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Default Wierd Dream Thread, 2.0

I figured I should repost this, since the other one is ANCIENT by now, and I had a weird dream last night.

It started out we were at school on recess. Me and a few friends headed to the top of a huge hill-like thing, on the other side is a major highway. We talked a bit, and then for some reason, I was with my parents. Somehow, I can't quite remember, but I got the information there was an abandoned baby in a town(Where the school used to be). Me and my family headed there, and found what was supposed to be a 10 year old girl. It looked like some sort of weird disfigured stick figure with a mishapped head, but she acted and looked like she was 3. She couldn't talk. My dad said I could raise her, so I put her in my inventory(Yeah, when you dream about games, thats when you KNOW you are a geek). Some weird things happened, and we were being chased by government guys with guns and vampires who could shoot fireballs. I got a running start, jumped and released my parachute, and somehow made a blast of wind bring me high up so I could ride it all the way down to the edge of the highway, past a huge fence that had, at some point, been erected at the top of the hill.

So now, on to raising the girl. The only way to raise her was to collect Hamumu-style brains from Half-Life 2 style zombies. So, I went to level select, went to Ravenholm, and... thats all I can remember.

I really ought to get my head checked out.
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