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Default A 3d rendered wallpaper

A faulty fan had caused my computer to lose the contents of it's hard drive (before I joined these forums) and I became annoyed. I just said "blah." I decided to make a nonsense wallpaper out of the statement "blah" and this is what came up. First, I made the blocky letters in "blah." Then, I textured them in this weird (and slightly reflective but I don't think you can see it in this image) goldium/bronzium material. I then added a flat plane that was reflective under "blah". I added normal mapping so that the reflections were distorted like you would see in water.

Then, I extended the plane so that it covered the whole screen. I added text above "blah" but it didn't turn out well in the reflection. I decided to keep in in anyways then I rendered the final product and saved it to a jpeg. I set the desktop to the image and then was pleased with the desktop. It has been about a month since the incident where the computer has practically died and I have just now uploaded it with a Ninja Revolution image. Feel free to comment.
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