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Default Adventures of Bouapha: Random Speculation

So, Bouapha's growing his own little series of games. Where could he go next? Post any ideas that could work for games!

To start with, the first thing to come into my head is time travel, because that's always awesome. Maybe with a 'Hammer of Time', and a plot that completely rips-off Prince of Persia. We even already have zombies!

Also, where does the Headless Horseradish live? In another dimension! Awesome! Maybe Bouapha can somehow journey there, and, um, adventure! I think an appropriate title would be Planet of the Grapes, because there's some plot potential there, and that name has been in my head for ages. Plus, pumpkins! Lots of pumpkins!

So, uh, anyone else? I think I need to calm down.
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