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Default "Gophirith of the Mountains" (my new story) - finally released! :D

Pelsatia - Gophirith of the Mountains

I could've posted this in the original Pelsatia story thread (a link can be found in my signature), but that would not ony have resulted in a huge bump but I also thought that this was well worth a thread of its own (especially since the original thread still say "2 little stories I wrote"; I doubt many people have even noticed the 3rd one (Blue Elf City) appearing there.
Anyway, this is my longest story so far, being about 5 times as long as The Troll, and I really like it. It is also the first to not immediately introduce the title character at the beginning. As with my other stories, I'm sorry for bad spelling/grammar/whatever (though this one should have considerably less of those things than The Troll).
Fun fact: Gophirith was a boss in my old unfinished RPG Maker game that first featured 'Pelsatia'.

Well, now that this story is finished, I have started working on "Ssalia and the Dragons of Avienot", which will be an actual book (or at least as long as a book) as opposed to a short(?) tale. While that means that it'll be more complex, it also means that it probably won't be finished until 2008 >_> Oh well.

Anyway, have fun reading :P

(Also, yes, you have to download it, but it will be worth the download. I hope.)
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