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Caution: Long post... I advise you to read it in segments to prevent headaches, nausea, sudden urges to throw a hammer at hammer sideways, yerf-iness, yerf-dog syndrome, dumb-ness, dumbfoundedness, confusion, sudden urges to throw a hammer sideways at hammer sideways, et cetera...

Or a game that is half 3-d and half 2-d *prepares to get shot down*, like one where the normal battles are 2d, but the boss battles (which would be slightly, puzzle-ish [basically you would need to figure out what to do and how to do it, like a boss where you continously load cannons which fire about a second after finishing loading them]) would be 3-d, or something like that...
Edit: Basically it would be like legend of zelda... except that instead of using an aresenal of weapons against a boss you are using traps and things while simultaneously dodging attacks, examples of traps to defeat the bosses with would be the cannon thing I mentioned, spike pits, land mines, poison dart guns, things like that (note that the boss might also have traps and will be on a different raised/lowered platform).

Bottom line:Basically you can battle normal enemies normally, but boss battles are complicated and you can't touch them with any of your weapons for no known reason, and instead you have to use traps while dodging other traps...

Here are some examples of bosses I came up with:

Gunny the Gun Smith: He uses cannons that for some reason have slow moving bullets that are evadable, he also has some cannons, ammunition, and gunpowder around for you to beat him with... apparently he didn't plan this out too well did he? Defeating him gives you the Gunny Sack which is needed to complete a quest... aside from using traps he also has a small handgun that he uses... defeating him also gives you: Gunny's Gun Gun Gun (A gun of his made by the Gun Guns in Star Wars)

Poison Dart Frog: This frog uses poison dart guns, robot frogs?, and can breathe poison at you, he is quite powerful but quite weak and he cannot move (because someone ate his legs, and then in his rage he became a poison dart frog), I am not exactly sure what traps you should be able to use against him... defeating him also gives you: Poison Darts

Knight Guard: He wears a suit of chain-mail and is mounted on a horse, also it is the middle of the night so it is quite dark, though you do have a field of light around you, and there is a field of light around him, he has wall mounted crossbows that he shoots that are for some reason more powerful than Gunny's cannons, as for your weapons... apples, good if you know how to use them (throw them, his horse will rush to eat the nearest apple, and too much motion will make the Knight Guard fall off...), defeating him gives you: Religious Crossbow

Wolf Spider: This boss howls at you and shoots spider webs, the traps cause boots to fall from the sky (to squash the poor thing), defeating it gives you: Wolf/Spider fang

Hammer Sideways (and perhaps any other Hamumu people who want to be in it): A person who is always coming up with bad ideas... he throws Hammer Sideways's at you, which can randomly turn left or right, and are very unpredictable (they can hurt hammer sideways as well), the traps when activated turns a hammer sideways into a hammer up (which goes in a straight line), and another trap turns them into hammer downs (which are just like hammer ups except they do much less damage, if you are about to get hit by a hammer sideways you can use the trap's switch the make it into a hammer down, so you won't get hurt as much), defeating me gives you: Hammer Sideways's

Sink King/Sing King: Sink King is the boss of a watery place, he fills the place up with water... doesn't sound so bad... oh yeah... I forgot to mention you can't swim... so when it is completely filled with water you can drown (if you run out of air), he also uses water cutters (an industrial machine which uses a stream of water to cut things [usually wood]), and you use water cutters against him.../Sing King is a boss of the same place (I couldn't decide which one was better), he is a merman that thinks he can sing as well as the sirens... however he is wrong... he attacks with his voice, he also fills the place with water (or sinks it), and you use... some sort of trap... against him... Defeating them gives you: Sponge-bombs/ MEGAphone

Matilda Y: A further mutated form of Matilda X, she attacks by either: summon eensy weensys, attacking with spider webs, or shooting you, and you attack her with cans of insect repellant, after being defeated she swears that she will kill you after becoming "Matilda Z", however she is replaced by the "Wolf Spider", defeating her gives you: can of spray-on eensy weensies?

Chicken Nugget: This chicken uses a pick-ax to create fissures and earth-quakes somehow, and somehow the fissures go away in time... the traps make a temporary cave-in, or a mine cart that hurts "Chicken Nugget" if he gets hit... he can also temporarily switch (by hitting a switch with his pick-ax) the tracks the mine carts go on to avoid getting hit by them, if a rock falls on the switchs, they switch temporarily too... and the rocks go away in time for no adequate reason... defeating it gives you: Pick-ax

Talking Turkey: This turkey has a really annoying voice... he attacks by talking, the traps summon pilgrims, or shoot wall-mounted guns (that look like the ones that the pilgrims used)... defeating it gives you: Turkey leg

Un-agi: One of the bosses from the land of number or something... it is an eel that can jump out of its' "pond" and bite you... it can also attack with electricity... the traps you use are traps that electrocute the poor eel... (note: I might not be able to think of any more ideas for "number monsters", also note: his body is made of lots of 1's, so many that it is hard to see them clearly unless you magnify it...), defeating it gives you: Unicycle (which you whack enemies with)

Solar-Calculator: This calculator stole El Sol to become a Solar Calculator! He throws pi's (3.14...), and also uses solar wind to try to blow you off the screen... you defeat him by using traps that make it turn to night for a little while so that he will run out of power... or something like that... Defeating him gives you El Sol... which is used to complete the Sol Hunt quest... defeating it gives you: Pi! (it is used as a melee weapon that can hit anything on the maps due to its length)

Dual-Monsters: You know the card game from the poorly-made Yu-Gi-Oh series... well this is a parody of that, they are two cards that got mad for some reason or another, their bodies are made of 2's like how Un-agi is made of 1's, I don't know how they should attack or what traps you should use against them... (gives you bicycle, which you ride on rather than using as a weapon)

Tri-Tri again until you suceed: You beat this monster time after time (he is really weak the first times) then he challenges you again and is really powerful, I don't know what it should look like, except that it should be made of 3's, and I don't know what traps you should be able to use against it... (gives you tri-again-cycle, which allows you to re-do a boss battle infinite times so that you can defeat them quicker and get a better score)

Dye Frog: This is a frog that changes color every once in a while (the frog also has an afro which changes color), he breathes Dyer Fog at you, making you change to a random color, this would seem pointless... however the traps are color based, meaning a red-trap will hurt you if you are red, and will hurt the frog if he is red, confusing no? Defeating him gives you the edgy fro, which is used in the Aqua grants me... quest... I think this is my favorite boss so far... defeating this guy gives you A Merman Hag Arm (which you can get the other "A Merman Hag Arm" by defeating Raga Man, one of the other bosses I've come up with)

Also honest opinions, honest advice, and constructive criticism would be appreciated...

I will try to think of more ideas... if you want me to come up with any more ideas just ask... and if I remember to check my private messages I will give you some ideas... (note that if I learn how to script and make graphics I might take a stab at making this myself), oh and if you can figure out the puns/jokes/whatever you want to call them behind some of the names of these guys... good for you... and if you can find out how I came up with that last one, good for you... even better for you than if you can figure out all of the rest of the puns/jokes/whatever you want to call them behind some of the names...

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