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Yerfdog Contest: The Best Halloween Ever!


This is going to be the best Halloween ever, but to make it so, we'll all need to pitch in. How can we do that? I don't know!

That's the beauty of it. We're going to make it the best by surprising each other with surprising surprises and great stuff that nobody expects.

Here are the rules:

1 - You must present a surprise to the people of Hamumu on Halloween, Oct. 31st, 2007.

2 - I will award you somewhere between 1 and 100 Prize Points for your surprise. Do something incredibly amazing, and you can earn even more than 100. Thousands, really, though I don't know what you could possibly do to justify something like that.

3 - The amount awarded for your surprise is entirely at my discretion. It is based on three factors: How much effort I think you put into it, how much fun I think your surprise will bring to the community, and a special bonus on top for doing something really surprising and cool that I think people won't be expecting!

4 - If you have an idea of a surprise you want to do, you may share it with me in PM or email if you're curious how many PP I would judge it to be worthy of. That's just a guess, though - you may get far more or less, depending on how your end result turns out. If you don't put in much effort, then no, you won't get much! Again, the final amounts are entirely at my discretion. But if you do a decent job, you'll get very near the stated amount.

5 - No, entering a Halloween Horror world is definitely not a surprise (even if you normally don't!). Any PPs related to that are entirely separate. Please do an HH world though!

6 - Please keep surprises Halloween-themed, as this is supposed to be The Best Halloween Ever.

7 - Your surprise must be something good. Don't surprise us with one of those pictures that screams at you, or with hacking the website to be covered with profanity.

8 - I'll definitely help you out. If you need me to put something up on the website, or whatever kind of things I might be able to assist with, I am there. I don't have much spare time due to my own surprises (and this job I have), but contact me well in advance and we can discuss what and how much I can do to help you. I can help you work on ideas too - coming up with ideas is my #1 skill!

9 - Could this contest be any more vague? Possibly, so count your blessings. The whole idea is to surprise your fellow Hamumians with a treat (tricks accepted too, if they're not bad), so I can't tell you what to do. Dig deep into your creative brains and smoosh them out! Do something that nobody else would think of!

10 - Late entries NOT accepted! Get it done before Oct 31st, so you can wheel it out in time! It's the best HALLOWEEN ever, not All Saint's Day.

11 - However you go about delivering your surprise, send me an email on Oct 31st to make sure I note that you did it and can dish out the points.

Questions? Surely you must have them. Post away! Just don't give away your surprise publicly!
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