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Default The Store

This is the new Prize Point Prize Pile, except it's the store now. POst what you have to offer, and I'll list them in this first post and, when I can't edit this post anymore, I'll post a new one with the list of services/products.

I'll list my own item first: Beta Testing for any one of my games. You can choose. 127 YerfBucks.

Julian - Beta Test a game(127 Y$)
SpaceManiac - Assistance in various programming languages as well as HTML(10 Y$)
SpaceManiac - 1 month of sig space(3 Y$)
CheeseLord - Five sig quotes(2 Y$)
Mr. Onion - Code in C# or Perl(price dependant on amount of work involved, PM him for details)
Ducklegion - Very pretty picture(50 Y$)
Ufo-man - Mafia Game Theme(1-5 Y$, the more you pay, the better it is)
Ufo-man - Mafia roles(20+ Y$, same as above)
Ufo-man - Mafia Roles and Theme(25+ Y$, again, the same)
ElMikkino - Avatar idea(1 Y$)

NOTE: If anyone scams somebody out of YerfBucks, it should be reported to jamul AND me. Jamul will punish the person, I will take their items off my list.

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