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Default Aubrey

I'll post a story about one of my best friends. This friend happened to be a toddler named Aubrey. My mom agreed to babysit a young girl named Aubrey for a woman named Laura who had a husband named Chris. When she came to the door to drop off Aubrey, it was the first time I was Laura and I greeted her. "Hi, I am Chris and I might have Asperger's Syndrome!" (Chris was my name and was coincidentally the name of her husband. No connection there. Me having asperger's is something that was later confirmed but Laura had no idea what that was and just gave a puzzled and slightly concerned look.) Mom told me that wasn't something you would tell someone the first time you meet them and I said "Okay..." slightly embarrased.

Mom explained to Laura what Aspergers was and Laura let a sigh of relief knowing that it wasn't some contageous jungle disease. Eventually, we came to know and love Aubrey very much. Whenever my mom picked me up from school, she would say "Chris!" in a tone of glee and I smiled (She came to like me as I spent lots of time with her). Aubrey was a toddler who was a few years old and had blonde hair and chubby cheeks. Her hair was thin and silky and her eyes were a pretty hue of azure blue. We eventually moved to a new house in the country side and still babysitted Aubrey. Every time we passed a group of cows, she would happily cry "Cows!!".

We eventually moved into another house and Aubrey was still babysat by us. We had a good time there until one sad day occured. I was playing on the dusty desert level on Dr. Lunatic Supreme With Cheese when my mom looked sad. She had just got off the phone and infromed me that Aubrey and her parents were moving to Alaska. I was sad as I tried to be with Aubrey until she moved and when she moved, it was sad. Everyone missed Aubrey. We eventually moved into a new house which is the current house we live in but we will never forget Aubrey. We still have the good memories.
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