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Default My adventures in WoW

Occasionally I do something entirely crazy and random on WoW, so I decided to make a snapshot journal of those things. So, without further ado, my two adventures from WoW so far(On my level 52 Druid)

Adventure 1 for today: The End of the World.

After we had a Guild Meeting in Darnassus(For Wrath of the Wild, my guild on Argent Dawn), I decided to skydive off of Teldrassil. So, I went to northern Teldrassil(Teldrassils is a GIANT tree. Seriously, falling off of it takes a couple of minutes, its so huge) and jumped. When I got to the bottom, I died. So I went to my corpse as a ghost and had an idea. I kept going north. Of course, north of me was water. Deep water. And in deep water, you get fatigued.(Getting fatigued is Blizzards way of keeping people from reaching the end of the world). I kept going, and got more and more fatigued, until I was just about to die. I reached the end of the world!

Adventure 2: Getting a the Outlands when you are below level 58 is no small feat. It is VERY hard to do, because if you step foot in the area, you almost die instantly. I died 15 times getting to this place, but it was worth it.

tommorrow or later today, I plan on going to RFC(Ragefire Chasm, a level 13-16 dungeon) and soloing it. While this may not seem all that adventurous, remember this: I am an Alliance. Alliance are at war with the Horde. RFC is DEEP in the capital city of the Horde. Which means I will die at LEAST 10 times getting to it.
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