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Default 'The Internet'

A song I am writing on the fly, in the hope of the Internet no longer hating me:

"Oh Internet, oh Internet,
What really did I do?
I did not mean to hurt you,
By not showing love to you.

We used to play,
And have a laugh.
Though not when I
Was in the bath.
Because my poor computer would explode.

I never meant
To put you down,
Or leave you while
I go to town.
But Internet, what really could I do?

Oh Internet, you know I love you-oo-oo!
Oh Internet, I'm really missing you-oo-oo.
What did I do, to make you mad?
I'll try so hard, to make you glad.

Oh, Internet. How I miss you."

There. That was awful.
Caution: may contain traces of nuts
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