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Thumbs up I feel like posting rubbish...

KidDuck: Gotta love the ducks!
KidDuck: I'm a duck and I'm ok..I sleep all night and I quack all day...

KidDuck: One duck to another..quack quack quack...sorry inside joke...

KidDuck: There once was a duck named John...
KidDuck: He quacked all day and made a flan..
KidDuck: No one knew..
KidDuck: what he was to do..
KidDuck: he fell asleep in his pond.

KidDuck: There once was a mallad named bob,
KidDuck: who was associated with the mob.
KidDuck: He did so many hits...
KidDuck: He decided to call it quits..
KidDuck: And now he is burried somewhere in the yahd....(get it? mob
KidDuck: (tough crowd)..

It was quiet...honest.

- Ducky (I support Atkins' takeover)

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