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Default What kind of pets do you have?

The topic says it all. I have a fish named Einstein (because he seems so smart... or at least curious), 3 chickens that aren't notable.

A cat named Mandy: She is an old cat (older than me ) but is pretty calm if you don't bug her. She likes snuggling but she can be unpredictable sometimes. We didn't declaw her because of her age but we are starting to regret it...

A cat named Joy: A very cute black and white cat who likes me alot and likes going into our garage (presumably to catch mice). We call her Joy-Joy as a term of endearment and we like her very much. Joy always wants in and out of our garage.

A cat named Madison: She is very very cute. She is barely and adult and she is still small. She is very cuddly but can scratch without warning. We found her in an alley and she decided to adopt us.

A ferret named Nem: My sister's pet. Nem is cute sometimes with his beady eyes and adorable thin body... Nem loves playing with Madison.

Post your pets here!
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