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Default Re: Adventures Of Bouapha Architecture Funtest!

A tile-usage note:

It's more important to make your building interesting and convey what it is than it is to waste tiles making a sign like "Bob|'s F|ood |Shac|k". I will make generic signs and put them in front of stores with specials, so the player can bump into them and be told what the store is.

So don't necessarily avoid having a sign on the building, if that's what you want it to do, but you don't need it to explain what the store is - I can get that done later myself with a generic sign. Just don't forget to tell me what your store is in your email!

Of course, if you are making a house, no signs needed in the first place. And there will be an in-game feature that tells people whose house it is (or at least, who built it). That goes for all buildings, so don't waste tiles trying to get your name in there!
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