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Well I noticed there wasn't any chat rule thread. Or at least not any stickied so I decided to make one

If anything here is missing just tell me to add it.

Find the chat: Dumb Folks>Chat

1. No caps on all your letters
2. No spam(nor flooding)
3. No creating rooms
4. No bright text(most people use yerfdog background which has white text)
5. Nothing that's not family friendly is allowed
6. NO YOUTUBE LINKS I see this very often but it's not allowed do to everything being on youtube. if you want to send a link send it through a pm if the other person wants to.
7. No language other then English or mods won't know if you're breaking a rule or not
8. No leet language. You know what I mean
9. No mafia chatting

Stuff that you should know about

1. When you log out of the chat make sure the pop-up that appears stays there till it says you logged out or you become a ghost(your in the list of people in the chat but your aren't actually there)
2. The chat has a tendency to boot people out every now and then.
3. For a list of commands use /? (may lag a bit)
4. Ignoring people IS allowed
5. Games are sometimes hosted on the chat by fellow Hamumuiens so be sure not to miss then because some people (Wesley) May give you a Y$ or 2 if you win

Please help complete this if something is missing
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