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Default Halloween Horror 8: Suggest Names!

Hey everybody, it's fall! It feels like the middle of summer in Happy Pony Land, but it is fall. So it must be time to pick some names for Halloween Horror 8!

The rules are simple:

1 - Post your name ideas in this thread.
2 - Anyone may submit ideas, no need to be a builder or even care about Dr. Lunatic.
3 - 5 names per person maximum.
4 - One post per person. You can update your names anytime, but edit your post to do it, don't post again.
5 - Deadline is September 15th. On that day, I'll gather up the submitted names and you can all vote for your favorites!
6 - Each name that ends up chosen earns its submitter 10 PP.
7 - If two people submit the same name for some reason, it 'belongs' to whoever did it first.
8 - NO POSTS EXCEPT NAME IDEAS IN THIS THREAD!! If you want to discuss the names, do it in another thread, please.
9 - Names can't be longer than 30 characters, including spaces.

So suggest away!

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