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Question The Unofficial Trivia Contest Thread

The Unofficial Trivia Contest Thread

How it works:
  1. A question is posted every day at 9:30AM Central time, plus or minus a couple of hours.
  2. Each question remains open for 48 hours (this may be reduced eventually based on participation)
  3. If you think you know the answer to a question, PM me (diginova) with your answer.
  4. Also in your PM, you can put in a request for the next question topic. All requests will be put in a queue and taken out one at a time.
  5. Each question has a point value from 1 to 25. If you get it right, that point value will be added to your score.
  6. No googling (or other-search-engine-ing). Use your own brain.
  7. All normal Hamumu rules must be followed.
  8. The latest question will not be grayed out.
  9. Every fifth question is worth all 25 points, and is of a format unlike all the others.
  10. Question 26 of 25 has five different answers, and is worth up to 185 points, so anyone can end up coming out on top.
  11. A perfect score (not including bonuses) is 560.

Value: 8 /Category: General / Expired

What English term is derived from the ancient Greek words for green and leaf?

Answer: chlorophyll

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