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Default Uh... a story...

Erm. I'm just gonna post some random writings or something...

Droplets of sweat fell onto the floor. Everyone in the room was tense. They could lose their jobs if they failed. This was simply too important a cause to fail. The procedure should be simple, but... someone had sabotaged the equipment. No one could believe it. These things just didn't happen here.

Who would sabotage a hospital, of all places?

Everyone was distracted with that one question. That one fear. Who knows what that despicable villain would do next? The hospital was thought to be secure from such acts; they had secured the building, right? The sudden alarm of the machine brought everyone to a dismal full attention.

Was it too late? The doctor, using all the skills he had learned, his expertise from years of working here, knew what he had to do. He ordered someone to administer the anesthetic.

. Gears strained, the metal shifted. A hollow metal echo resounded through the room.

The machine had stopped its remorseful alarm. The doctor had kicked the machine. Everyone was stunned; this was expensive equipment! It isn't meant to be hit like some toy.

"Bah! Faulty equipment! Why must we work with it, today of all days?" the doctor replied to the faculty's silence.

The assistant returned, with the necessary dosage in hand. "This should give us enough time," he sighed, administering said medication.

"We have no choice, we have to make the call," the doctor suddenly stated. He reached for the emergency phone. "This is serious. Our equipment has been damaged, and he needs an air transfusion! He's stabilized for now, and we'll try our best, but there's no telling how long we have. You know what to do."
...Yeah, I was just kinda bored...
Short story stuff!
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