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Default Dumb Accounts FAQ

Alright, many questions are being asked, so I may as well answer some.

Here we go!

Question 1: How do I get that cool Dumb Account signature?

Its quite simple: You just need to activate it.
Dumb Folks>Private Settings. You should see the signature you want, and below it: "Apply Signature". Click that, and enjoy your Dumb Signature!

Remember, the size limit for a signature is 5 lines(84 pixels). DA Sigs are 4 lines. If you have a DA sig, you will only have room for one line of text after it!

Question 2: I have a Dumb: The Game account and a Hamumu forum account, but my DQ isn't showing up on my Forum account!

In order for your DQ to appear on your forum account, the email address of your forum account and DTG account need to be the same. Also, it only reads your DQ once a day, at midnight, so it won't show up until the next day.

Question 3: What are these "Trophies"?

Trophies are things you get for achieving a certain goal. A goal might be to use 15 smilies in one post(Though its not, so don't try that. Its an example.) After you achieve that goal, you will receive the trophy and the YB that come along with it.

Question 5: What are these "Yerfbucks" I keep getting?

If you were around on the old forum, Yerfbucks are the new equivalent of Prize Points. You can get them by getting trophies. You can also receive them from other players(Or give them away to a special friend, like.. Me!), spend them on random things, or let them accumulate 8-bit dust.

Question 6: What can I spend them on?

There are a variety of things to spend them on. Avatar parts, the Daily Dumboscopes, or you can use them to help you purchase a game. Each YB is worth $0.01, so get to saving!

Question 7: Avatar Parts? Avatars? Wha..?

Avatars are the little things that everyone has below their names.

When you start out, your avatar is nothing more than Yerfdog. To replace Yerfdog(Why would you do that?!?!), you need to purchase Avatar parts. These parts can be purchased with YB from the Yerfshop(Dumb Folks>Yerfshop). Just click on any one of those handsome parts to purchase them.

Question 8: Ok, I purchased some Avatar parts using my YBs. Now, how do I use em?

Go to the Avatar Lab!
Dumb Folks> Avatar Lab.
First, let me describe the layout. Through image editing!

1. 1 is the small little images there! Click on any one of 'em to delete the image from your avatar(NOTE: If you delete it from your avatar, YOU WILL STILL HAVE IT!). Next to the small images are some coordinate plane thingys, and a flip button. Enter some coordinates to change the location of said object, then you can "Flip" the object, if you want.

2. This is the preview of what your Avatar will look like. Cute, ain't he?

3. This is where your journey into Avatar creating starts! By clicking this button, you can access your avatar parts you just purchased! Click on the image you want to use, and watch it appear in your avatar! Its magic, I tell you! James Cameron would be proud.

Question 9: I just bought a Hamumu game, and now that game is showing up on my Forum account! I don't want people to see what games I have purchased! Help!

Firstly, congratulations on your purchase of one of the best games in the world!

Its easy enough to turn that off (Though I cant imagine why you would want to), just go to Dumb Folks>Private Settings and uncheck "Show".

Question 10: Ok, I have purchased many Hamumu games before I got a Dumb Account. How do I get 'em to show up?

Email Jamul about it! Clicky to contacty!

Question 11: Whats this "Chatroom" I keep hearing about?

Its where we Hamumians gather to practice the Dark Arts and socialize! You can find it on the bottom of each and every page.

Have fun chatting, and don't anger the mighty Moderators!

Question 12: Ok, I'm tired of this DA signature! I want my old one back!

Don't fret, for this is also easily remedied!
Dumb Folks>Forum Settings>Edit Signature.
Edit to your heart's consent!
If you want your DA siggy back, simply Dumb Folks>Private Settings>Apply Signature. Yay!
Remember to keep it at 5 lines or less, and be clean.

Question 13: The avatar on my DA Signature and the avatar below my name don't match! Whats up with that?

Press CTRL-F5 to do a full refresh. Your web browser sometimes copies the files it gets (images and pages) onto your computer, so that they will load faster next time. Pressing CTRL-F5 erases them so it is forced to reload them from the internet.

QUESTION 14: What are Custom Titles? How come I don't have one?

"Titles" refers to the small text directly below someones name(Mine being "I thought I was special!".) There are two types of titles: Regular or Custom.

Regular titles are the generic titles. They range from "Puny Mortal" to "Dumb Person". The more you post, the higher your title goes. Puny Mortal is the first title, Dumb Person you get after you post a bunch. Of course, posts in TM wont count towards the titles. It doesn't take long to get to Dumb Person, and some people prefer to use....

CUSTOM TITLES! To create a custom title, go to the Yerfshop. Scroll down a bit, and you'll see the Custom Titles area. It costs 25YB to create a new custom title. Remember to keep it clean! This is a family friendly site.

Question 15: Knock Knock!

Who's there?

Thats all I got for now! If there are any more questions, ask here and I will edit this post to contain the answer!
I am a jedi warrior.

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