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Lightbulb Hamumu in 2008

I just thought I should post this, to remind everyone (esp. Jamul) what Hamumu has planned for the next year or so. This is the first time I read that Journal entry, and I had no idea Jam had already planned out the entire LL and AoB series! Wow...*tries to build time machine to visit 2044, but fails miserably*

Oh, and for the other "smallish game" Jamul was speaking of, I think he should finish Grimbelina or maybe make a Kid Mystic 2. But for
now, time to "Remember the Titans!" and "Oh, Canada!"


Oh, and of course, T-Shirts are a great way to get some marketing in! Of course, you'll want a YerfDog (maybe with him wearing glasses), an Anti-Pumpkin one (I don't know if it should be green, though), and a suit that would appeal to fans of '70s "Saturday Night Fever" John Travolta. Blue jeans, too...
(I just read the sig, what a throwback)

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