to be dragging on overly long. In no case should that deadline be less than 24 hours, because of the global nature of our player pool. If a majority of the players have voted to lynch a player, that player is lynched whether or not anyone changes their votes after the fact. Changing your vote after a lynch occurs is cheating, so don't do it. Once the lynch has taken place, the host should post the lynch of that player in a timely fashion and start the night.
  11. There is a host signup sheet over on the Total Mayhem forum. You must have played in at least two games to host, but you can sign up even if you have never played, because the list is so long. If you have not played in the requisite number of games before your hosting turn comes up, you will be moved down on the list to a place where you would be able to complete the requirement. If this happens again, you will be dropped from the list.
  12. There are a lot of Don'ts here, but they are intended to make the game better for everyone. There are some exceptions. If the host appears not to be around, you can post vote tallies, even if you are dead or not even in the game. You can also post questions to the host about things that seem to be vague or wrong. Other people are probably having the same questions.
  13. Lately, we have had some unfortunate incidents of people coming into the chat room under other players' names, apparently in an effort to gain secret information about their roles. This has happened for three games in a row and it must stop. Not only is it no class to impersonate any other user for any reason, it is big-time cheating if you do it during a mafia game where you could get extra information to help your team.
  14. Have fun!
I am sure I missed something so feel free to PM me and I will add them here - let's keep this thread clean so people don't have to read a bunch of stuff to figure out how to play.

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